May 23, 2022

Charlie Brice



Eleven Questions Honoring the Fortieth Anniversary of the New York Times Science Page (2019-04-01) poem unrhymed

"...What equation would we use?..."

Too Muchness (2019-05-06) poem unrhymed

"...she could have shot a Czar in 1917..."

Pig Penned (2019-06-03) poem unrhymed

"...there I was jammed into a dirt pen with a 600 pound porcine..."

The Psychotic Kitchen (2019-07-01) poem unrhymed

"...the writhing, wailing, whining, flesh- aggrieved, chicken carcass..."

Waiting Room (2019-08-05) poem unrhymed

"...worry's weight heavy on neck and shoulders..."

Ike and Mike (2019-09-02) poem unrhymed

"...She was two and a half inches taller than I..."

Can of Worms (2019-10-07) poem unrhymed

"...There should be monuments to my father..."

Nostalgia (2019-11-04) poem unrhymed

"...This whole megillah is so PC...."

The Truth About Shadows (2019-12-16) poem unrhymed

"...she never captures a single shadow..."

The Truth About Wind (2020-01-20) poem unrhymed

"...imagined the wind on a California beach, ocean roar..."

The Truth About What Could Have Happened (2020-02-17) poem unrhymed

"...On the way to the bridge we pass birches, cedars, aspens, and evergreens..."

The Truth About Curveballs (2020-03-16) poem unrhymed

"...All she requires is a view..."

The Truth About Paper (2020-04-20) poem unrhymed

"...Never acts violated by the ink I smear..."

The Truth About Birds (2020-05-18) poem unrhymed

"...let a blanket of sky swaddle me in its splendor..."

M.Y.W.I.F.E. (2021-05-10) poem unrhymed

"...our first foray as a family to France..."

My Face (2021-06-07) poem unrhymed

"...Could the world endure two of me?.."

A Rising Starr (2021-07-05) poem unrhymed

"...Gear, he said. Fab, he said, and kept playing..."

Failing Up (2021-08-02) poem unrhymed

"...some casual sit-ups, maybe a knee bend before retiring to the snack bar..."

The Angler's Dilemma (2021-08-30) poem rhymed

"...He must have lost his head..."

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Charlie Brice
Charlie Brice

Charlie Brice is a retired psychoanalyst and is the author of Flashcuts Out of Chaos (2016), Mnemosyne's Hand (2018), and An Accident of Blood (2019), all from WordTech Editions.

His poetry has been nominated for the Best of Net anthology and twice for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared in The Atlanta Review, The Main Street Rag, Chiron Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, SLAB, The Paterson Literary Review, Muddy River Poetry Review and elsewhere.

By Charlie Brice: