May 23, 2022

Eric Robert Nolan

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Shine Now, Fiercely Forever (2018-12-10) cover story science fiction

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This Windy Morning (2019-01-14) poem unrhymed

"...If that faultless chorus should never see heaven..."

Roanoke Summer Midnight (2019-02-18) poem unrhymed

"...Where the Shenandoahs' beryl falls to black, ultramarine to onyx..."

Confession (2019-04-08) poem unrhymed

"...Lust in the lexicon..."

My Mother's Apartment (2019-05-06) poem unrhymed


Smiling Among Inert Shipwrecks (2019-07-22) poem unrhymed

" descend the fathoms now made shining canyons..."

hens staring upward (2019-08-26) poem unrhymed

" the various safe and certain places free of sadness..."

All Our Faults Are Fallen Leaves (2019-09-23) poem unrhymed

"...Take my hand, my friend, and smile..."

Delaware Sheets (2019-10-14) poem unrhymed

"...gentle, blessed by the sun..."

November, Blue Ridge Mountains, 1992 (2019-11-18) poem unrhymed

"...Will any mountain ever let me dream again..."

As Silver as the Stars You Tried To Rival (2019-12-16) poem unrhymed

"...frigid, frigid like a still photo and its forever frozen face there..."

Lilac, Wine, Pomegranate, Black (2020-01-13) poem unrhymed

"This new mountain night..."

Lie to Me, But Brightly (2020-02-10) poem unrhymed

"...In this early winter air, her whispers are verdicts..."

March Midnight Window (2020-03-23) poem unrhymed

"...In blackness, an indistinct day is made another..."

Not of Byzantium (2020-04-20) poem unrhymed

"...Exceeding empires, exceeding even Elysium..."

Ode (2020-05-25) poem unrhymed

"...Delight me for a while."

Bumblebee (2020-08-24) poem unrhymed

"...he inventories dandelions with prodding, plush black legs..."

prayer upon an empty hilltop (2020-09-14) poem rhymed

"...the moon will beam camaraderie..."

Contagion Is a Despot Poet (2020-10-19) poem unrhymed

"...each arriving low, in permanent cursive..."

Turning 41 (2021-01-04) poem unrhymed

" future lay in neatly mapped seas..."

Ode to a New Black Ballpoint Pen (2021-02-01) poem unrhymed

"...glissading sable scars of curling script..."

Imagine the Moon as Companion (2021-04-19) cover story poem unrhymed

Welcome to the Piker Press 19th Anniversary Issue. Thank you to all the writers and other artists and readers for making this possible.

Lying Close (2022-03-28) poem unrhymed

"...Her soft voice Is the cry of the single quail at dusk..."

school shooter (2022-04-25) cover story poem unrhymed

"...Remember when we first saw her..."

When I Meet the Devil (2022-05-23) poem unrhymed

"...Not for the false compliments that slide off his baroque tongue..."

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Eric Robert Nolan
Eric Robert Nolan

Eric Robert Nolan?s reporting, commentary, and creative work have been featured throughout 40 print and online publications in the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Australia and India. His writing and photography were also selected for ten anthologies, two chapbooks and six mini-books between 2013 and 2021. He is a past editor for The Bees Are Dead, and was a nominee for the Sundress Publications 2018 Best of the Net Anthology. His debut novel was The Dogs Don?t Bark in Brooklyn Any More, published in 2013 by Dagda Publishing in the United Kingdom.

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