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May 20, 2024

Articles by Jerry Guarino

[Short] [Novelette]


The Tightrope (2011-05-02) short fiction

One city, two men, two different worlds about to intersect ...

The Black Hole (2011-07-11) short fiction revenge

Sometimes you walk right into the devil's lair and don't realize it until it's too late.

In the Mood (2011-08-08) cover story short fiction

Jerry Guarino says, "Your life will have storms, calm seas and everything in between. Our destiny is determined by how we learn from our experiences. I hope your life will be filled with peace and love and that you get through the storms of life with ease."

Anything But Indian Food (2012-03-05) short fiction food

Lasagna, tacos, hot dogs, cherry pie -- all great, but Sid has one dietary requirement ...

The Music Man (2012-06-04) short fiction

It wasn't a dark and stormy night, but it went from odd to totally weird at record speed ...

Who Stole Asbury Park? (2012-08-06) cover story short fiction

There was a time of brightness, of music, of romance, the sounds of life and happiness ... and now?

The Road (2012-09-03) short fiction life

From the bottom, a dozen miles seems like a thousand, and the time it takes to traverse them an eternity ... does that mean you shouldn't even bother with the first step?

Mama Mia (2013-01-07) fiction humor technology

And there's a penalty for calling in an order by using your phone as a phone ...

The Sonoma Murder Mystery (2013-04-22) cover story short fiction

There are always clues -- but the mystery surrounding a murder may have only a few of them that are apparent...

The Social Justice Experiment (2013-05-27) cover story short fiction life veterans

A project, a paper, an experiment: they have a particular and finite purpose, a beginning and an end. However, people -- and justice -- should be more than that...

What's in a Name (2013-06-24) short fiction life

Some people just can't get out from under that label...

Jury Duty (2013-08-12) fiction life affair

Can serving on a jury be considered aiding and abetting a crime?

Fresh Contacts (2013-09-16) fiction life std

Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. And then what???

Drone Fishing (2016-08-15) cover story fiction life

Yep, this is how it happens...

The Dream Detective (2019-03-04) cover story fiction detective

Jerry Guarino is an author and screenwriter. His short stories have been published by magazines in the United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain. He is currently working on several projects and teaches creative writing.

The Case of the Chinese Coins (2019-04-15) cover story fiction detective

Jerry Guarino is an author and screenwriter. His short stories have been published by magazines in the United States, Canada, Australia and Great Britain.

Buon Cibo (2019-07-08) cover story fiction food


Vegan Dog and Stoned Cat (2019-07-22) fiction humor

Ah, the curse of the second-hand lifestyle...

Can't Buy Me Love (2019-08-19) fiction humor

Some things you just can't overlook...

The Cleaner (2019-09-16) fiction humor

We all knew that there was danger in that place...

The Great Zucchini (2019-10-14) fiction humor

Such a versatile vegetable...!

The Old Fisherman (2019-11-11) fiction life

The loss is never-ending...

Little Rubber Feet (2019-12-09) fiction humor

Too bad they don't make a sound when they go...

Bush Man (2020-05-11) fiction humor

A good and useful man to remember...

Yankee Doodle (2020-06-15) fiction humor

Some of the friendliest dogs on earth are Doodles...

Bird Lady and the Bunnies (2020-06-29) fiction humor

The Stoned Cat and Vegan Dog team up for another strike for freedom...

Do Betta Fish Have Teeth? (2020-07-13) fiction humor

"Tim was a couple years into retirement when he discovered Betta fish..."

Death after Dinner (2020-08-10) fiction humor

Donuts are dangerous, there is no doubt...

Jack and Jill (2020-10-19) fiction humor

So many things can happen when you decide to go up the hill...

No Turkey on Thanksgiving? (2020-11-16) fiction humor

Why not try something different this year?

Memories and Regrets (2020-12-14) fiction life love

Our lives form our memories. Do our memories have to form our lives?

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The Old Man and the Sea (2017-01-16) cover story fiction adventure romance

Fog and sunshine, land and sea, West and East...you can dream of it all...

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