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April 22, 2024

Pissed at Mom

By Patrick Devine

You don't deserve a poem for Mother's day
you're getting a pissed on rant instead.

I was puking sick, you said it's too late don't bother me.
You show up to invade my time and life, when it's convenient for you
If I die tonight I want my last words to be to you "I hope you suffer in hell like I suffered on earth"
You selfish bitch.
I was scared to shivering but you had a date
I needed you, you needed to relax
I can't wash myself, dress myself, feed myself, or sleep and you want to pawn me off on a retirement home.
I hope I live to health again for the sheer spite of terrifying you like that
You are not a mother, you are like a lizard who laid an egg
your responsibility ended after it got out of your body
you were shamed into parenting me by the memory of your own parents
Happy Mother's Day. I hope you think on this and it scars you.
This is warning, and I'd say it in Arabic if I thought you could read it
"Allah revenges the forsaken children."
God and me are watching, Judy, don't get sick, don't get old
because as the Klingons say revenge is a dish
and it's best served cold.

Article © Patrick Devine. All rights reserved.
Published on 2004-11-20
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