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June 17, 2024

A Flow of Flawless Flaws

By Ndaba Sibanda

A Flow of Flawless Flaws

As an artist visualizes
before they design or draw

so must we envisage our walk
with purpose and shape our future,

We embark on an unpredictable journey
of life with purpose, predictions and poise,

We encounter highs and lows, we forge ahead,
we see lessons, we learn and take ownership,

If destiny takes care of itself, fine too,
we take care of our dreams, destinations;

We worry about what we can control,
we choose our battles, paths and people,

Choice is a word that can make a difference
between feat and fiasco, dignity and dishonor.

Choice is a word that can make a difference
between boom and gloom, freedom and fiefdom.

In the mind’s eye
we see and shape life,

What we perceive can
be put into practice,

Destiny aside, dreams
have to be pursued,

Hope gives birth
to vision and action,

What we commit to
can turn into a creation,

Passion and attitude
can determine altitude,

Passion paves the way,
passion is precious, powerful,

Passion is one’s fire, fuel,
passion teaches and tames,

What is visibly nothing
can turn into something,

So, it follows that a nobody
can graduate into a somebody,

A seemingly hopeless drug addict
can recover from addiction to inspiration,

A zero in our zone can become a hero,
a pauper in your place, a property- owner.

We can curate
and choreograph,

What we pronounce
can be pragmatized,

For what we pronounce
has potency and prophecy,

What we request, quest for,
can become our conquest,

For fate, future, fortune
are all fine factors of life,

Destiny doesn’t deny
dreams to be lived.

She repeats to herself:
I’m a work in progress,

I have to be positive and pronounce
peace, progress and prosperity,

Human, I am neither
infallible nor inadequate,

A blessed woman, I don’t live
off some souls’ pities and favors,

I am a proud recipient of providential grace,
Thus, I seek a walk of integrity and dignity,

I’m a good fit for myself, I’m unique,
I cannot be anyone else, I’m me in glory,

I need not be a full fossil or an ancestor,
I need to live in the now, in this generation,

I need not be in denial, in fury, in the past,
I need not be in competition, in fear, in doubt,

I need to accept that sobbing is not a sign
of weakness but a bold human experience,

I need to accept that pretense isn’t consistent,
honesty and happiness cannot be imported,

happiness is an inside job, happiness starts
with me, healing is helped with my efforts,

I might have bogged down in errors, indecisions,
frustration, despair, depression or disappointments

but I have since moved on, not as a doomed victim,
but as a blessed victor, learner, survivor and solver,

I have to take care of myself, body and life
and prioritize my health ,happiness and future,

I need to be kind to myself,
I need to be myself, my lover,

I need to accept sad situations,
and refuse to be defined by a past

that seeks to subdue me with baggage,
that seeks to make a wreck of my life,

I refuse to be a soul of regrets and failures
of the past, a soul of this and that disease,

I refuse to be stuck in the past, to be held hostage
by an unfortunate past, for we all have a past,

Therefore, I seek to live and love life to the fullest,
to be forgiving, to read my rareness and celebrate it,

I seek to be progressive rather than retrogressive,
to plant seeds of love rather than those of hatred,

to dream big and live my dreams, to seek goodness
out of an adversity, to live the best version of myself.

I’m a flow of flawless flaws,
I define and refine my ways.

She learns to unlearn
some bad writing habits,

to outgrow certain follies,
to wisely deal with her frailties

that at times pour out into a canal
of fury over emotional intelligence,

Hence she relearns to release,
and to revisit and revise her scripts

in a bid to reach a level, a point
that is as humanly near to satisfaction

as it may ever get, yet she can only
get close to satisfaction, not perfection.

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-09-26
Image(s) are public domain.
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