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Articles by Sand Pilarski

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Spring Plantings on the Wharf (2002-04-22) News

San Francisco's spring flowers

Babe in the Big City (2002-04-29) News

Touring San Francisco on your own

Manteca Police Dog Trials (2002-05-06) News

K9 units compete in Manteca

Santa Cruzin' (2002-07-27) News

Part one of a three part series on dining and vacationing in Santa Cruz, California.

Santa Cruzin' (2002-08-03) News

Part two of a three part series on dining and vacationing in the idyllic coastal town of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruzin' (2002-08-17) News

Part three of a three part series on dining and vacationing in Santa Cruz, California.

Thank God It's Over! Party (2002-12-16) News

Chris Baty, founder of NaNoWriMo, throws a TGIO party in San Francisco every year, and guess who he actually knows exist?

Waves at Pacifica (2003-01-18) News

Winter storms have been chilling the West Coast. Intrepid reporter Sand makes sure the wines and appetizers are weathering the winter okay.

42nd Annual Camellia Cavalcade (2003-04-07) news flowers

Second weekend in March -- time for the Camellia Show!

Happy 16th Anniversary! (2018-04-23) cover story announcement

Goodness, it's hard to believe that the Managing Editor used to be that much younger...!

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Sere Poesey (2002-04-22) comics

Cartoon art a la Kliban

Fever Dreams 001 (2004-06-19) comic

Forget about Burt's Bees. It's Bert's cockroaches you need to worry about.

Fever Dreams 002 (2004-06-26) comic

Dog collars generally don't count when the invitation reads "Black tie only."

Fever Dreams 003 (2004-07-03) comic

Howard Hughes: Aviator, movie producer, billionaire, turned scary old guy. Still has a way with the women, though.

Fever Dreams 008 (2004-07-08) comic

Vintage Fever Dreams! Edwin slips a few last-minute gifts into his mother-in-law's carry-on to ensure a memorable flight.

Fever Dreams 006 (2004-07-24) comic

Maybe Reading Rainbows should not include "Fear of Flying."

Fever Dreams 007 (2004-07-31) comic

An inexplicable paranormal phenomenon made Mr. Smith's secretary disrespect him.

Fever Dreams 009 (2004-08-14) comic

Behind the scenes at the Percy Platypus Puppet Place, the infamous dictator makes a decision to improve TV ratings...

Fever Dreams 011 (2004-08-28) comic

Jeb and Marv find a solution to the age-old question of, "Is it dead, or is it just playing dead?"

Fever Dreams 012 (2004-09-04) comic

It was only when he began to invite his friends that Babs minded her cat watching her take a bath.

Fever Dreams 013 (2004-09-11) comic

Fashion fantasies versus the grim realities...

Fever Dreams 014 (2004-09-18) comic

The number one reason to never flush small reptiles into the sewer.

Fever Dreams 015 (2004-09-25) comic

Mysteries of the deep.

Fever Dreams 016 (2004-10-02) comic

Midway through the Jones contract, did a bee fly into Ms. Barnes' blouse, or did she simply decide to seek employment elsewhere? We report, you decide.

Fever Dreams 017 (2004-10-09) comic

Little Red Riding Hood hires Nunzio to be her new best friend.

Fever Dreams 018 (2004-10-23) comic

Playing Dungeoness and Dragons.

Fever Dreams 019 (2004-10-30) comic

The origins of war.

Fever Dreams 020 (2004-11-06) comic

Mr. Smith should have known better than to get his secretary the good paper shredder.

Fever Dreams 021 (2004-11-27) comic

Casual Fridays in the Antarctic.

Fever Dreams 022 (2004-12-04) comic

Why kangaroos should never wear garter belts.

Fever Dreams 024 (2004-12-18) comic

Kitty learns not to play in the fish tank.

Fever Dreams 025 (2004-12-25) comic

Elves only get the week after Christmas off for vacation.

Fever Dreams 027 (2005-01-16) comic

The Man in the Moon and Raiders receiver Randy Moss gets a message.

Fever Dreams 028 (2005-01-23) comic

The only reason crocodiles buy vegetables.

Fever Dreams 029 (2005-01-30) comic

Some appliances speak the secret language of animals.

Fever Dreams 030 (2005-02-06) comic

A zebra's question ruins a beautiful friendship.

Fever Dreams 031 (2005-02-13) comic

Billy Bob done saved us all!

Fever Dreams 032 (2005-02-20) comics

Another fashion statement. Don't they look in a mirror?

Fever Dreams 033 (2005-02-27) comics

Even the captain of the Nautilus had days where he muttered to himself, "Stupid squid."

Fever Dreams 034 (2005-03-06) comics

Playing dead won't get you out of housework.

Fever Dreams 035 (2005-03-13) comics

Commemorating the inventor of product warning labels.

Fever Dreams 036 (2005-03-20) comics

The Future of Medical Help

Fever Dreams 037 (2005-03-27) comics

A serious case of ponies envy...

Fever Dreams 038 (2005-04-03) comics

The last not-so-funny joke by the royal sculptor Dumbhotep

Fever Dreams 010 (2005-04-10) comic

The day indoor plumbing became cost effective.

Fever Dreams 039 (2005-04-17) comics

Combatting the Rising Costs of Medical Care

Fever Dreams 040 (2005-04-24) comics

Unmarketable Toys

Fever Dreams 041 (2005-05-01) comics

Normally, Little Red Riding Hood knew better than to check the mail before breakfast.

Fever Dreams 042 (2005-05-09) comics

Trapped in a relationship...

Fever Dreams 043 (2005-05-16) comics

When unicorns quit smoking ...

Fever Dreams 044 (2005-05-23) comics

The problem with teenage girl mummies ...

Fever Dreams 045 (2005-05-30) comics

Flamingos with nothing better to do.

Fever Dreams 046 (2005-06-06) comics

On impulse, Rhonda decides to spend the extra fifty and have the hairdresser kacked

Fever Dreams 047 (2005-06-13) comics

Summer in the Jungle

Fever Dreams 048 (2005-06-20) comics

Flying Fish

Fever Dreams 049 (2005-06-27) comics

An injudicious mouse about to find the answer to his question...

Fever Dreams 005 (2005-07-04) comic

Vintage Fever Dreams! It was an exceptionally hot summer in Pillsbury, and the doughboy went bad.

Fever Dreams 050 (2005-07-18) comics

What suicide bombers don't seem to understand

Fever Dreams 051 (2005-07-25) comics

It's no different in the insect world...

Fever Dreams 052 (2005-08-01) comics

Bethie has no idea how to solve her ant problem.

Peek of the Week 01 (2005-08-01) comics photograph

Our image of the week - a photo of fortnight lilies.

Fever Dreams 053 (2005-08-08) comics

Wrong time to lift the camera ...

Fever Dreams 054 (2005-08-15) comics

The mathematics of cat ownership!

Peek of the Week 03 (2005-08-15) comics photograph

Oil painting, portrait of Babe and Howie

Fever Dreams 055 (2005-08-22) comics

Junk Dogs of Two Types...

Peek of the Week 05 (2005-08-29) comics photograph

A red dragonfly visits the garden

Fever Dreams 056 (2005-08-29) comics

Some studies show that thought processes differentiate between males and females at an early age.

Fever Dreams 057 (2005-09-05) comics

Now we know why the rent was so cheap!

Fever Dreams 058 (2005-09-12) comics

The tragic delusions of small appliances

Fever Dreams 060 (2005-09-26) comics

How your cat sees you.

Fever Dreams 061 (2005-10-03) comics

Mabel was naive enough to believe that Zeke would never change.

Fever Dreams 062 (2005-10-10) comics

Lucy has found the best beach in the entire world.

Fever Dreams 063 (2005-10-17) comics

Despite their dismal record, ticket sales at Oakland remained brisk.

Fever Dreams 064 (2005-10-24) comics

A disguise that almost worked ...

Peek of the Week 013 (2005-10-24) photo art

Stunning intricacy of an anemone.

Fever Dreams 065 (2005-10-31) comics

There's a new girl in town, and she's turning heads at the Monster Party!

Fever Dreams 066 (2005-11-07) comics

Sure, they call him the "King of the Jungle" but you know his secret ...

Fever Dreams 067 (2005-11-14) comics

Of course she's a real psychic...

Peek of the Week 016 (2005-11-14) photo art

The "Angel Trumpet" flower emits a strong fragrance -- but only between dusk and dawn.

Peek of the Week 017 (2005-11-21) photo art

Monarch butterflies cling to a eucalyptus branch at Natural Bridges State Park, California.

Fever Dreams 068 (2005-11-21) comics

At dinner, Herbert realized his wife was right -- Junior did marry a pig.

Fever Dreams 070 (2005-12-05) comics

Each year, Marge decorated with her favorite symbols of the Christmas season.

Fever Dreams 071 (2005-12-12) comics

Sometimes you just have to call 'em as you see 'em.

Fever Dreams 072 (2005-12-19) comics

Rattlesnake Christmas

Peek of the Week 022 (2005-12-26) photo art

Kwanzaa celebrates the richness of Pan-African family, community, and culture. Digital photograph of an oil painting (1985) by Sand Pilarski.

Fever Dreams 073 (2005-12-26) comics

After the holiday dinner, Madge is unfortunately reminded of the old adage, "You are what you eat."

Fever Dreams 074 (2006-01-02) comics

On New Year's Eve, it's easy to make all kinds of resolutions. Two days later, though, it's much easier to take a nap.

Peek of the Week 024 (2006-01-09) photo art

A memory of summer's warmth reflected in the colors of a turk's cap lily.

Fever Dreams 076 (2006-01-16) comics

Although she knew it was wrong, Mr. Smith's secretary still often fantasized about him.

Fever Dreams 077 (2006-01-23) comics

Bad backyard birding tips: Mr. Smedley has found a way to attract the elusive ferruginous hawk to his yard.

Fever Dreams 078 (2006-01-30) comics

Shoes for pinheads, 2006

Fever Dreams 079 (2006-02-06) comics

Mrs. Gott trudged to fill her bird feeder every winter day, accompanied by her faithful kitty.

Fever Dreams Valentine (2006-02-13) comics

The worst question you can hear from your sweetie ...

Fever Dreams 080 (2006-02-20) comics

Although she told co-workers it was just a minor case of spontaneous human combustion, Zelda finally had to admit she wore too much perfume.

Fever Dreams 081 (2006-02-27) comics

The futility of gang warfare.

Fever Dreams 082 (2006-03-06) comics

Prozac laundry day.

Fever Dreams 083 (2006-03-13) comics

Why do sandhill cranes dance?

Fever Dreams 084 (2006-03-20) comics

Another unexpectedly successful experiment in the search for clean energy.

Fever Dreams 085 (2006-03-27) comics

An April Fools' Day joke about to go very wrong ...

Fever Dreams 086 (2006-04-03) comics

Horace the Fly grew spider plants just for the ego trip.

Fever Dreams 087 (2006-04-10) comics

Passing thoughts -- insights or insults?

Fever Dreams 088 (2006-04-17) comics

Pterodactyl Poetry.

Fever Dreams 059 (2006-04-24) comics

Aarrr ... can't ye tell it be Monday? (Originally appeared 2005-09-19)

Fever Dreams 075 (2006-04-24) comics

Harold decided to do what his wife told him and take out the trash. (Originally appeared 2006-01-09)

Fever Dreams 004 (2006-05-01) comic

An aerial view of a "big" showdown. An obese woman is surprised by a cat.

Fever Dreams 089 (2006-05-15) comics

Despite assertiveness training, Hans the Rug could not keep people from walking all over him.

Fever Dreams 090 (2006-05-22) comics

A woman must dress in a professional manner to succeed in business.

Fever Dreams 091 (2006-05-29) comics

Kickoff of the summer games, and the little guys are winning.

The Many Faces of George 01 (2006-06-05) comics

George Washington, the graffiti series: Angry George!

Fever Dreams 092 (2006-06-05) comics

Despite many years of responsible wage earning, Gerald got no respect.

The Many Faces of George 02 (2006-06-12) comics

George Washington, the graffiti series: Goofy George!

Fever Dreams 093 (2006-06-12) comics

During Summer, Mort regretted being a ninja.

Fever Dreams 023 (2006-06-19) comic

Thoughts of the mysterious praying mantis revealed!

The Many Faces of George 03 (2006-06-19) comics

George Washington, the graffiti series! This week, Worried George.

The Many Faces of George 04 (2006-06-26) comics

A child with an unspent dollar bill and a big imagination can find someone to talk to -- maybe even the Big Guy himself.

Fever Dreams 094 (2006-06-26) comics

Different styles, different opinions. Do you like what you see in the mirror?

The Many Faces of George 05 (2006-07-03) comics

George Washington knows that in matters of love, men must stick together. No matter what happens.

Fever Dreams 095 (2006-07-03) comics

Deer in the headlights moment vs. Skunk in the headlights moment.

The Many Faces of George 06 (2006-07-10) comics

"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere." Yes, George Washington really said that. Maybe he wouldn't approve of how we view hemp nowadays.

Fever Dreams 096 (2006-07-10) comics

Never rush the artist.

The Many Faces of George 07 (2006-07-17) comics

Some men don't look good in certain beards. George receives one that he finds unflattering.

Fever Dreams 097 (2006-07-17) comics

Fashion design meets public safety.

(2006-07-17) comics

The Many Faces of George 08 (2006-07-24) comics

George was around in the Sixties, wasn't he? There were a lot of fans of cannabis then, but they didn't call it hemp any more ...

Fever Dreams 098 (2006-07-24) comics

Don't let appearances fool you -- they're tougher than you think.

Fever Dreams 099 (2006-07-31) comics

It's always tough to wrap around all those Monday morning workloads.

The Many Faces of George 09 (2006-07-31) comics

At times, you can be assured, George Washington is a master of disguise ...

The Many Faces of George 10 (2006-08-07) comics

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," they say. Especially a woman with a pen.

Fever Dreams 100 (2006-08-07) comics

Pink is the new black?

The Many Faces of George 11 (2006-08-14) comics

Uncompleted graffiti provides inspiration for a working student of the arts.

Fever Dreams 101 (2006-08-14) comics

How flies seem in August.

The Many Faces of George 12 (2006-08-21) comics

Ohhh, Incognito George!

Fever Dreams Classic (2006-08-21)

Maybe a reading rainbow ought not to include "Fear of Flying."

Peek of the Week 056 (2006-08-28) photo art

Playing with the colors of a dragonfly is fun!

The Many Faces of George 13 (2006-08-28) comics

George, sometimes you should know when to keep your advice to yourself.

Fever Dreams 102 (2006-08-28) comics

The early beginnings of the hard core women's liberation movement.

Fever Dreams 103 (2006-09-04) comics

At the restaurant with the woman who wears too much perfume.

The Many Faces of George 14 (2006-09-04) comics

Ooh - la - la, George!

Peek of the Week 058 (2006-09-11) photo art

A double red hibiscus catches the afternoon sun.

The Many Faces of George 15 (2006-09-11) comics

He who does not read comic books is condemned to be in one...

Fever Dreams 104 (2006-09-11) comics

How toad phobias get started

The Many Faces of George 16 (2006-09-18) comics

Ahoy, maties, there be a great Captain on board!

Fever Dreams Classic (2006-09-18) comics

Fever Dreams Classic Captain Nemo

Fever Dreams 107 (2006-10-09) comics

Sometimes people can't even see what's in front of their faces.

Fever Dreams 108 (2006-10-16) comics

The Woman Who Wears Too Much Perfume will live a long life.

Peek of the Week 063 (2006-10-16) photo art

The heart of a rose

Fever Dreams 109 (2006-10-23) comics

Mondays in Cartoon Land

Fever Dreams 110 (2006-10-30) comics

According to folklore...

Fever Dreams 111 (2006-11-06) comics

Prime time TV Land...

Fever Dreams 112 (2006-11-13) comics

That sweater appeared out of the darkness...

Fever Dreams 113 (2006-11-20) comics

Due to unexpected injury, the left hand of the artist submits a guest cartoon

Peek of the Week 069 (2006-11-27) photo art

Fall color in California -- Gaillardia

Peek of the Week 074 (2007-01-01) photo art

What better way to start the year than with a cute puppy?

Peek of the Week 077 (2007-01-22) photo art

Sun warms a winter lemon.

Fever Dreams 118 (2007-01-29) comics

Why divas always perform with arms upraised.

Fever Dreams 119 (2007-02-05) comics

One last snort...

Fever Dreams 120 (2007-02-12) comics

A valentine for an unseasonably warm day.

Peek of the Week 082 (2007-03-12) photo art

Almond Blossoms in Ripon, California

Fever Dreams 121 (2007-03-12) comics

How love happens...

Fever Dreams 122 (2007-03-19) comics

The woman who thinks she's better than anyone else gets a visit from the mirror fairy.

Fever Dreams 123 (2007-03-26) comics

Mixed messages at the dinner table.

Fever Dreams 124 (2007-04-09) comics

Before there were teeth-whitening strips, there was ...

Fever Dreams 069 (2007-04-16) comics

Nerdak picks the wrong end for first contact. (Originally appeared 11-28-2005)

Peek of the Week 089 (2007-04-30) photo art

Tiger Swallowtail in Spring

Peek of the Week 094 (2007-06-04) photo art

A view of the intricate cluster of blossoms on a palm tree.

Peek of the Week 098 (2007-07-02) photo art

A young kildeer photographed while following his parent along the sidewalk.

Peek of the Week 101 (2007-07-23) photo art

A stormy summer Wyoming evening sky.

Fever Dreams 126 (2007-07-23) comics

Billy knew his life had changed when his oatmeal became sentient.

Peek of the Week 102 (2007-07-30) photo art

Rain on the droughty Pennsylvania roadways

Fever Dreams 127 (2007-08-27) comics

Careers in advertising for today's youth.

Peek of the Week 106 (2007-09-03) photo art

Morning light catches elderberry blossoms.

Peek of the Week 107 (2007-09-10) photo art

Hot air blloon on a summer morning.

Peek of the Week 110 (2007-10-01) photo art

A flamingo feeds at the Sacramento Zoo.

Peek of the Week 113 (2007-10-22) photo art

A mockingbird peers in a studio window.

Peek of the Week 117 (2007-11-19) photo art

Along Interstate 80 between Rawlins, Wyoming and Salt Lake City, Utah, amazing rock structures stand in the desert.

Peek of the Week 123 (2007-12-31) photo art

A Christmas Goldfinch

Peek of the Week 126 (2008-01-21) photo art

Brilliant colors adorn an ornamental pear leaf.

Peek of the Week 128 (2008-02-04) photo art

The toad appears again, usurping the place of the groundhog in announcing the coming of spring.

Peek of the Week 131 (2008-02-25) photo art

Droplets of water ornament a fern pine.

Peek of the Week 134 (2008-03-17) photo art

Cherry blossoms in California.

Fever Dreams 128 (2008-04-28) comics

Ducks on Sunday afternoons.

Peek of the Week 143 (2008-05-19) photo art

Alstromeria in the garden look as though they were lit from within.

Fever Dreams 129 (2008-05-26) comics

There was a reason that the Munchkins were so fond of Glinda ...

Fever Dreams 130 (2008-06-02) comics

Why some countries serve fried cat.

Peek of the Week 146 (2008-06-09) photo art

A California poppy closes its petals at sundown.

Peek of the Week 150 (2008-07-07) photo art

A dragonfly rests, poised above the shell of her immature phase.

Peek of the Week 154 (2008-08-04) photo art

Closeup of a clarkia blossom.

Peek of the Week 158 (2008-09-01) photo art

Hot air balloonists test the propane burner in the darkness before dawn.

Peek of the Week 162 (2008-09-29) photo art

A morning glory in the evening sunlight.

Peek of the Week 168 (2008-11-10) photo art

Sunset illuminates a breadfruit leaf.

Peek of the Week 174 (2008-12-22) photo art

Finches feed hungrily in the winter in the Central Valley of California.

Peek of the Week 179 (2009-01-26) photo art

An unexpected treat from the heavens -- hail in Central California.

Peek of the Week 183 (2009-02-23) photo art

Almond blossoms take center stage in Ripon, California.

Peek of the Week 190 (2009-04-13) photo art

Painted ladies on photinia blossoms.

Peek of the Week 197 (2009-06-01) photo art

A novel in progress.

Peek of the Week 202 (2009-07-06) photo art

An unusual dragonfly visits the yard.

Peek of the Week 233 (2010-02-08) photo art

Macro of moss on a springtime log.

Peek of the Week 235 (2010-02-22) photo art

Almond blossom time in the Central Valley of California.

Peek of the Week 239 (2010-03-22) photo art

Freesias in first bloom in spring.

Peek of the Week 243 (2010-04-19) photo art

Killdeer eggs in an open nest.

Peek of the Week 247 (2010-05-17) photo art

Tadpoles dine on spinach leaves in a small aquarium.

Peek of the Week 254 (2010-07-05) photo art

Petroglyphs in Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona.

Peek of the Week 258 (2010-08-02) photo art

A visiting moth gives the photographer the chance to see its fur.

Peek of the Week 261 (2010-08-23) photo art

Bracken on a dried bank has a beauty in its form.

Peek of the Week 265 (2010-09-27) photo art

A wooly bear caterpillar predicts a normal-to-mild winter for Pennsylvania.

Peek of the Week 268 (2010-10-18) photo art

Flames of a fall campfire.

Peek of the Week 278 (2010-12-27) photo art

Reflections after a winter rain.

Peek of the Week 282 (2011-01-24) photo art

Study of sunlight and shadow.

Peek of the Week 287 (2011-02-28) photo art

Almond blossoms in Ripon, California, USA, 2011 crop.

Fever Dreams 131: With No Announcement (2011-03-28) comics

Birdwatching surprise!

Peek of the Week 296 (2011-05-09) photo art

Ants help pollinate a lemon blossom in the Central Valley, California, USA.

Peek of the Week 301 (2011-06-13) photo art

Dietes bloom in morning light.

Peek of the Week 305 (2011-07-11) photo art

Artichoke blossom, close up!

Peek of the Week 307 (2011-07-25) photo art

A dragonfly suns himself in summer morning light.

Peek of the Week 328 (2011-12-19) photo art

Nandina berries drip after a winter rain.

Peek of the Week 338 (2012-02-27) photo art

The sweet spring blossom of a snow pea, a promise of winter's end.

Peek of the Week 343 (2012-04-02) photo art

A California poppy furls its petals at sundown.

Peek of the Week 352 (2012-06-11) photo art

Who likes peppers? Observe the classic charm of the leaf-cutter bee.

Peek of the Week 358 (2012-07-23) photo art

Behold the destructive power of this garden monster!

Peek of the Week 361 (2012-08-13) photo art

A red dragonfly sparkles in the evening light.

Peek of the Week 364 (2012-09-03) photo art

Back yard tightrope walker!

Peek of the Week 367 (2012-09-24) photo art

The marks of time tell a story of meatloaf, cakes, and a beloved kitchen utensil ...

Peek of the Week 373 (2012-11-05) photo art

A close look at the weathered bark of a eucalyptus tree.

Peek of the Week 381 (2012-12-31) photo art

A western scrub jay stops by to share breakfast.

Peek of the Week 386 (2013-02-04) photo art

Winter color in California's Central Valley -- cedar waxwings.

Peek of the Week 390 (2013-03-04) photo art

It's that time again in the Central Valley of California: almond bloom!

Peek of the Week 392 (2013-03-18) photo art

Droplets turn to gems in the morning light on a nasturtium leaf.

Outhouse of Light (2013-04-01) photo art

Was it the source of his inspiration? Did he run out of ideas? Or was he just trying to demonstrate that some people will buy anything? (Originally appeared 2004-03-27.)

Peek of the Week 396 (2013-04-22) photo art

Spring's promise of fruit to come.

Peek of the Week 401 (2013-05-27) photo art

And what's the first thing you'd like to see in the morning?

Peek of the Week 406 (2013-07-01) photo art

Late-season ferns at Del Valle Recreational Area near Livermore, CA, USA.

Peek of the Week 411 (2013-08-05) photo art

Close up photograph of a deceased tiger swallowtail butterfly.

Peek of the Week 413 (2013-08-26) photo art

Amazing to be on the scene, to hear the "boom" that signalled the winner of the 2013 Louis Vuitton Cup on the San Francisco Bay!

Peek of the Week 416 (2013-09-16) photo art

A sailboat sweeps beneath the Bay Bridge on San Francisco Bay.

Peek of the Week 420 (2013-10-14) photo art

Autumn, and another beautiful sky.

Peek of the Week 423 (2013-11-04) photo art

Golden hibiscus lights up the shadows.

Peek of the Week 432 (2014-09-29) photo art

A young tourist in San Francisco, California, USA.

Fever Dreams 106 (2014-11-03) comics

At the late night laundry scene...

The Visual Art 04 (2015-03-23) photo art

A Spring portrait of welcome guests.

CATS FROM MARS! (2016-03-28) photo art humor

Just when you thought you were safe...

Fever Dreams 117 (2017-10-02) comics

Maurice liked to throw pieces of fish to his wife's cat.

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The Aser Stories 03a: Descent to the Underworld (2002-05-06) short fiction fantasy

An Aser short story: a darker tale of dreams and symbolism

Memory of Wehr (2002-08-31) short

A science-fiction short story. A symbiotic relationship, an eternal love.

Fire Night (2002-10-05) short

A fire sweeps along the grasslands, bringing destruction. Nature gives and nature takes away.

Orange Sky (2002-10-25) short

Moms used to shop while dads played a quick game or two at Bill Harry's grocery store and bowling alley. A little bit of everyone's lives changed the night it burnt down.

The Traveler (2002-11-25) short

A planetoid comes on an irrevocable path of collision. Where will you go when the world ends?

The Aser Stories 36a: Madly In Love (2003-03-03) short fiction fantasy

Judging from the looks of things, Danner really must take a long look at her apprenticeship to the wizard Cloudraft... and whatever else is going on in his castle laboratory.

Just Passing Through (2003-03-31) short fantasy fiction

Gotta keep movin' when you're on the road...

Uncle Edgar's Fishface Story (2003-03-31) short

Another of the Memoirs of Edgar Macassar

The Aser Stories 40a: Customary Behavior (2003-04-28) short

An Aser story about foreign customs, forebearance, and fabrications.

Aser Writes a Letter (2003-05-05) short fiction fantasy

Time for a letter home to let the relatives know everyone is still more or less alive.

The Greatest Horse in Racing (2003-06-02) short

From the Memoirs of Edgar McCassar. Uncle Edgar remembers the most exciting Triple Crown of his life, when Secretariat won the hearts of horse lovers everywhere.

Cherylness (2004-10-09) short

It's the story of a murder story, gruesome, sordid and inexplicably based in Des Moines. Again. An entry in the "Write Fiction Like Cheryl" contest, wherein the goal was to write a tale like assistant editor Cheryl Haimann would if Cheryl ever wrote fiction. Which she doesn't. And after reading this selection, we may just know why.

Blossoms (2005-03-13) Cover story short fiction Contemporary

Amada's stories of her father made the winter's cold more painful. But Spring is coming, and with it, a new bloom.

Ghosts of Christmas Present (2005-12-19) cover story short fiction christmas ghost

Dorothy Hall found three more children to add to her family. The only problem with that is that they're in the garage, and have been dead for ten years. At Christmastime, even ghostly kids could use a mother who cares about them ...

Uncle Edgar and the Mountain Storm (2006-05-01) cover story short fiction humor

Uncle Edgar was watching the evening weather with me the other day, and told me not to worry so much about the freakish unseasonable rains we've seen this Spring. "You want weather to worry about? I'll tell you what kind of weather you'd need to worry about!"

When We Were Pirates (2006-09-18) cover story short fiction

The "Calcutta Sly" was known in every port from Amsterdam to Mombasa by her distinctive flag and powerful sails, and no finer ship ever rode the indigo swells or carried a finer crew.

Color in the Garden: The Hopseed (2006-10-23) short nonfiction

The hopseed bush can be grown into a nice tree, and adds color and texture to warm-climate gardens.

NaNoWriMo 2006: Turning Point (2006-11-06) short nonfiction essay

Writing a novel in 30 days? That's insane. The voices inside you head are all to glad to tell you what a thankless, silly challenge NaNoWriMo is.

Finding a Snowberry (2006-12-11) short nonfiction

What was the strange bush in the back yard when I was a child? The leaves were soft, it had no thorns, and in the summer I'd find grape-sized berries as white as snow ...

The Aser Stories 01: Popping the Big Question (2007-02-05) short

How can I tell if I have a big ass? The first of the Aser stories.

Nom de Plume (2007-02-05) nonfiction essay

The prospect of writing stories that could be seen publicly might scare the bejabbers out of you. The only solution? A pen name.

The Aser Stories 02: Soup du Jour (2007-02-12) short fiction

Why on earth would you ask a hedge shaman for recipes?Ya think she's Betty Crocker or something?

A Little Love (2007-02-12) short fiction

A cold and dreary day dawned, with only laundry and the sound of her own footsteps to keep her company. No wonder Sarah was ready to fall in love.

The Aser Stories 03: The Labor of Love (2007-02-19) Short fiction

Aser and her Twosday night beer are interrupted by a lizardman. A lizardman with love on his mind ...

The Aser Stories 04: The Wrong Question (2007-03-12) short fiction fantasy

Sometimes having the right answer doesn't help at all when you weren't supposed to actually respond the question.

What the Heck Has Been Up with the Press? (2007-03-12) Announcement

Explanation of the difficulties we had from February 24th, 2007 to March 9th.

The Aser Stories 05:Habit and Stubbornness (2007-03-19) short fiction fantasy humor

Relationships, undergarments and long-dead lechers mark keep Aser company along the road.

Just Family (2007-03-19) cover story short fiction fantasy

You know, there are things you can say when it's "just family" and then again, there are things you might say that are "just too much."

The Aser Stories 06: Judge, Jury, Shaman (2007-03-26) short fiction fantasy

Illiteracy is a curable ill. Aser encounters a town in which the malady is preferred to the consequences of the cure.

The Aser Stories 07: Crosspasses Market (2007-04-02) short fiction fantasy humor

Take a deep breath -- there's something on the breeze. Must be the Twosday Market in Crosspasses.

The Aser Stories 08: Raising Children (2007-04-09) short fiction fantasy

They're not pets, they're not a different race. You've got to take into consideration their future and what's good for them, or some shaman might have a talk with you.

Out in the Cold (2007-04-16) short fiction

In the middle of suburbia, a murder-suicide leaves a house haunted by the weeping of a baby, and a garage as cold as a tomb.(Originally appeared 11-07-2005)

The Aser Stories 09: On A Roll (2007-04-23) short fiction fantasy humor

What do you do with too much money?

The Aser Stories 10: Awards (2007-04-30) short fiction humor fantasy

Have you ever wandered around an art show and tried to figure out the rationale of the judges? Have you ever made a work of art so wonderful you were sure you deserved a prize?

Fevered Dreaming 01 (2007-04-30) short fiction humor

He was everywhere; she could not escape him. Then she found her fortune and knew what she had to do. Short fiction based on the Fever Dreams comic.

The Aser Stories 11: Rabbit From a Hat (2007-05-07) short fiction fantasy

Aser and Danner manage to unload some cash, score some authentic minestrone, and meet a wizard and a griffin.

The Aser Stories 12: A Question of Nudity (2007-05-14) short fiction fantasy

Cloudraft the Wizard is eager to begin his vacation -- and my, won't he love to meet new people at the Nudist's Faire. Who knows, maybe he'll meet the broad and greasy sisters Knifeheart, Thiefheart, and Wolfheart ... The Aser Stories 13: The Price of Freedom (2007-05-21) short fiction fantasy

What are you willing to give up in order to do what you want? Will you sacrifice your time? Your morals? Your money?

The Aser Stories 14: A Mile Toward Change (2007-05-28) short fiction fantasy

Ase Ur-Jennan receives a letter asking for help, and remembers an incident in the woods ...

The Aser Stories 15: Moguls (2007-06-04) short fiction fantasy

It's the ever-popular question: "Why me?"

Fevered Dreaming 02 (2007-06-04) short fiction humor

Yet another time that a war was begun over a lovely woman ... but this time the war will end with a defeat, even though Bert will call it "a truce."

The Aser Stories 16: Easy Street (2007-06-11) short fiction fantasy

Fat, dumb and happy? Aser and Danner get it their way, right away, and it ain't over 'til the dwarf in the coconut bra dances the hula...

The Aser Stories 17: Point of View (2007-06-18) short fiction fantasy

If you're hot and thirsty, the best thing in the world is a glass of ice water. If you're stranded in the snow, you'd just as soon be having your eyebrows scorched off at the seat next to the fireplace.

The Aser Stories 18: On a Silver Platter (2007-06-25) short fiction fantasy

Win every bet? Make money hand over fist? Sounds good to some of the Jennan Clan, and they don't want to give up the opportunity, even to the point of war ...

The Aser Stories 19: The Difference Between Men and Women (2007-07-02) short fiction fantasy

Is it just societal molds and preconceived attitudes that make men and women seem so different? Are we all just pawns of the system?

The Aser Stories 20: Families and How They Are (2007-07-09) short fiction fantasy

At family get-togethers, why do relatives pick and snipe when what they really need is to make great harmony together?

Fevered Dreaming 03 (2007-07-09) short fiction humor

She was an expert on office efficiency, but she had one thing more going for her: she was psychic.

The Aser Stories 21: Gourmet Dining (2007-07-16) short fiction fantasy humor

Who eats this stuff, anyway?

The Aser Stories 22: Is As Does (2007-07-23) short fiction fantasy humor

People will judge you based on what you look like, but they can be very wrong. The truth is found when your actions do the talking.

The Aser Stories 23: Image Is Everything (2007-07-30) short fiction fantasy humor

Hoke the Horrible is hard at work, and Margot the Troll nearly trips over someone who is going to change her life.

The Aser Stories 24: Crime and Punishment (2007-08-13) short fiction fantasy humor

If you teach your children how to behave properly, they might not have to face the consequences of having someone else teach them the hard way.

The Aser Stories 25: Rose-Covered Cottages (2007-08-20) short fiction fantasy humor

What kind of house suits you?

The Aser Stories 26: Junk Mail (2007-08-27) short fiction fantasy humor

Why don't littering laws apply to your mailbox?

Just One Rule (2007-09-03) cover story short fiction

An Aser story.It's not always wrong to hide your emotions, and sometimes it's even a good idea to let people know when you're upset. However, if your job is to be attentive to patrons, then perhaps personal drama ought to take a back seat to making sure that the people who pay your wages are taken care of ...

The Aser Stories 27: Dynamite (2007-09-10) short fiction fantasy humor

Whether one cheats on taxes and gets away with it, or nicks the neighbor's tomatoes in the dead of night when no one sees, the deeds are still wrong, just like the big stuff of robbing and plundering and getting away with it because no one is willing to stop you

The Aser Stories 28: The Ghost of Garfer Miller (2007-09-17) short fiction fantasy

A courtroom drama! Which cousin really inherited the mill? Sometimes it's better not to know ...

The Aser Stories 29: Raccoons (2007-09-24) short fiction fantasy humor

Some experiments are better left undone. Raccoons are cute, but they lack certain social skills.

The Aser Stories 30: The Perils of Sympathy (2007-10-01) Short fiction fantasy

Be very, very careful when you listen to someone's tale of woe. Maybe you should even tape your mouth shut.

The Aser Stories 31: Money Talks (2007-10-08) short

Rocklift the Mage is using a potentially disastrous tool to make money, not caring what she ruins or hurts along the way. If money is her only measure for good, then nothing Aser can say will convince her that her business plan is a mistake.

The Aser Stories 32: Whose Fault Is It? (2007-10-15) short fiction fantasy

For some, pain is their mode of communication and their way of obtaining what they think they need.

The Aser Stories 33: Legal Torture (2007-10-22) short fiction fantasy

Most of the time you're not allowed to cause discomfort or pain to people around you. But there is one nasty, notable exception ...

Let's Do the Zombie Shuffle (2007-10-29) poetry humor

Bad boys should know better than to mess with the girl whose mother knows the ins and outs of voodoo ...

The Aser Stories 34: Common Language (2007-11-05) short fiction fantasy humor

When you camp for the night, and get ready to have your evening meal, you really ought to make sure you know with whom you're about to share your fire.

The Aser Stories 35: Endangered Species (2007-11-12) short fiction fantasy humor

Rocklift the Mage is on a mission to make certain that fools who interrupt her cash flow become extinct.

The Aser Stories 36: Harsh Words (2007-11-19) short fiction fantasy

What can you do with the unrepentant and unrelenting Bad Guy? Aser and Danner face the consequences of messing with the malevolent mage Rocklift.

The Aser Stories 37: Dumb Animals (2007-11-26) short fiction fantasy

Sometimes you need to ask before you fix a baboon's problems.

The Aser Stories 38: Taking Sides (2007-12-03) short fiction fantasy

"Taking Sides" -- The idea of conflict over the results of weather really annoys a shaman.

The Aser Stories 39: Working Dogs (2007-12-10) short fiction fantasy

Tied to your job and wish you had another?

The Aser Stories 40: Happy Endings (2007-12-17) short fiction fantasy

"And they all lived happily ever after..." Now just how does that work?

Postcards from the Past 1: St. Valentine's Day (2008-02-11) short fiction

Winter needs some kind of break from its cold and dismal days. After weeks and weeks of staring at the cold walls and hearing people cough, a little warm breeze and an unexpected smile can make a young woman's heart remember Spring ...

The Aser Stories 41: Funny Business (2008-03-03) short fiction fantasy

A golfer gives up his favorite game, Lady Seaguard no longer gossips and complains, and deception is daily routine. What the heck is that all about?

The Aser Stories 42: Natural Selection (2008-03-10) short fiction fantasy

Office politics in action on the trail with an eight-foot troll, a talking dog, and two educated baboons.

The Aser Stories 43: Adding Insult to Injury (2008-03-17) short fiction

Cloudraft the Wizard gets on Aser's last nerve and everyone runs right out of sympathy for his plight.

The Aser Stories 44: Courtesy Call (2008-03-24) short fiction fantasy

An Aser story. Drinking extra beer and crying outrage, Aser and Danner show Margot the troll what being a hedge shaman with a mission is all about.

The Aser Stories 45: Hot Stuff (2008-04-14) short fiction fantasy

Aser, Danner, and Margot the Troll find a really excellent tavern -- but it has a nasty secret, and not just that a certain bartender has a thing for trolls...

The Aser Stories 46: Take My Shaman ... Please (2008-04-21) short fiction fantasy

Staying mad at each other is easy until you realize how silly you look doing so. Cloudraft the Wizard and his hot former apprentice let two angry empaths trade insults for them.

The Aser Stories 47: Just Thievery (2008-04-28) short fiction fantasy

An Aser story. A legal question besets the company: is conjuring an object the same as theft? And just to keep things interesting, is "demanding"a tip for delivering a message the same as theft? Do chickens really count as "theft"?

The Aser Stories 48: On the Fly (2008-05-05) short fiction fantasy

Okay, so maybe blowing up the evil wizard Fellmount's house wasn't the smartest thing Aser and Danner ever did. The clans of Ur suggest they not let the door hit them on the ass on the way out.

Bonfires (2008-05-05) cover story short fiction

The encounter was just chance, but both of them knew that there is a fire that can be sought when one is cold and alone. Sometimes the world seems so cold, and a life can seem like such a lone spark in a vast emptiness, that finding fire is the only solution human eyes can see...

The Aser Stories 49: Run for Cover (2008-05-12) short fiction fantasy

An Aser Story: The evil wizard Fellmount has every intention of tracking down the two shamans who exposed his wicked deeds -- now Aser and Danner have no choice but to pay their respects to certain deceased relatives.

The Aser Stories 50: The Friend in Need (2008-05-19) short fiction fantasy

Moonlight, a graveyard, and who can you turn to and call your best pal?

The Aser Stories 51: No Words For It (2008-05-26) short fiction fantasy

An Aser story. Is there anything sicker than an entire community of mimes? First appeared 2003-11-29

The Aser Stories 52: Stinkin' Kids (2008-06-02) short fiction fantasy

Kids never believe their elders about anything. Is it any wonder we can't stand them?

The Aser Stories 53: In a Spirit of Healing (2008-06-09) short fiction fantasy

Part of a shaman's work is to tell how things are with the world of the Unseen. Spooky? Maybe. But sometimes being the Voice of a ghost is pure job satisfaction.

The Aser Stories 54: Letting Go (2008-06-16) short fiction fantasy

An Aser story. Planners, loggers, coopers, and whores -- this isn't your usual cast for "Singin' in the Rain."

The Aser Stories 55: Small Comfort (2008-06-23) short ficiton fantasy

Just what you need when you're feeling left all alone to face the music is one more crabby ghost griping about desertion.

The Aser Stories 56: Oz Can Keep Them All (2008-06-30) short fiction fantasy

Once again Aser and Danner are snatched from the evil wizard Fellmount's clutches in the nick of time. Whose stupid idea was this anyway?

