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February 19, 2024


By Patrick Devine

I know
I know I'm not what you need right now.
I would suck you dry of all life if I could.
I am wounded but your beauty makes me whole again.
I would give you light and air and summer skies if I could,
But I am a storm tossed sea, at night, in winter.
I would touch you
but your soul hurts and there is a fire in your need.
Your touch burns just as much as your rejection.
My eyes roll over your curves like the crowd at a meat auction.
I want want to know more of you than just your flesh and sweet blood.
I want to ride your light,
I want to smell your excitement and effort,
mixed like spice and sugar.
I breathe you.
I need your eyes upon me.
I need you to speak light into the darkness of my unspoken truth.
I know I am a ravenous monster, whose hunger speaks for him.
Know me.
Article © Patrick Devine. All rights reserved.
Published on 2003-04-07
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