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Growing Up Wrong (2002-07-20) nonfiction

Beer and Billiards A pool game gone awry in this tale of misspent youth.

iShuffle (2005-03-27) nonfiction product review

The iShuffle offers the ability to quickly transfer information, photos, or music to what amounts to basically a portable hard drive. What? Yeah, don't worry. A hard-workin, motorcycle-ridin, non-Macintosh-using Texan brings you a product review for technology fans who don't necessarily know much about technology.

Fine Body Art (2005-04-10) nonfiction

Tattoos and Piercings - Part one of the classic Piker two part series on things you can do your own flesh.

Body Art II - Piercings (2005-04-10) nonfiction

The classic Piker article on the care and history of body piercings.

Breakup Recovery (2005-04-24) nonfiction how-to relationship humor

Ok, so you find yourself on the slide from a relationship. You are a guy and you don't know how you are going to go on with life. Luckily for you, this biker has more than enough experience to point you into getting back into the swing of things.

Ask Biker Ed 04 (2005-08-01) nonfiction

Whether you call it the Ride Bell, Biker Bell or Grimling Bell, it's a classic part of biker mythos that everyone who throws a leg across should know.

Ask Biker Ed 05 (2005-09-05) nonfiction motorcycles

Why do bikers wave to other bikers? Do they all know each other? Nope. It's one part courtesy, one part superstition.

Ask Biker Ed 06 (2005-10-10) advice motorcycle

How important is balance when riding a bike? Riding safely, especially at freeway speeds, isn't just a matter of not leaning too far to the left or right. Too much weight toward the front or the back can also have disastrous results.

Letter of Resignation (2006-01-02) news

Crüefest 2 Review (2009-08-17) travel

The intrepid Ed comes out of writing retirement to share his experience of a once-in-a-lifetime concert event.

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Biker Rally Report (2002-10-25) News

South Padre Island, TX - home of the Roar by the Shore. A rally from a biker's perspective. Good, clean fun and wienie biting.

Biker Report II (2002-11-18) News

The Harley-Davidson Open Road Tour travels around the world to celebrate over 100 years of the bike that's made history.

Jonny Lang in Concert (2002-11-25) News

An old soul in a young body, this kid can really play the blues.

Aerosmith in Concert (2002-12-02) news music aerosmith

For three hours, our senses were assaulted and treated to a glimpse into the soul of these rock legends, gods if you will.

The Worst Kept Secret In Football (2003-01-18) News

Has Jerry Jones finally given up on his meddlesome tricks? Will Bill Parcells be the breath of hope Cowboy fans have been waiting for all this time? And why the heck do they call him The Big Tuna?

Ask Biker Ed 01 (2005-06-13) news advice motorcycle

Rules for Bikers and Autos to Get Along Biker Ed opens up the dialogue between those who ride motorcycles and those who don't by getting a few things off his chest.

Ask Biker Ed 02 (2005-07-04) news motorcycle current events

In a special edition of the monthly column, Biker Ed opens up some perspective on the recent violence revolving around fans of Zakk Wylde and members of a local motorcycle club. A discussion about "colors" and the symbols that bikers wear.

Ask Biker Ed 03 (2005-07-11) news motorcycles

What is the difference between Crotch Rockets, Cafe Racers, Riceburners and all those other strange terms for motorcycles?

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Tyler (2002-11-11) poem

Free verse poetry. Love, laughter, lessons in life. A memorial to a lost brother.

Distorted Love (2005-03-20) poem blank verse

A poem of betrayal and awakening.

This is the Day (2005-03-27) poem blank verse

Free verse.

A Father's Prayer (2005-06-13) poem rhymed

A father looks to the future.

The Happy Knight (2005-08-08) poem unrhymed

Tyler III (2006-02-06) poem unrhymed

Angel of Destruction (2015-03-09) poem unrhymed

"Whispered tales of longing..."

Love At First Bite (2015-05-18) poem unrhymed

From the first time they saw each other, they knew their love was meant to be.

Welcome to /ignore (2015-06-29) poem unrhymed

A poet finds his own way of coping with heartbreak.

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Biker Rally 2003 (2003-06-09) op_ed

Why does one go to a biker rally, and not take a motorcycle? To remind ourselves that it is not things that make one's life complete, but rather true friends and family. That's why this reporter went to the largest biker rally in the state of Texas and didn't even throw his leg over a bike.