The Aser Stories 57: Animal Tracks (2008-07-07) short fiction fantasy

Still on the run from the treacherous wizard Fellmount, Aser and Danner make a risky side trip to try to find the magical baboons Narsai and Guillaume. How do people get so attached to animals, anyway?

The Aser Stories 58: Knowledge is Power (2008-07-14) short fiction fantasy

Aser and Danner take one last break among the Ghost-folk and find that fish-breath and spectral lounge-lizards inspire them.

The Aser Stories 59: Ace in the Hole (2008-07-21) short fiction fantasy

Cornered between the deadly river and the fields of Kaladang the Axe, Aser and Danner get to insult the evil wizard Fellmount one last time.

The Aser Stories 60: Fish Story (2008-07-28) short fiction fantasy

Recent history gets tweaked as Dan Ur-Jennan relates how she single-handedly defeated the army of Kaladang the Axe. Well, of COURSE there's lots of beer involved!

A Story-teller of Shaddir (2008-08-04) short fiction fantasy

In the great square of the western plaza in the mountain city of Shaddir, a story-teller gives a history lesson that may or may not be largely hearsay. So what does a crowd want, the McNeil-Lehrer Report?

The Aser Stories 63: Second Thoughts (2008-08-11) short fiction fantasy

Well, yeah, we knew what we were doing! Or did we? Good intentions sometimes have to backtrack for practicalities. Oh, and did we mention that wizards are jerks?

The Aser Stories 63: The Second Step (2008-08-18) short fiction fantasy

You know how they say "The first step's a doozy?" Well it's a piece of cake until you decide to put the next step in front of the first.

The Aser Stories 64: Second Chances (2008-08-25) short fiction fantasy

Sometimes you start out on the wrong foot, and hope for a way to put things right. And if you can't, you at least hope no one has anything to throw at you.

The Aser Stories 65: Taking a Shot (2008-09-01) short fiction fantasy

Aser and Margot are trying to figure out what to do with their tagalong Melody. The only problem is, Melody wants to figure this out for herself.

The Aser Stories 66: For What You're Worth (2008-09-08) short fiction fantasy

Set yourself on the auction block. What is it that makes you a marketable item?

The Aser Stories 67: The Simple Life (2008-09-15) short fiction fantasy

No liquor, no elf sex, and no worries. Sometimes you don't need all the extra stuff that complicates your life and gives you stress-wrinkles.

The Aser Stories 68: The Silk Fable (2008-09-29) short fiction fantasy

Ask a smartass Ur-Jennan a question and get an involuntary education. Aser expounds on the origin of silk.

Fevered Dreaming 04 (2008-10-13) short fiction

Tommy had eyes only for her, a passion, a partner ... a purpose...

The Clans of Ur (2008-10-27) short fiction fantasy

A prologue to all the Aser stories. The lands of Ur, the seven Clans, and a creation story about the origins of birds and their gifts.

Fevered Dreaming 05 (2008-11-10) fiction spoof

They told me it was the best thing I could possibly do for myself, and yet it took literally years before I could find the motivation to make the Big Step...

The Aser Stories 69: Fire in the Hole (2008-11-17) short fiction fantasy

When family members visit, there's bound to be griping, gossip, and conversations about "what-is-your-hand-painted-on-so-you-can't-write-more-often?" But when the family member is also your boss, you know something's up, just like when you smell smoke, you know there's a fire somewhere ...

Rat in the Attic (2008-12-08) cover story short fiction

If you hear it, but don't see it, is it really there? What if it's just too cunning to be caught?

The Aser Stories 70: Dinner Dates (2008-12-15) short fiction fantasy

Good table manners aren't just a formality -- bringing uncouth guests to a dinner date really annoys people.

Fevered Dreaming 06 (2008-12-29) short fiction humor

He knew the sound of the doorbell at that same time on certain days -- on the other side of the threshold was that which no man should have to face at the end of a busy day ...

The Aser Stories 071: House Call (2009-01-12) short fiction fantasy

Don't you just hate it when the worker at the next desk flumps down with two boxes of tissues, throat lozenges, cough syrup, a bottle of aspirin, and a sore red nose and says, "Yuck, I can't remember when I've been this sick! I was up all night coughing my guts out!" Ooo, so does Aser.

The Aser Stories 072: Starve a Cold (2009-02-16) short fiction fantasy

If your main concern is profits and not the health of your hired help, the neighborhood shaman is probably not the most auspicious person to ask for assistance -- unless you want what is really coming to you.

The Aser Stories 73: Elspeth, Ad Nauseam (2009-03-16) fantasy, short fiction

A ring around the moon is a sign to the weather-wise: a sign that says, "Get your old bones moving and get out while you can." At least that's what Aser is about to find out.

The Aser Stories 74: Flying Monkeys (2009-03-23) fantasy, short fiction

There are lots of tales worth telling, but few worth losing a beer over.

BassAckwardYastronomy (2009-03-30) essay spoof astronomy Orion

A familiar constellation is slipping away as the Northern Hemisphere oozes into Spring.

The Aser Stories 75: Coalition Forces (2009-04-27) fantasy, short fiction

Banding together, people can accomplish more than they can on their own. What if a dragon shows up on your doorstep? Who are your allies then?

The Aser Stories 76: A Bone to Pick (2009-05-04) short fiction fantasy "The Aser Stories"

It's high time for the ghost of Garfer Miller to move on from the planter in front of Aser's door. Unfortunately old Garf isn't looking forward to what waits for him in the next world — or who.

The Aser Stories 77: "Are We There Yet?" (2009-05-11) short fiction fantasy dragon

Excitement! Adventure! A glittering creature of myth and legend to travel with! Who could ask for a better vacation than that? Dudalos the Dragon is about to help Aser find out.

The Aser Stories 78: Judgment Call (2009-05-18) short fiction fantasy

A dragon centuries old might impart the Mysteries of the Ages, and traveling with him, Aser might have the adventure of a lifetime. Sure. And Aunt Tilla might have shown up naked for other reasons than bad decisions on her part.

The Aser Stories 79: Just Don't Say It Before Spring (2009-05-25) short fiction fantasy

There is a time of year when it's better to hold your tongue unless you want to set out on the road early, hungover, and on the outs with those you love.

The Aser Stories 80: Cabin Fever (2009-06-01) short fiction fantasy

The visit was lovely, the company so welcome -- until the snow and ice made visitors into residents. And even suddenly fellow residents are fine -- that is, until the beer runs out.

Pecking Order (2009-06-22) short fiction birds people work

It's not just the chickens that do it ...

Fevered Dreaming 07 (2009-08-03) short fiction humor dogs

The monster lurked in its cave, waiting for Tristan to turn his back ...

Fevered Dreaming 08 (2009-10-05) short fiction

Ted Gnarles made preparations for care for his exotic plants, even though he was 85 years old.

The Aser Stories: Sidelong (2010-02-08) short fiction fantasy

Another trip with Margot the Troll, but this one is starting differently. Looks like Aser did something unexpected, and not at all appreciated ...

String (2010-05-24) cover story short fiction

If you knew civilization as you know it was about to end, how would you prepare? If the end of civilization took you by surprise, how would you survive? Piker Press staff and contributors hope you enjoy our various stories about post-apocalyptic times.

With No Announcement (2011-03-28) short fiction

Suddenly the pieces of an relationship all fall into place ...

A Rose By Any Other Name (2011-05-30) short fiction crazy woman

The message was clear and frequent -- someone had a greeting for Barney ...

Hiding Something (2011-09-26) serial fiction fantasy

An Aser story. Headed North towards Centaur Country, Aser finds that her companions still wonder what she was up to before their journey began ...

Uncle Edgar and the Troll Under the Bridge (2012-11-19) cover story short fiction humor

It was about this time of year that Uncle Edgar stopped by with one of the stories that led to the publication of The Memoirs of Edgar McCassar. Maybe Edgar was prone to the sampling of his father's still as a child ...

The Forgotten Boy (2014-07-07) fiction low fantasy

Part One of Five. The traveling shaman Aser finds more at the edge of field than a good night's sleep...

The Forgotten Boy 2 (2014-07-14) fiction low fantasy

Part Two of Five. A child, forgotten and alone, yearns for someone to talk with. Does it matter if he's dead?

The Forgotten Boy 3 (2014-07-21) fiction low fantasy

Part Three of Five. Sometimes a journey goes quicker when there is company -- even if you have to carry him in a sack...

The Forgotten Boy 4 (2014-07-28) fiction low fantasy

Part four of five. Targold the ghost is about to see something he never imagined in life...

The Forgotten Boy 5 (2014-08-04) fiction low fantasy

Conclusion. On a whim, Aser decided to carry off the remains of a boy to take care of his ghost. A simple enough task, but one thing makes it difficult...

Get Political: Secret Strengths (2016-10-31) short fiction humor

He was her helpmate, her support, and her secret. And no one knew, especially not the constituents.

Object, Flying, Unidentified (2017-01-16) short science fiction humor

What could be more profitable than a catchy line of merchandise and a UFO convention?

The Accursed (2017-10-23) fiction witch

All the troubles in the world -- where do they come from, and whom should we blame?

Place Settings 01 (2020-04-20) fiction life love

December, 2007. Oh, yes, the year the recession hit home hard...

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Born, died, buried. Now what ghost could be content with that kind of story?

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Was it an omen to steer two boys clear of a life of crime, or just an interdimensional rift that made this ghost appear?

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Cover story.

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Light and shadows in the morning sky

Peek of the Week 028 (2006-02-06) photo art

A seagull rests in the sunlight at Santa Cruz.

Peek of the Week 030 (2006-02-20) photo art

Almond blossoms announce the arrival of Spring in the Central Valley of California

Golumpki, or Cooking Under Pressure (2006-03-06) nonfiction cooking recipe

My husband's Polish family gave me the gift of a recipe for golumpki, a cabbage roll that will undoubtedly be served in Heaven.

Peek of the Week 033 (2006-03-13) photo art

A nasturtium that survived the winter.

Peek of the Week 037 (2006-04-10) photo art

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Red, white and blue flowers in nasturtium, carnation, and lobelia.

Peek of the Week 043 (2006-05-29) photo art

We remember Flanders Field and all the places our servicemen have given their lives to preserve the peace of their citizens.

Peek of the Week 045 (2006-06-12) photo art

A choppy San Francisco Bay tosses the sailboat "French Kiss."

