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June 24, 2024

Articles by Ronald Paxton

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Uncle Frank (2010-02-01) cover story short fiction family dwarf

Ronald lives in Charleston, South Carolina where he spends his days running, reading, writing, and trying not to get on the nerves of his wife of 39 1/2 years. Gleefully retired from an unremarkable career in financial and social services, Ronald spends his hard won free time writing short stories with a southern theme and setting. His wife, mother, and daughter are his biggest fans because, well, they have to be.

Kayleigh's Run (2010-06-14) short fiction

She had a heart too big for any disability to conquer ...

Appomattox (2010-07-19) short fiction

Sometimes there's only one effective way to deal with a hater ...

Lifeline (2011-08-01) cover story short fiction family horses

We teach our children compassion, and are thrilled to see them open their hearts to the world. But when we have to teach them about worldly practicality, how well must they learn those lessons?

Shenandoah Christmas (2011-12-19) cover story short fiction family

The Spirit of Christmas is found in the heart, and in a helping hand ...

Hero (2012-01-30) cover story short fiction relationships

He wasn't seeking fame or fortune, but he hoped that how he lived his life would stand up to his reflection in the eyes of his son ...

Mountain Easter (2012-04-02) cover story short fiction family relationships

It takes only one wrong step to show you your mortality. And then, when you know your time is limited, it takes only one clear thought to make the world better for someone ...

Room for Two (2012-07-02) cover story short fiction family adoption

What happens at Wild Pony Ranch is almost magical at times ... and yet that kind of magic is accessible in many places, as long as people are willing to reach deeply within ...

Annie's Turn (2012-12-17) short fiction life

There wasn't so much wrong with Annie -- she was just a little different ... maybe she was a bit smarter than most, and could find her own solutions ...

Echo (2013-02-25) cover story short fiction moral

That cold and creepy voice you hear bouncing off the canyon walls? It's yours...

Trials (2013-06-24) cover story fiction life horses

The pain only lasts a short time in the scheme of things, but that last flash of memory, the one in which you can see how it was all going wrong -- that's the thing that cripples your heart...

The Bookseller (2013-07-22) cover story fiction life writing

Yes, it was just as good as taking out an ad in the newspapers ... wait, does anyone read newspapers any more? Maybe it was a lot better than taking out an ad!

Last Night at Hudson's (2013-09-23) fiction life love

Some call it progress; some prefer to shop at chain stores because they can get the same product in Maine or in Oregon; and some see it as the end of an era...

Amazing Grace (2018-12-17) short fiction holidays

Without hope to cling to, all seems lost...

The Letter (2019-12-23) fiction family

Remember to be open to kindness, even when it seems like it's too late...

The Right Stuff (2020-06-15) fiction family

An open heart, a listening ear, and a love of the game...yes, that's it.

Ella's Garden (2020-08-31) cover story fiction life love

In a dark alley, the result of past misfortunes waits. Can a still-grieving heart be healed?

Waverly's Ghosts (2020-10-26) speculative fiction

Sometimes memories are the worst ghosts...

Room 17 (2021-05-24) cover story speculative fiction

At the end of things, you have to focus on the present -- the present that is what you see...

Sweet Billy (2022-01-24) fiction life conflict

Life is good, but endings...

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Boardwalk Nocturne (2022-06-13) poem unrhymed

"...Under the boardwalk, above the boardwalk, nothing changes..."

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