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July 15, 2024

Articles by Ian C. Smith

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Stardom (2019-06-24) poem unrhymed

Ian C Smith's work has appeared in, Amsterdam Quarterly, Australian Poetry Journal, Critical Survey, Live Encounters, Poetry New Zealand, Southerly, & Two-Thirds North. He writes in the Gippsland Lakes area of Victoria, and on Flinders Island, Tasmania.

In Imagination's Lighthouse (2020-02-03) poem unrhymed

"...I stare back at a chill of harboured currawongs beady-eying me..."

War (2020-06-08) poem unrhymed

"...We would reach out to each other, safe for now...."

Flash Blurbs (2020-07-06) poem unrhymed

"...Poems or prose, fresh, never insular..."

The Geography of Loss (2020-08-03) poem unrhymed

"...Floodwaters sweep life's detritus downstream..."

Silk, fluttering to earth, moonlit (2022-05-30) prose poem

"...when he told me of his wartime incident I buttoned up insolence, all ears..."

The Shipwreck Coast (2022-06-27) poem triolet

"...he grieves fled youth by the wreck, gaunt-grim..."

Those Dark Halls of Ambiguity (2022-12-26) poem triolet

"...scholars scouring vellum’s inked decay..."

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Shelter (2022-01-31) creative non-fiction

Being reclusive and being isolated are mot the same...

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Books Ago (2023-01-16) prose poem

"...I holed up in the Cotswolds sleuthing my shattered family’s heartbreaking tales..."

Another Life (2023-12-11) flash fiction

"...What if I had lived an alternative life..."

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Minimalist (2024-04-08) flash fiction

"...squeezing what they can from life’s terrifying countdown..."

Times (2024-05-06) flash fiction

"...Time in reverse possesses infinite possibilities..."

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