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California poppy illuminates the garden.

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Getting ready for the big game? Just looking for a tasty snack to take the edge off winter? Try some delicious and trouble-free nachos!

The Lowly Bean (2008-01-28) food

A simple soup, easy to prepare and quite delicious, can be made with the greatly overlooked Great Northern beans.

Grocery Shopping: Pantslegs or Plastic? (2008-01-28) nonfiction information

Excess fabric in the closet, too many plastic grocery bags in the world. There's a inspiration there, and a wholesome direction to take. Making your own grocery bags isn't that difficult.

Simplicity: Spinach Soup (2008-02-11) food

An easy Lenten soup with lots of flavor? Try spinach soup and you'll be ashamed at how delicious a meatless meal can be.

Winter Color: Tecomaria Capensis (2008-02-18) gardening

Tecomaria Capensis -- brilliant orange flowers in winter in temperate zones, rich growth -- and about as welcome as ants at a picnic.

The Lettuce Habit (2008-03-17) nonfiction information

Some people are willing to admit addiction to the mundane and wondrously crunchy iceberg lettuce. Sand Pilarski details her habit.

Bacon-Wrapped Mushrooms: Barbecue Appetizers (2008-05-19) food

Managing Editor Sand Pilarski shares a favorite barbecue appetizer: bacon-wrapped mushrooms.

Chicken Wings Made Easy (2008-07-07) food

The main problem with this recipe for chicken wings is that it's very difficult to make enough of them.

Chicken Cordon Bleu (2008-08-11) food

Chicken Cordon Bleu is a rich and delicious entree, and not all that difficult to make, either. Here's how ...

Turn Off the Main Road: Color The Skies! (2008-08-18) cover story nonfiction

No other sound is like it -- it's not a hiss, it's not like the sound of the wind; though loud, it is nothing like a shout or an explosion. The sound of purposeful flames leaping out to heat the air, to make the air lighter than you ever thought it could be -- that sound is a jubilant roar, the sound of a dragon exulting in power, the power to make people fly ...

Ohh, Pesto! (2008-08-25) food pesto recipe

There is nothing to compare with pesto made from fresh basil, right out of the garden. This is an easy recipe for a delicious pesto.

Learning About Creation (2008-10-20) essay

It's not about perfection, not even about the finished product; Creativity is never still. A child's sketches have a lot to teach ...

Turkey Soup: Love Those Leftovers! (2008-12-01) food

Sand Pilarski shares a savory soup recipe for the last of the leftover turkey.

A Transformation (2009-01-26) nonfiction photo essay nature dragonfly

In winter you treasure the memories of summer past, and the hopes for summer to come...

Gazpacho: A Summer Soup (2009-07-20) food gazpacho recipe

Tomatoes, cucumbers, crisp white onion -- add juice and seasoning, and presto! a delicious and refreshing cold soup!

Brunch Casserole (2010-03-08) food breakfast casserole

Here is a recipe for a very hearty and delicious breakfast or brunch casserole -- and it's easy, too!

Banana Bread: An Old Favorite (2011-02-21) food recipe "banana bread"

A sweet treat to share with family and guests: banana bread.

Legendary Pumpkin Pie (2013-12-23) food

"What the heck is that?" ask the guests. "It's a pumpkin pie," I tell them. "Just shut up and try a bite. Oh, so now you want the whole pie for yourself? Tough, you're going to have to share!" An heirloom recipe from my father's family brightens our gloomy winter season.

Lima Bean Pot Pie (2016-01-18) food recipe

Food of the gods - recipe and history.

Remembered Flavors: Tony's Salad and Firehouse Chicken (2017-09-25) food chicken and salad

Half a century later, a cook learns how to make some of her favorite foods...

Minestrone At Last (2018-08-20) food minestrone

Somewhere, out there in the wide world, there was a minestrone just waiting to happen...

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How Almonds Are (2002-09-07) op_ed

An essay on the life cycle of the Central Valley almond tree.

Mortal November (2002-11-04) op_ed

November is for taking stock of mortality. A look at death and the cycle of all things.

129th Kentucky Derby Un-coverage (2003-05-05) op_ed kentucky derby

Sports coverage of the Derby? Where? Where? Noooo, not NBC!

Anybody's Field: The 2003 Belmont Stakes (2003-06-09) op_ed

He upset the race in the Kentucky Derby. He won the Preakness by nine lengths. But bad weather and two big colts ended Funny Cide's run for the Triple Crown.

T-3, A Must See Summer Movie (2003-07-07) op_ed Movie Review

Whether you want them or not, Sand and Bernie give you their opinions on Arnold's new movie Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Still Waters Run Depp (2003-07-14) op_ed Movie Review

Sand and Bernie hit the theater again this weekend, and review Pirates of the Caribbean. Say, sweetheart, who's shivering ye timbers now?

Lack of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Save Your Cash (2003-07-14) op_ed Movie Review

Oh, dear, another day over 100 degrees, and off Sand and Bernie go to the movies again. We love you, Sean, but it's time to put an icepack on your head and cover your ears...

Seabiscuit: A Big Movie That Included the Little Horse (2003-07-28) op_ed Movie Review

Bernie and Sand sneak off to the movies again, to check out the Triple Crown horseraces' hype of Seabiscuit. Was the little horse really that much of a superstar?

Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2: Lara, Please Shoot the Director (2003-08-11) op_ed Movie Review

Bernie and Sand slither off to the movies again to see if Tomb Raider 2 is really as bad as some critics have claimed.

Pinot Grigio - The Reality Series (2003-10-06) op_ed

How do I love the dry white wine called Pinot Grigio? MMmmm, let me count the ways!

Secondhand Lions: Old Fashioned Fun at the Bijou (2003-10-06) op_ed Movie Review

Sand drags Bernie off to the movie theater again. "Look honey, this one has horses and fish and shotguns in it! I call that a Must See!"

One Market Restaurant: A Review on a Rainy Friday Evening (2004-01-17) restaurant review

We've been wanting to try this restaurant for years. At last we had the time to spare, at the right time of day, and the properly dressy clothes -- time to check out the fabulous One Market Restaurant!

The Smell of Fear (2004-11-20) op_ed

Run for your life! Hold your breath! Get the gas mask! Weapons of Mass Destruction, move over! When perfume allergies can cause you to cough until your throat bleeds, trying to get people to ease off the Eau du Paris is worth raising a stink.

Fifth Anniversary Issue (2007-04-16) cover story nonfiction essay

Welcome to the Piker Press, now celebrating our FIFTH anniversary as a weekly ezine dedicated to keeping writers WRITING. Five years go by very quickly, and it was with a good bit of surprise that I realized how far we've come on this merry adventure.

Notes From the Office (2007-09-24) opinion essay

A new feature from the Press: information and maybe a little opinionatin'.

Notes From the Office 03 (2007-10-15) Announcement

The winds are bringing about a change in the climate of writing ...

Notes From the Office 06: The Eatin' O' the Green (2008-03-17) opinion essay

The Piker Press Staff considers, remembers, and instructs about salads.

Anniversary Number Six! (2008-04-07) cover story

Founded in April of 2002, the Piker Press got its start with a tiny band of writers who, having giddily written their first full-length novels during National Novel Writing Month in November of 2001, found themselves eager to write more, but with no venue willing to take a chance on unknown, unpublished authors. What this has meant is that the Piker Press has had one goal from the very start: encouraging writers to keep on writing.

Notes From the Office 09: Mondays (2008-06-23) Announcement

Managing Editor Sand Pilarski weighs in with an explanation about Mondays.

Rough Times Café: Housing (2009-04-13) editorial

When your job suddenly ends, or is summarily suspended for an ambiguous length of time, what do you do when the house payments simply can no longer be made?

Notes From the Office 14: Admissions and Submissions (2009-04-27) editorial updates "changes in the Piker Press"

Things look a little different, and don't seem to work? You call this progress? Well, yes ...

Notes From the Office 15: Birds on the Brain (2009-05-11) editorial updates "Upcoming Bird Issue"

What's coming up in the future? A "Birds" issue?

Notes From the Office 16: Comments Redux (2009-06-22) news editorial

The latest news from the desktop of the Piker Press.

Notes From the Office 18: Look Out! It's the Aliens Issue! (2009-08-24) cover story editorial

Yes, it's late, but it's worth waiting for! The Staff of the Piker Press comes through with all kinds of ideas that have just been waiting for the right moment ...

Notes From the Office 19: Oh, No, Not Again! (2009-08-31) editorial "10K For Labor Day"

It's almost time for the annual writing challenge, ten thousand words written over Labor Day weekend: 10K For Labor Day!

Notes From the Office 20: Words, Witches, and Time Travel (2009-09-21) editorial

Upcoming themed issues include October 19: Witches, and January 11: Time Travel.

Surrogates: Man, That Would Save A Lot of Time Not Shaving My Legs (2009-09-28) movie review "Surrogates"

Sand Pilarski escapes the heat wave the usual way -- to the movies! This time the film is "Surrogates."

Notes From the Office 21: Singing on a Keyboard (2009-09-28) editorial "About Writing"

If you love to write, then write is what you should do, and stop worrying about whether it will win awards or make you rich.

Notes From the Office 22: Welcoming New Authors (2009-10-19) editorial

Welcoming new authors Paula Petruzzi and Effie Collins.

Notes From the Office 23: Delays and Vacations (2009-10-26) editorial

Excuses, excuses. Oh, wait, dog barf?

Notes From the Office 24: Time Travel (2010-01-04) editorial

Notes From the Office 24: Time Travel

Notes From the Office 25: YO IS OLD! YES, WE IS. (2010-03-29) editorial

With this last issue of March, my mind is already beginning to spin at the thought that the Piker Press is coming up on EIGHT years as a weekly ezine.

Notes From the Office 26: Alternate Realities (2010-04-12) editorial

What a fine, fat issue for the 8th Anniversary of the Piker Press!

The Shame of What We Are: Book Review (2010-12-20) book review "The Shame of What We Are"

Sand Pilarski reviews Sam Gridley's novel, "The Shame of What We Are."

Notes From the Office 27: The New Year (2011-01-24) editorial

News, news, news!

Notes From the Office 28: February 2011 (2011-02-21) editorial

Notes in February from the Editor's Desk.

With No Other Announcements, Either (2011-03-28) cover story essay

Well, if we told you what was going on, we couldn't say that it was ...

