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December 04, 2023

Catch of the Day

By Ethan Goffman

Chelsea and Fido gnawed greedily, she on the leg he on the guts of some dead creature. On one side, scores of crows and vultures gathered, awaiting the remnants of the feast. On the other loomed a black monster with a shiny sheen, a towering silver grille, sunset glinting off it.

Chelsea and Fido were, in fact, the proverbial dogs that caught a car. They knew just what to do, dragging the driver’s bloody carcass through the wide-open door to an adjacent meadow, embarking on a feast, then sharing the rest of the catch with surrounding nature. The carcass would feed scores of hungry critters and the remnants would nourish the maggots and soil, become one with the balance of nature.

Chelsea and Fido frisked about barking, tails flapping madly, buoyant with energy, unable to believe, after all these years of fruitless running and yipping, they’d succeeded. And what a specimen they’d brought down!

As the crows and vultures squawked venomously, night’s velvet gown crept forward. Night’s silent darkness hugged a tiny breeze. Heartbeats quieted, pulses slowed, and Chelsea and Fido entered the gaping SUV, black as the night, its steel walls hugging them, forming their own tiny castle. On its velvety seats, the two, yellow lab and collie, curled around each other, fell gently asleep. Soon, they were dreaming lovely visions of hunting down ever larger vehicles.

Article © Ethan Goffman. All rights reserved.
Published on 2023-01-30
Image(s) are public domain.
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