The Men of Summer (2003-06-30) op_ed

Sure, anyone can play baseball all summer in the Major Leagues and make millions of dollars, but it takes a real man to teach a group of three year olds how to play the game.

Review: Mach 3 Power Nitro (2005-10-03) product review opinion

A man's quest for a satisfactory razor begins in his youth. With the advent of the Mach 3 Power Nitro, this is one quest with a happy ending. Tough beard or sensitive skin, wet or dry, guy or gal, this seems to be the best in comfortable hair removal.

Megadeth: ENDGAME Review: OK, maybe a little bit of a Metal History (2009-10-12) music review "Endgame"

Ed gives us a brief metal history of the 80's Metal Scene, and then reviews the new album from Megadeth "Endgame" and he compares it to other musical works recently released.)

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Dark Dreams (2004-06-26) short

The worst nightmares aren't about monsters. When a motorcycle accident results in the loss of his arms, one man must ask the unthinkable of his family, rather than become a burden on his family. When morning comes, everything has profoundly changed for the better.

Biker Mummies (2005-05-23) short fiction horror

A gang of bikers stops to help Ed when his jeep dies along the side of the road. But there's more to these riders than meets the eye, and every favor has its price.

NASCAR Dreams 01 (2005-05-30) short fiction contemporary action

Take a seat behind the wheel of the number thirteen car in this action-packed tale of a rookie driver chasing NASCAR glory as he makes his bid to win the Daytona 500.

NASCAR Dreams 02 (2005-06-06) short fiction contemporary action

Vindication! The unscheduled pit stop proved to be a good decision after all. In the number thirteen car, Rob is starting to earn the respect of his pit crew and other drivers. The race is still young and strategy calls for teamwork on the track of the Daytona 500.

NASCAR Dreams 03 (2005-06-13) short fiction contemporary action

NASCAR Dreams 04 (2005-06-20) short fiction contemporary action

Inside the dark helmet, the rookie was in his haven, he was master of his own destiny. No harm could befall him whilst he was in his fortress. His breathing had returned to normal. His eyes were pinpoints as he went into a type of tunnel vision only seeing what was transpiring directly in front of him. He finally saw it, he could feel it, smell it, and taste it all at once. The Almighty Draft, he now knew how to conquer it. He now understood all those things that the legends had spoken of, when he was a youth. He was no longer afraid of going too fast. There was no such thing. Adrenaline began to pump through his veins instead of the normal red blood cells...

NASCAR Dreams 05 (2005-06-27) short fiction contemporary action

The conclusion of NASCAR Dreams.

Pet Tales (2005-08-15) short fiction humor pets

Ever wonder just what it is they do when we're not home?

Biker Mummies: Paying Off a Debt 1 (2005-11-21) short fiction horror

Once, long ago, they came to his rescue. Now, there is a price he must pay. How one mortal biker lives determines what will happen to him after he dies, on a lonely stretch of highway haunted by those on an eternal ride. Part 1 of 2

Biker Mummies: Paying Off A Debt 2 (2005-11-28) short fiction horror

Tomorrow, there will be debts to pay, but for today, there's still one last sunset to ride off into. A fantasy concludes.

Earth Girls AREN'T Easy (2009-08-24) short fiction science fiction

Joy-riding vacations before graduation are not a good idea, even if you have a pal with a ride who says he knows all about the locals ...

The Truth About Mummies (2012-04-30) short fiction fantasy

The battle is to the death, but who watches the fallen to steal away the vision of Valhalla?

The Truth About Mummies 2 (2012-05-14) short fiction fantasy

Lovers walk together in the moonlight, but they have no idea what watches them from above ...

The Truth About Mummies 3 (2012-05-21) short fiction fantasy

Edvard's last memory was of his own death in battle, but Valhalla couldn't be farther away from what he wakes up to ...

The Truth About Mummies 4 (2012-05-28) short fiction fantasy

Time has passed for both Sonja and Edvard, in their vastly different states. But wait, something is not so different -- neither knows what their future will bring ...

The Truth About Mummies 5 (2012-06-04) short fiction fantasy

Conclusion. Only the mummies stand in the way of Vlad's power-mad scheme -- can they hold him off long enough for the magical gate to close?

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Peek of the Week 320 (2011-10-24) photo art

A wide field near Lubbock, Texas, USA.

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