Ninth Anniversary of the Piker Press (2011-04-25) cover story essay writing

From April of 2002 to the present, each week a new set of wonders appears ... in the pages of the Piker Press.

Destructo-Week (2012-04-30) announcement

Yes, we noticed that we were dead in the water for a week! Now we're back ...

April Fools' Day! (2013-04-01) cover story essay April Fools Day

A day of suspicion, a day of wariness ... who knows what foul villain is going to trip you up just because it's the first day of the fourth month!

Captain America - The Winter Soldier: Movie Review (2014-04-28) movie review "The Winter Soldier"

While Bernie gets back in line for more movie popcorn, Sand sneaks in her review of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

Mr. Boardwalk: Book Review (2014-06-09) book review "Mr. Boardwalk"

"Read this book!" A richly told coming of age story set in pre-casino Atlantic City, "Mr. Boardwalk" by Louis Greenstein is a brilliant mix of humor and heart.

Birdman: Movie Review (2015-02-02) movie review "Birdman"

Finally the local theater gets around to showing "Birdman," an Acadamy Award Nominee for Best Picture...

The 13th Anniversary Issue (2015-04-13) cover story retrospective anniversary issue

How many computers have I used up in the past 13 years?

Drifting Too Far from the Shore: Book Review (2016-10-10) book review "Drifting Too Far from the Shore"

Charlotte "Muddy" Rewis is getting up there in years, and knows how precious memory -- and life -- are. Her own memories seem more real to her than the world around her in Niles Reddick's book "Drifting Too Far from the Shore."

Super Sport: Book Review (2017-05-22) book review "Super Sport"

The Editor doesn't often review books, but a new one by Ralph Bland? The Editor couldn't wait to read it!

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Fishface Poetry (2003-03-31) poem

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water... From silly limericks to hymns of praise, a collection of poetry dedicated to the fish face phenomenon.

Peanut butter and ritz cracker sandwiches (2004-07-24) poem


Wicked Mother (2004-08-21) poem


Celery and Peanut Butter (2004-09-04) poem


Solstice Time (2005-01-01) poem


Peanut butter and raisins on saltines (2005-04-10) poem


Oh, Tom -- With Greatest Apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning (2005-07-25) poem humor

Let's celebrate "Can't stand Tom Cruise Week" with a sonnet from a Piker Geeze! "How do I loathe thee ... ?"

Spring Thaw (2006-02-13) poem rhymed

Woman Can Translate Bird Languages (2006-03-27) poem rhymed humor

A woman can listen to the flocks of sparrows and understand what they are saying. Is it about the tragedy of global warming? About the pollution of the air?

When I Dream (2006-12-04) poem unrhymed

Mysteries of Toenails (2007-01-29) poem unrhymed humor

In the Trunk (2007-04-02) poem rhymed humor

A ride in the trunk is what this woman needs ... and the secret, savory destination ...

Retrospective, At The End (2008-04-07) poem unrhymed

This lover meditates upon the end of All, and the loss of the Beloved. Originally appeared 2006-03-06.

No Tracks (2008-04-21) poem rhymed

cooties (2008-08-11) poem unrhymed

You know them when you see them, and you can never forget how some people have them...

Porch Chickens (2009-03-23) poetry

... Young (2011-05-23) poem unrhymed

On my doorstep -- So different -- After so many years ...

Remember This, Girls (2011-07-04) poem unrhymed

... She called to them from darkened windows, promising passionate embraces ...

Wings of Tale (2011-07-18) poem unrhymed

Write a complete story in just under one hundred words ...(Originally appeared 2002-07-05.)

A Future in Vegetables (2011-08-01) poem rhymed

What other hidden food delights did Mom and Dad hide from their daughter's plate?

Write (2011-10-24) poem unrhymed

... What whispers in the dark? stars in the night, white on black ...

Bzzz-ness (2013-09-02) poem art

An illustrated poetic treatise on politics and the flies of summer.

My Little Life (2014-11-17) poem rhymed

The value of life, in verse.

The Ballad of Jimmy the Rat (2015-03-30) poem

The historical chronicling in lighthearted verse of Jimmy the Rat and his run-down motel.

Artisan (2019-04-01) poem rhymed

Not only is it April Fools' Day, April is also Poetry Month.

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Dreamer 01 (2003-05-12) serial fiction life relationships

Solange Ambris fell in love with Mr. Wrong. And oh, now the scumbag has trashed their marriage and disappeared. Sully recalls her life and the healing help of dreams. Book I -- Fish and Froth.

Dreamer 02 (2003-05-19) serial fiction life relationships

Book One -- Fish and Froth: Musing on her dreams, Sully also ponders whether or not her sister is a little golddigger.

Dreamer 03 (2003-05-26) Serial

Book I -- Fish and Froth: Sully describes her two greatest passions -- dreaming, and Adam. One has been the best thing to happen in her life, and one -- oh, guess which one -- the worst. Adam is the one nightmare she doesn't want to wake from...

Dreamer 04 (2003-06-02) serial fiction life relationships

An ocean of overlapping memories with a sky painted with dreams... Sully talks about bathroom dreams, dreams about falling, and falling dreamily in love with the handsome and hormonal Adam.

Dreamer 05 (2003-06-09) serial fiction life relationships

Meeting Adam was like a dream come true. You know the kind of dreams we're talking about -- the ones you never tell your mother.

Dreamer 06 (2003-06-16) serial fiction life relationships

Desire, death, and destruction! When you play with fire, expect to get burned. When you play with Adam ...

Dreamer 07 (2003-06-23) serial fiction life relationships

The heart of the matter: Adam, and Sully's faith. If you leap from the top of a tree, but have true faith, will you fall? What if you're leaping for the most attractive man in the world?

Dreamer 08 (2003-06-30) serial fiction life relationships

It's Moving Day for Sully, whose memories of how much she loved Adam exist side by side with the sense of loss when he divorced her. New place, new town, new life.

Dreamer 09 (2003-07-07) serial fiction life relationships

"Mommy, Mommy, last night I dreamed I was the leader of commando assassins!" But wait, isn't that just what a kid needs to get through grade school? And wouldn't it be helpful knowledge to get through some adult days, too?

Dreamer 10 (2003-07-14) serial fiction life relationships

Sully walks into a bar and sees Adam with a pig under his arm. "Where'd you get the pig?" she asks. And the pig says, "He pulled into town this afternoon..."

Dreamer 11 (2003-07-21) serial fiction life relationships

Poor suffering Sully gets the chance to wallow in the lap of luxury while she sorts things out -- unaware that what she will learn at the Estate is going to change her perspective on life completely.

Dreamer 12 (2003-07-28) serial fiction life relationships

Crossing new thresholds, Sully remembers learning that her attraction to Adam was more like an addiction, she admits to a reliance on her religion, and parasails above the Aquaducts of Roth.

Dreamer 13 (2003-08-11) serial fiction life relationships

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: The death of Sully's father is unexpected, untimely, and leaves the boulders of the mountain grieving along with his family.

Dreamer 14 (2003-08-18) serial fiction life relationships

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: How the heck did Sully's little sister get away with digging up the back yard when they were kids? Aha, Dad figured out a way ...

Dreamer 15 (2003-08-25) serial fiction life relationships

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: Bodie and Andersol next door are like Siamese twins -- but joined at the mind, not the body. Sully, curious about allegations of incest goes next door to check it out.

Dreamer 16 (2003-09-01) Serial

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: Did the lady who leads the singing at church really sound like a three-year-old with fingers up his nose?

Dreamer 17 (2003-09-15) Serial

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: Sully's mother wants no one's help and no one's sympathy, even in the face of her husband's death. Her life has been steeped in disappointment, leaving her as strong and bitter as coffee brewed far too long.

Dreamer 18 (2003-09-22) Serial

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: Nightmares by night and by day -- sometimes the only place you can battle feelings of despair is in your dreams.

Dreamer 19 (2003-09-29) Serial

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: The sorrows of the present have their foundations in the past. Sully recalls her mother's sucesses at bartering garden goods and forgery for hire.

Dreamer 20 (2003-10-06) Serial

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: Enjoying the security of a dog with Very Big Teeth, Sully once again asks prying questions about romance in the lives of her neighbors.

Dreamer 21 (2003-10-13) Serial

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: Some dreams don't mean anything; they're just for fun. Sully's subconscious mixes snakes and figure skating, and in waking hours, Sully mixes a little Cheech and Chong with a game of marbles.

Dreamer 23 (2003-11-01) Serial

Sully flashes back to the kind and easy days of simply indulging in neighborhood gossip, pondering parents and children, and whether Mary LeMay's son is really a major league jackass.

Dreamer 24 (2003-11-08) Serial

We dream of knowing the future so that we can win the lottery or know which stocks to buy. What if what you saw in the future was a nightmare? There's a flip side to the phrase "a dream come true."

Dreamer 25 (2003-11-22) Serial

Sully makes a leap of faith and relies on her closest family -- her brother-in-law Charles, who has only the tiniest clue about life without riches. His children have a better grasp on what tears should be for.

Dreamer 26 (2003-11-29) Serial

Sully's mother has a will of iron. Have you ever heard someone say that they'd rather die than accept help from someone else?

Dreamer 27 (2003-12-06) Serial

Sully and her sister Jesse start sorting out their feelings about their mother's death, with five children snuggled around them. Sully tells of a dream of seeking fanciful creatures in a barren place; in her dream is she hoping to find some good in the face of loss?

Dreamer 28 (2003-12-13) Serial

Sleeping in a tent can make you wonder why on earth people ever built houses. Sully finds that camping out with five nieces and nephews under the age of ten can be enough fun to nearly make her forget that she never had any children of her own.

Dreamer 29 (2003-12-20) Serial

Single and childless. Not what Sully had in mind for the rest of her life when she met Adam. Musing on her attachment to her sister's children, Sully reminisces about coming to terms with Adam's infidelity and her own middle age.

Dreamer 30 (2004-01-03) Serial

Both parents died. Now the daughters have to go through a houseful of personal effects. Sully doesn't want to face what she'll find out about her mother, and she's not quite sure how to face her sister Jesse, either.

Dreamer 31 (2004-01-10) Serial

Book Two: Seeking Sanctuary Pity the poor child who thinks she could have prevented her mother's death. Will anything ever expunge that sense of guilt?

Dreamer 32 (2004-01-17) Serial

Book Two: Seeking Sanctuary A burden of guilt and a sense of isolation put Sully into a sad spiral downward into self-disgust and depression. Where are all her friends now?

