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February 19, 2024

Pet Tales

By Ed Moyer

Grace the teenager of the group bounded up on to the couch.

"So what we gonna do this time?" She asked the room.

Haley glanced at her wearily, "I say go back to sleep for a little bit." Came her reply as she stretched and yawned mightily.

"Doesn't matter to me, you guys always leave me out of the fun anyway." Added Corkie from her spot on the table.

"Oh come on, you really can't expect to sleep your life away can ya?" Grace asked as she bounded down from the couch and came over to nip Haley's ear playfully.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Besides he gets upset when we make a mess of the house after he leaves." Retorted Haley, shaking her head to relieve the pressure from Grace's bite.

"See you guys are just ignoring me as usual." Corkie responded.

Grace looked over at the African grey Timmons on its perch in the cage.

"Like, what are supposed to do? Bust you out of your prison?" Grace asked with a chuckle.

Haley sighed deeply and stretched out again. Trying to find the perfect spot to lay down for a lengthy nap.

Grace bounced back into the couch and attempted a flying attack on the resting dog.

"Hiya!" She cried as she sailed through the air.

"Oh for the love of.... Oh look the kid next door is out side" Corkie reported.

Haley didn't move, just merely cocked her ear to see if she noticed anything that should alarm her. Realizing there was no need for alarm; she closed her eyes and laid her head on her paws. Trying to once again get some rest.

Grace began to bark meekly trying to get Haley to rise to no avail. She then trotted around the house acting like she was sniffing something in the air. Again Haley ignored her attempts to disturb her rest. She trotted to the front door and became quiet.

A few moments later Haley's head jerked up wide awake.

"Oh my god! AGAIN! Ew, that just isn't right or normal, you do realize that right?" Haley scolded Grace.

Grace looked proud of her latest creation.

"Ya think he'll like it?" Grace asked still pleased with her creative process.

Corkie began busing herself by preening her feathers.

"Dear god we have to smell that all day?" She squawked.

"Oh, come on it isn't so bad." Grace stated as she walked back to the freshly laid pile.

"Grace you really do need to seek help. You know that he let us out right before he left. And to answer your question, No, I do not think that he will admire it all." Haley stated as she began moving from the odor. She came to rest next to one of the floor vents hoping that the air would kick on soon to disperse the horrid aroma.

"Oh poo." Grace grumped.

"Exactly!" The other two said in unison.

"In the house no less." Corkie said dancing back and forth on her perch.

"Well at least I don't do it where I have to sleep like some of us." Retorted Grace.

"Like I have a choice you fur wearer!" Was the bird's exclamation of justification.

"HUSH!" Balled Haley still trying to get some rest.

The others became silent suddenly. Corkie went back to preening her feathers while Grace hopped on the couch with an audible sigh of disgust at the party poopers.

"I'm thirsty," came Grace's cry for attention.

"So git up and git some water yourself." Haley said not bothering to open her eyes or move her head.

"I'm hungry!" Grace said in a whiny voice.

"So git up and git some food for yourself." Corkie stated between preens.

"But, I'm a fairy princess." Was Grace's rebuttal to not being served.

"NO, you aren't!" Is the unified reply that was issued. Neither changing what they were doing.

Making more noise than needed Grace plopped onto the floor from her throne and slinked over to the food and water bowls.

'Ya do realize if you conserved some of you energy you wouldn't be so thirsty and hungry all the time right?" Haley said in a motherly tone.

"Furthermore," added the parrot. "You wouldn't have the need to get us all in trouble by making your 'little creations' for him."

"BAH!" Exclaimed Grace between mouthfuls of food and swipes at the water bowl with her tongue.

"You two act like he is the one that should be worshipped, instead of the other way around." She continued. "I mean he disappears for hours on end and doesn't bother to tell us where or what he is doing. Remember when he used to take us out on drives with him?" She looked at Haley as she tried to swallow the mouthful of food.

Again Haley replied without opening her eyes or moving her head.

"His big vehicle broke down what do you expect?" She said in a sleepy manner.

"I wouldn't know anything about that, he never takes me anywhere." Corkie stated bitterly.

"Look you two, the man works to provide us with a good home away from the shelters." To emphasis the words she looked Grace in the eye. "And he makes certain that our needs are taken care of before his everyday. And yet the two of you complain?" She continued.

"OH Foil!" Grace exploded towards her new found toy.

"Why do I bother?" Haley asked to no one in particular. She lowered her head on her paws and the AC unit could be heard kicking on.

"HAVE AT YOU AH SAY... ENGARDE!" Grace cried as she went into full attack mode.

Just then the lock turned, and in stepped the master of the house. Foil still fluttered about Grace like a freshly plucked feathers from a chicken.

"Again Grace?" Is all he said as he strode past the pup to get the paper towels. Thankful that he had bought the super absorbent type and that the flooring was hardwood instead of carpet.

Article © Ed Moyer. All rights reserved.
Published on 2005-08-15
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Cindy Angel Trice
08:25:06 AM
This was cute. Would enjoy part 2 and see if there is an adventure the pets get into.
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