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May 13, 2024

Let's Do the Zombie Shuffle

By Sand Pilarski

Dequain Damallie had a girl named Sue
She told him what she didn't want to do
He mixed her coke with vodka and had his way
She didn't know until the whole next day

"Oh, look! He doin' the Zombie Shuffle!"

She told her mama 'bout his little trick
Sue cried so hard she made herself turn sick
"Don't worry, Baby," Suzie's mama said
"Dequain Damallie gonna wish he was dead.

"That boy is gonna learn the Zombie Shuffle."

On Monday afternoon he ate his lunch
In such a hurry that the next to last munch
Was when that funny taste got to him
He left the cafe of Sue's Uncle Zim

Already movin' like the Zombie Shuffle.

They buried him with prayers and flowers and all
They had a big wake at the firehouse hall
But three days later in the graveside mud
A knife, a black chicken and some sprinkled blood

And then the song about the Zombie Shuffle.

Dequain Damallie staggers through his days
Some voodoo magic changed his nasty ways
He tends the garden and he scrubs the floor
And when he's finished, Mama makes him do more

She tells him "Hurry up that Zombie Shuffle!"

Dequain Damallie had a girl named Sue
She had a mama who could sing voodoo
His life is over, he's like the walking dead
His eyes are vacant and his feet drag like lead.

"Oh look! He doin' the Zombie Shuffle!"

Article © Sand Pilarski. All rights reserved.
Published on 2007-10-29
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