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April 15, 2024

Lamenting the Cephalopod Mollusk

By Kellie Gillespie

It was a day so dark and dreary
The sun had lost its light
My heart was full, my body weary
My love had died last night.

I watched the clouds fall from the sky
The trees were bent with wind
I hung my head but could not cry
I knew that I had sinned.

In my despair, I called a name
How could my life go on?
The dark could only hide my shame
Could only stop the dawn.

Thunder knocked and lightning cracked
The rain poured over all
Sounds swirled through the black
I thought I heard a call —

I strained my ears; I listened hard
It sounded once, then twice
I looked outside into the yard
My blood then turned to ice.

It spread across the courtyard
It leaned against the wall
Its arms were wrapped around the door
I shivered from it all.

How could one describe this beast?
Its head was two feet long
It had a dozen arms at least
A mouth with teeth so strong.

I froze in place, too frightened
To run or fight or flee
The monster only tightened
Its eerie hold on me.

Its giant mouth then opened
And cut me to the quick
How could this beast have spoken
And called for "Frederick?"

For Rick was my betrothed
We were to wed next May
But you reap what ere you sowed
And now he's gone away.

The monster raised its tentacle
It knocked upon my door
My heart jumped to my clavicle
My feet stuck to the floor.

I tried to run away from it
But everywhere I went
Its briny voice refused to quit
Still I would not repent.

When I could stand it not one more
My throat was parched with grief
I staggered over to the door
And opened with relief.

"Yes," I shouted to the wind
"I know I've done you wrong!
Please take this soulless ocean fiend
Back where it belongs!"

The salty monster smiled at me
And raised its ghastly head
It waved its arms so gleefully
And slithered off instead.

The end was near; I could not run
I must pay for what I did
Who could have guessed I'd be outdone
By a giant stupid squid!

Article © Kellie Gillespie. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-04-24
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