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April 15, 2024

Paw Prints on my Path

By Patrick Devine

I remember:
I discovered paw prints on my path today,
the trail of some sure footed stranger crossing my way.
I must go and sing to him.

I smell you:
Tis not a him but a fleet footed her
and here I am dressed as a cur.
I will clean myself.

I see you:
My pulse quickens, my blood thickens
you are striking in your majesty.
But you've killed one of my rabbits.

I see you and hide from you, watching:
You have no dance in your hunt.
You are all business. I wonder about your soul.
I watch and wait .. but want to sing to you.
Your step has no prance and you seem all too blunt.
You have a nice smell. But I wonder about your so....
I creep closer and try and see your tail

OOPS! You see me! Too close!
Too late now.
You size me up,
And I decide that I am brave
And I will dance.
I leap around you, showing you that for all your size and power-
I stop... and almost fall down.
Holy flaming sky .....
I look you over. Your smell makes me all disjointed.
My sex burns for you. You growl. I decide to to be subtle ...
.. and I do not remember very much more
...as my sex-mind did alot of thinking for me.
Except that it was VERY VERY good, I sang to the WHOLE world,
...and that you are NOT a coyote.

You are gruff. I laugh and dance around you ....
I know, Kokopele' my friend, has worked his majic on you.
No matter your tribe ... you will have my babies.
I spin and dance and the song rises in me
...and I run to the rises and the rises rise in me.
WE walked the length of a summer breeze together
and our paws never touched the ground
Our touching was as light as a feather
Our thunder made the Sky's heart pound
I am Lord of this land and in your wanting I found wanting ...
and you now bear a gift from me. Aahh ha-ha HEE!
Tis much better you bear it than me!
I know I can never keep you.
Just as I know your hunt will never be my dance.
But wait .. you sing too ....

Article © Patrick Devine. All rights reserved.
Published on 2003-02-10
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