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July 08, 2024

Articles by Ken Dubuque



The Watering Hole (2018-06-04) cover story fiction fable

Spots or stripes, fur or hide -- we all have one common need...

A Modern Fairy Tale (2018-07-02) cover story fiction humor

It really did happen just this way...

The Procedure (2018-08-06) fiction humor

Well, you have to have a sense of humor about it...

Armed and Dangerous (2018-09-03) cover story fiction humor

Would a suit of armor help?

Found and Lost (2018-10-01) fiction humor

Call it prescience, call it foreknowledge -- sometimes you just know it's a sure thing...

Lucky (2018-10-22) fiction humor

Well, he said she'd never have to work...maybe he was really honest?

The Park (2018-11-05) short fiction horror

They draw you in with their innocent antics -- and just when you thought you were safe...

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