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June 17, 2024

Dioceres' November Rant

By Patrick Devine

I am the Great Over-Dark.
I have preyed upon things long forgotten; in places best not remembered;
in ways I cannot hint at without leering in glee at your revulsion.
Multi-Limbed horrors from children's under-bed dreams have been a staple part of my reality
and yet I stand today.
Deep frozen forlorn adventurers in far-off northern gold rush by-ways have been my comrades
And in death my sustenance.
I have swum small-ly in rivers of blood in wars merely hinted at in your history.
On battlefield I have slain enemy unceasingly and when supply of conflicting targets grew thin
I have turned ravenously on my own.
Fear me NOT.
For if I am vile in my action I am far more duplicitous in my nature.
If I build a thing it is merely to know how to destroy a thing like it through familiarity with its parts.
If I become endeared to any it is because they have a use to me.
If I have mercy it is because I expect to have need of some myself in the future.
If I am not 'THE' Over-Dark I am part of it.
I do not bleed without cost.
I do not rage without fruit or fulfillment.
I am barely hindered, if ever, in my pursuits.
I embody the mad plotted rush at the end of overcoming in every hunt.
I do not have faith that purity will ever sway me.
I do not expect to ever meet a savior.
If I learn anything from my past I expect it to forever be:
that which protected my predations vs. anything enlightening

Article © Patrick Devine. All rights reserved.
Published on 2003-11-08
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