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June 10, 2024

Cap'n Morgan and I

By Ymi the Gate Keeper

If I could run away and leave my cares behind,
I wonder what enlightenment that I might find?
Perhaps I'd find a rainbow up in the azure sky,
or I might find a length of rope to hang me when I die.
Perhaps it would be better if I used a twenty-two ...
decisions, and decisions ... oh what's a girl to do?

Sometimes I feel I'm set adrift in a very leaky boat.
I worry about my being gone; perhaps I'll leave a note.
But then again, it may just be I fear to be alone
so I'll turn around and head toward ground and hie meself on home.

It doesn't alter the simple fact I'd crawl down in a hole
and hide meself away from this so very heavy role
as fast as feet could carry me I'd hie meself away.
I'd pull the hole in after me and that is where I'd stay.

Originally appeared 2002-04-29
Article © Ymi the Gate Keeper. All rights reserved.
Published on 2011-10-10
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