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October 03, 2022

Articles by Thomas Elson



Limestone in the Winter (2016-05-09) cover story fiction death

Thomas Elson lives in Northern California. He writes of lives that fall with neither safe person nor safe net to catch them.

Just Like Before (2020-12-07) fiction

Like a dream...

Adding Sand (2021-09-06) flash fiction

It was a time of return...

Was I Not Curious Enough? (2021-10-04) flash fiction

Not knowing how to ask...

Daddy's Stories (2021-11-01) flash fiction

He was adept at making up stories...

Shadow Across the Building (2022-07-25) fiction horror

He knew that shadow well...

Are You Ready? (2022-08-22) fiction horror

Always and never...

Passing By (2022-09-19) fiction horror

"...I know what you're made of..."

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