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February 26, 2024

3 AM Tryst

By Kavita Parwani Talib

3 AM Tryst

Out in the open and clandestine too
My two-am friend could only be you!
Wide-eyed at 3, you beckon me.
Ready to lighten my darker tales,
With your mundane, magical, light.
Tinged with the whispers of the night...
Amidst the hush of slumber slight
We silently speak of meeting soon,
Even the impossible, maybe dusk at noon.
Not even mouthing our sweet little lies
Rose-tinted silences in disguise.
Unplanned, ad hoc, this meeting of old friends
Someplace to stop, like a happy dead-end.
Serendipity, tinged in the afterglow.
When you want time to stop, or at least slow.
And grasp a moment so rare,
That even if planned, you may not dare!
And here I am rambling, early morn.
While you get your super-ness enhancer added-on…
One that should lead me into your Buddha-stance.
If only I could stop my thoughts that prance
Forbidden chats, unbidden trust, forgotten rules and laws of the just.
Disguises woven into the solicitude.
Scattered trysts amidst twilight talks.
Can’t we be together for a harmless hand-in-hand walk?
Foolish stories of impossible love
Hidden amidst the stars above.
Otsukimi, and moon-gazing you
This is not for all, but a treat for two.
As you cast your blue albedo halo
The terra-firma is lit in your bravado.
Lost in the light of all things true,
This darkness brings a duality for me and you!

Article © Kavita Parwani Talib. All rights reserved.
Published on 2023-08-28
Image(s) are public domain.
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