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March 27, 2023

Genealogy of ruin

By Debarati Sen

Genealogy of ruin

The gods are returning home tonight.

Tired and ballistic after a century's toil.

Fighting the odds, with an already lost battle.

They couldn't save their daughter earth

from the malevolence of the human race.

Gradually, she lost herself to the clutches of a stygian night.

Her existence was obliterated like the Caucasian race.

As the smoke harpooned her lungs

baring her veins to the polluted air,

her irate soul brimmed with frozen tears

that flooded the Brahmaputra.

The death knell hummed a baritone

Deep and shrill

like the screaming banshee.

She spitted molten lava as she struggled to breathe.

The ice caps melted with a vigorous jolt.

The sea level rose and so did the anxiety.

A crevasse of destruction overshadowed the ecology.

The fissures deepened to swallow life's biosphere.

The spectre of the little boy ran wild,

last winter he died of arsenic poisoning.

The little girl with blue baby syndrome coughed curses.

She has no clean water to quench her thirst.

Everything turned brown like the London smog.

Breathless we ran before the world exploded like a nebula!

Doom had been unleashed.

The atmosphere burnt in the toluene flame of an evil named global warming.

The sky is overcast with eerie echoes.

Its bosom quivered like a withered petal.

Sisyphus looked startled.

The struggle for existence turns real!

We are back in our homes.

Switched on the ac,

closed the door to the world, and left it to perish.

After all, we are humans.

Nefarious beings.

Satisfied with me, me, and me!

The world slowly shuffled off the mortal coil.

A genealogy of ruin was carved in the history of survival.

As we waited with bated breath for a bright summer day.

Article © Debarati Sen. All rights reserved.
Published on 2023-03-13
Image(s) are public domain.
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