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May 20, 2024

Aerosmith in Concert

By Ed Moyer

Aerosmith in Concert

Ed Moyer - elrociam@filthypikers.com

Since the album Done with Mirrors, and probably a little before that I have always thought that Aerosmith was one of the best rock bands out there. I have been waiting, very impatiently, since that release in 1984 to get to see them live. Yes, I know that Done with Mirrors album was a far cry from the greatness of their early days, and an even greater distance from the music that they have put out since then.

It was a chilly October evening. The crowd who had begun to gather several hours before was becoming increasingly restless. Anytime there was a male figure moving in the background the crowd would whistle, hoot, and holler in an attempt to gain the attention of these fabled bards. For some this would be another opportunity to see these gods of rock. For others, like myself, it was finally realizing a dream come true.

Before the crowd knew what had happened a cloak had been draped across the front of the stage. Lights flashed, music swelled, and the frenzy of the crowd forced itself forward. It was like the band was drawing its strength from the very essence of the throng of people. When the music seemed that it could not possibly getting any louder, or the crowd anymore drawn in, the cloak fell to the ground, the music exploded across the outstretched hands and expectant faces of the thousands gathered to offer up their support for those that they hold so dear to them.

Steven Tyler draped himself across his microphone stand in a traditional pose. Flashbulbs numbering what felt like the millions went off all around. Joe Perry stood, back slightly bent forward in front of his huge rack of Marshall amps threatening to destroy any and all with his sheer volume. Joey Kramerメs steady drumbeat, feed those that were rhythmically challenged the correct flow flawlessly. Tom Hamiltonメs bass line, with just enough flow to it, kept the tempo flowing, while Brad Whitfordメs guitar provided the extra layer to the volume.

Then sound seemed to explode into a million different directions at once. Girls squealed in delight, others came close to passing out. For the next three hours our senses, visual and audio, were assaulted and treated to a glimpse into the soul of these rock legends, gods if you will. We were treated to the original line-up, all who have learned to put their personal issues aside, and realize the greatness that they as a whole, make one another.

It is difficult to imagine that Steven Tyler will be 65 years old this coming March. He was able to maintain his vocal range through out the concert, not missing a note, still able to do his rubber-band lips, dance, play harmonica, and inspire the crowd to sing along and participate through out the concert, and their encore set.

Yes it is true; I have enjoyed their music for well over half of my years. Yes, merely seeing them in living color would have been a victory for me. But, I was also realistic enough to know that they would more than likely falter in their performance somewhere, some how. I was hoping to see them play in a state of perfection. I was not disappointed, but perfection would be too much of an understatement. Bands like this come along once or twice in a lifetime, the scary thing is that they appear to merely be hitting their stride.

Aerosmith is a clean and sober group, many members with wives and children. The crowd at this show was made up those ranging from their 50s down to children, whose parents were mere children when the band first formed. Considering that the group did not have an actual number one hit until モI Donメt Want To Miss a Thingヤ from the 1998 movie Armageddon, their future looks as bright as their music sounded and felt on that chill, dark October night when I gained a glimpse into the being of gods. When they welcomed me to their arms, and bared a part of their soul to me and a couple thousand of our closest friends.

Article © Ed Moyer. All rights reserved.
Published on 2002-12-02
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Cindy Angel Trice
09:31:15 AM
Nicely done. I felt like I was there. I like the term God's of Rock.
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