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February 19, 2024

Let Me Travel with You

By Amrita Valan

Let Me Travel with You

Everybody has lineage
Ancestry, dynastic stock,
No one is truly alone
Unless they were amputated
From people to call their own.
Childhood beddy-bye tales
Soothe us to sleep, pooled candlelit yarns
Offering up our parents
As Peter Pan in Neverland,
Summoning ancestors,
Grandmas and great aunts and uncles
Dad's stillborn twin, the aunt who died
At sixteen, she now lives forever young
In the deathless dead void,
The family saga revivified for progeny.

Every black and white photograph
encapsulates legendary anecdotes.
Anecdotal legends.
Faraday cages trapping light from
Another time.
You may never leave.
A one-way ticket.
Your time? Or mine?
Travel back with us
So we may travel onwards with you.

Article © Amrita Valan. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-10-10
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