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June 24, 2024

The Lost Identity

By Gomathi Sridevi

In this capitalistic world, most people we see are cold-hearted. Individuals are so busy taking pictures of accident victims to upload them on social media rather than calling the helpline.

Is that even humane? Will people show humanity only when a crisis occurs? Will they join hands only when humankind is in danger? We are hiding our true selves to sustain ourselves in this cruel world.

For the past few decades, the human world has evolved drastically. We have achieved all these by deceiving something. When people don't value the lives of humans, how can we expect that in animals?

We started to eliminate the forest areas without thinking of wildlife. Life is the same for everyone. Many species go extinct because of the carelessness and greediness of the people.

The care for the other animals is not even close compared to the love for our pets. We adore pets more than people.

Plastic accumulating in our oceans and on beaches has become a global crisis. Hundreds of thousands of sea animals ingest plastic every year. In just a few years, we might end up with a pound of plastic for every three pounds of fish in the sea. The fish tanks in our houses would soon be empty.

To establish one's work, people are overusing resources. We are the reasons for the vanishing wildlife population and everything. People are proving their identity by removing others' existence. We are surviving in this world by killing several lives. Many tribal communities are made to move from their place and lead a life as nameless and homeless. Many have lost their homelands and living their life as refugees and nomads.

Our identity is HUMANITY. In the course of life, we are losing our identity. We are digging our graveyard. With the advancement in the world, we have become selfish and destroying everything for our consumption. When did we start to become selfish? We have a thirst for materialistic needs.

It's easier to stop something from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. It's never too late. We, the human race, are supposed to save the world, not be the reason for the destruction. If this continues, our future generations might not know where they belong. Soon after a few decades, there will be no evidence of humans living in this world.

Humanity is not the best quality but a basic one. It overshadows everything. Kindness still prevails in every corner of the heart of the human being. Let that love spread out in the world and make a better place to live for all living things in the world. That's what makes our identity.

Article © Gomathi Sridevi. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-10-24
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