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September 25, 2023

Loud and Proud

By Peter A. Witt

Loud and Proud

In the early light, mockingbird sits tall
and proud on the tightly wound telephone wire
by the bend in the Lick Creek Byway,
singing a song stolen yesterday from a bright
colored cardinal who was practicing
in the shade of an old oak tree.

When not singing, the mocker defends his territory,
with near-miss flybys, taking on all comers,
including that pesky Cooper's Hawk who sits
quietly on the branch of a dead tree waiting
to spy a small bird ripe for the taking.

Mockingbird is not impressed by the hawk's talons
or larger size, he simply wants the space invader gone
from what he deems his rightful half-acre.

Yesterday he buzzed two hand-holders on the byway,
causing them to speed out of his territory with a story
to share with friends over a pre-planned breakfast
at the Birdwing neighborhood café. They didn't invite
the bird to join them.

Some people dislike mockers,
I for one think they're cool,
doing what I wish I could do,
defend my territory with gusto,
steal songs without consequences,
and proudly stand on a street corner
and brag about my accomplishments.

Article © Peter A. Witt. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-08-29
Image(s) are public domain.
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