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June 17, 2024

Book Review: Seneca Falls Inheritance

By Tedi Trindle

Book Review:

"Seneca Falls Inheritance" by Miriam Grace Monfredo

With cooler weather and the onset of fall colors, many of us are beginning to turn our minds toward the indoors and to our winter reading list. What could be a more delightful and satisfying way to stave off the winter blues than by curling up in a cozy nook with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book? Why, having a whole series of good books that will deliver reading pleasure through the whole season, of course. And that's exactly what Miriam Grace Monfredo offers in her Seneca Falls mystery series, beginning with "Seneca Falls Inheritance".

Set in Seneca Falls, NY in 1848, on the eve of the first Women's Rights Convention, Monfredo weaves a satisfying tale of murder and intrigue which is historically accurate and provides a rare insight into the circumstances which led a nation of women to rise up and demand the right to franchise. Her heroine, Glynis Tryon, is the town librarian and one of those rarest of breeds in that era, an independent woman. Smart, attractive and outspoken, Glynis is determined to chart her own course, rather than sign away all her rights in a marriage contract.

In spite of her unconventional outlook, Glynis is admired and respected in the town in which she resides and is frequently called upon to assist whenever there is trouble. Informally allied with the local constabulary, one evening she is called upon to interview witnesses when a prominent citizen is murdered. Her participation in the investigation sets off a chain of events that Glynis could never have imagined to be possible in their sleepy little Northern town.

Monfredo, a former librarian herself, pens a lively tale which informs as it entertains. Her characters are sympathetic and fully-drawn. Her story allows you to forget the world around you as you step into the world of antebellum America and into the shoes of someone you will believe truly existed in that era. Authentic to the last detail, she never skimps on research, and never lets research get in the way of an engaging story. Both mystery and history buffs alike will be turning the pages until the wee hours.

Once you're caught up in Monfredo's world, you won't want to leave it. And you won't have to. Her Seneca Falls series and Cain Trilogy consist of a total of nine novels and follow the heroine and her family all the way through the Civil War, ending with the most recent book, "Children of Cain". Each novel is as carefully crafted and compelling as the last and guaranteed to keep you happy in your cozy nook throughout the winter months.

"Seneca Falls Inheritance" is available from St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0425144658.

Article © Tedi Trindle. All rights reserved.
Published on 2004-09-25
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