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June 17, 2024

Articles by Patrick Devine



Paw Prints on my Path (2003-02-10) poem

Song of the Coyote for the Wolf

Fan (2003-03-24) poem

Passionate poetry.

Know (2003-04-07) poem

Love, lust and longing in free verse.

Six Colors (2003-04-21) poem

Passionate verse.

Always (2003-07-07) poem

Diamond (2003-07-21) poem

Passionate verse.

Patience (2003-07-28) poem

Passionate verse. -- I love the way you move, like a cat with death AND sex on its mind --

Conscience (2003-09-01) poem

Passionate verse.

Love Effects (2003-09-22) poem

Passionate verse.

Falling and Labors Lost (2003-09-29) poem

Two items of passionate verse.

Flash (2003-10-13) poem

Passionate verse

Dioceres' November Rant (2003-11-08) poem

Friend (2003-11-22) poem

Passionate verse.

Night of the Loving Dead (2003-11-29) poem

Passionate verse about undying love. Of the creepiest persuasion.

Love's Words (2003-12-06) poem

Passionate verse.

You Stood Beside Me (2004-02-28) poem

Passionate verse from the realm of fantasy.

Warning (2004-07-10) poem


Mist (2004-10-09) poem


Pissed at Mom (2004-11-20) poem


Dawn (2004-12-04) poem


Morning (2004-12-25) poem


I was a soldier once (2005-01-23) poem

My life is not wasted (2005-04-24) poem rhymed

Passionate verse.

Death (2011-10-31) poem rhymed

Passionate verse - a muse of mixed blessings. Originally appeared 2003-03-03.

Conquest (2013-04-29) poem unrhymed

"...consign me to heaven with your touch..."

Debt (2016-05-16) poem rhymed

A lover's song...

Ghost Queen (2020-06-29) poem unrhymed

"You are my most excellent of addictions..."

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