Dreamer 33 (2004-01-24) Serial

Book Two -- Seeking Sanctuary: Bodie and Andersol left suddenly, and have returned in tears. Sully's grief over the deaths of her father and then her mother is heightened by hearing that there are worse ways to become an orphan.

Dreamer 34 (2004-01-31) Serial

"It was the worst year that we could ever remember," Sully would say in later days. "By the end of the summer we were nearly afraid to let anyone we loved out of our sight." The death of her brother-in-law makes Sully reexamine her own life, and gives her the resolve to lay some ghosts to rest.

Dreamer 35 (2004-02-07) Serial

Autumn leaves, spring blooms; summer's greens and snow scattered all about -- marble and granite and flagstone: images of remembering the timeless Dead.

Dreamer 36 (2004-02-14) Serial

Every action that we make contributes to the edifice that we become, like bricks building a foundation or tower. Sully dreams of houses unfinished, and houses with pink walls, and of a heart that has to answer to no one.

Dreamer 37 (2004-02-21) Serial

Book Three -- Remembering At Last: "I was ready to put up a sign in my front yard," Sully said. "One that said 'No solicitors, and that includes anyone who tries to fix me up with single friends and relatives.'"

Dreamer 38 (2004-02-28) Serial

In a small town church congregation, you can run but you cannot hide. Sully does not want to meet John. John does not want to meet Sully. Mary LeMay traps them in the church where they have to at least pretend to be nice to each other. Well, mostly.

Dreamer 39 (2004-03-06) Serial

Bodie and Andersol and Sully join forces to plot a day of total irresponsibility. They're going to shirk work, avoid family, and party till they fall down. Yes, sounds like a plan!

Dreamer 40 (2004-03-13) Serial

Bodie Talles has arranged a play-day in the city of San Francisco with lots of food, drink, and fun. But is there an ulterior motive, and is that a hint of romance in the air?

Dreamer 41 (2004-03-20) Serial

"Just what I wanted for the holidays," Sully muttered to herself sarcastically. "A hysterical sister and all five of her kids in trouble. Merry Christmas to all."

Dreamer 42 (2004-04-17) Serial

After Jesse's five children take on the schoolyard bully and break his nose for him, Jesse has a Christmas gift for Sully -- she gets to pick up the pieces and sort them out. "I don't even worry about it," says Jesse. "Sully just eats that kind of crap right up."

Dreamer 43 (2004-04-24) serial fiction family

Sully's sister has decided that she loves to visit Sully often -- as long as the next door neighbor hunk is home. "When her husband was alive, I practically played her role as wife. Now that he's gone, I'm just about playing her role as mother," Sully grumps. "Am I a faithful sister or am I just stupid?"

Dreamer 44 (2004-05-08) Serial

Change comes running through peoples' lives like a freight train whose schedule includes no stops in the near future. Standing in the middle of the tracks with your hands on your hips, saying, "No, I don't think I like this" gets you exactly where?

Dreamer 45 (2004-05-15) Serial

The Bride and Groom are closeted, the wedding celebration is done. What is left to do besides lure a single man off to the wilderness to look at wildflowers? "Get your mind out of the gutter," Sully says. "You people all have sex on the brain."

Dreamer 46 (2004-05-22) Serial

Sully, you are so up-tight that you squeak when you walk. Why not take a walk on the wild side with the dude from the East Coast? You know he's hot.

Dreamer 47 (2004-05-29) Serial

Why is the one who wanted to keep the vows the one who is considered a dope? When did integrity become a liability? Why is an abandoned wife supposed to hang out a flag that says, "For sale by owner?"

Dreamer 48 (2004-06-05) Serial

The children decided that they had had enough of private schools and uniforms and strictness, and arranged to go to public school. They didn't request the change of schooling from any of us adults, didn't ask for our input, preferences, requirements -- none of that. They planned their campaign and went directly to war.

Dreamer 49 (2004-06-12) Serial

"In my dreams," Sully said, "my sister is always still a child. That's probably because I think she's evaded her responsibilities as a mother. If her second husband didn't like the kids so much, she'd probably have sold them by now."

Dreamer 50 (2004-06-19) Serial

"You can only turn down a free summer on the Riviera once before everyone you know calls you an idiot for the rest of your life," Sully said. "So I went. And while I was there, away from friends and family, I found out what I missed, and what I didn't miss."

Dreamer 51 (2004-06-26) Serial

"His mother, my sister, my best friends all wanted me to jump into John LeMay's lap. Maybe they wanted me to do that so that they didn't have to worry about an old maid. But maybe they should have asked him first who all he was keeping company on a late Saturday night," Sully says irritably.

Dreamer 52 (2004-07-03) Serial

Sully finds estate life very easy -- until she finds out that her sister and her in-laws find her sex life to be a matter of speculation on a daily basis. Worse yet, the kids overheard everything.

Dreamer 53 (2004-07-10) Serial

Does Sully really want to know the truth about the woman in John's apartment? The truth is that Sully didn't want her to be there, and has only just figured it out.

Dreamer 54 (2004-07-17) Serial

Sully has been the proverbial paragon of virtue since she married Adam so many years ago, even after he deserted her. Everybody knows that, even her admirer, John the romantic policeman. Fate knows all about virtue, too, and is not always sympathetic.

Dreamer 55 (2004-07-24) Serial

Sometimes it's only when you're about to lose something that you realize how valuable and necessary it is. A dream symbol of a silvery sky makes Sully shimmer suddenly.

Dreamer 56 (2004-07-31) Serial

Okay, for five years Sully has pretended not to have any interest in John LeMay. Now she knows, he knows, his mother knows, their friends know -- duhh -- yes, there is an interest. And ohh, Sully does remember that she used to be Hot Stuff.

Dreamer 57 (2004-08-07) Serial

First John backs away from Sully in the kitchen, then Sully walks off and leaves him in annoyance. Are these two never going to figure out what they want?

Dreamer 58 (2004-08-14) Serial

"Blame it on him nearly getting killed. Blame it on a mid-life crisis. Blame it on me, I don't care," Sully says. "I'm not passing up the chance to spend a weekend alone with the Romantic Policeman."

Dreamer 59 (2004-08-21) Serial

The paragon of virtue, Aunt Sully, has feet of clay. She knows that, and can live with that weakness ... but can she explain away that weakness to the kids? And we know she can't hide from it in her dreams.

Dreamer 60 (2004-08-28) Serial

There has got to be no worse time in history to have a lover who's a New York City policeman that on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Sully and John are dropped into the crucible of the disaster, and must find a way to keep their relationship intact -- or admit that it would never have worked out, anyway.

Dreamer 61 (2004-09-04) Serial

Sully remembers at last who she is, and why she is, and what she has to do. No one is going to like the solution much, but the symbols of Sully's dream are inescapable.

Dreamer 62 (2004-09-11) Serial

John and Sully are ready to pay the price for being "right." It's a high price, but no where near as valuable as being able to say the word "love."

Dreamer 63 (2004-09-18) Serial

Oh, my goodness, there really is a counted cross stitch panel with "John + Sully" in a heart on a tree! Is it really time for Sully to consider that her life should mesh with that romantic policeman?

Dreamer 64 (2004-09-25) Serial

Oh, Patient Readers, it's The End, and someone named Adam shows up at Sully's front door ...

Dreamer 22 (2005-04-10) Serial

A tall, dark, handsome man and hundreds of white roses -- the redhead who wouldn't tell her name -- Sully's mother recounts the tale of her romance. Too bad it had to end this way. (First appeared 2003-10-20)

Time Traveler 01 (2005-07-18) serial fiction romance contemporary

Chapter One of Time Traveler, a novel by Sand Pilarski. It should have been a lazy, romantic morning, full of smug memories from an evening of lovemaking. Instead, it wound up being the moment the rose-colored lenses fell away, revealing a battered woman living in a cage made partially from her own permission. For better or for worse, this is the moment one woman begins defying conventions to make paths of her own choosing. But the less traveled path is always the rockier one. *Parental Advisory*

Time Traveler 02 (2005-07-25) serial fiction romance contemporary

Part Two of Time Traveler. No one really knows how Life, the Universe, and Everything came to be. Origins are lost from memory, even the origins of the people we come to be ...

Time Traveler 03 (2005-08-01) serial Fiction contemporary romance

Augusta accepts a lunch invitation from the phallus-obsessed Radigan, and finds heavenly food and a disconcerting observation by a tall, dark stranger. "I wasn't looking for anything more than food," she says. "Maybe it would have been better if I had just gone hungry."

Time Traveler 04 (2005-08-08) serial fiction romance contemporary

Why is it time to think of romance? Is it the sound of the waves against the cliffs? Is it the caress of the fleece blanket against Augusta's cheek? Is it missing the old familiar face of Moersgard, or can it be -- the thought of something new?

Time Traveler 05 (2005-08-15) serial fiction romance contemporary

It's the social event of the season, and for the first time in nearly ten years, Augusta doesn't have a date for the occasion. In fact, her ex-lover Moersgard is going to show up with his new hottie ... but that's not the most disturbing incident of the evening ...

Time Traveler 06 (2005-08-22) serial fiction romance contemporary

Paperwork, paperwork, and every second has to count to get through the day. But what if your concentration is broken by an arrangement of flowers that puts you in mind of a phallic symbol? Quick! Think about something else!

Time Traveler 07 (2005-08-29) serial fiction romance contemporary

And now Augusta finds out: Valentine is not only handsome and talented, but is charming as well. "Where have you been all my life?" he asks, and what her heart might answer is, "In the dark and alone."

Time Traveler 08 (2005-09-05) contemporary fiction, romance

In class, the discussions turn to Heaven and Hell. But this week, the teacher is the one who cannot pay attention. Hell: the handsome violinist hasn't called. Heaven: he's sent a note. Hell: it was sent last Friday and Augusta has only received it now. Heaven: Augusta is getting more and more involved with this captivating young musician. Hell: sweet as it all seems, Augusta knows better to fall into a trap like this. But it seems she's about to anyway.

Time Traveler 09 (2005-09-12) serial fiction contemporary romance

In the classroom, the topic is Purgatory -- getting rid of the old earthly baggage before beginning a new existence in the afterlife. Roman Catholic shedding of earthly sins. New Hebrides shedding of pigs. Outside of the classroom, Valentine shows up to court Augusta sporting a fat lip and a cut-up face -- the scars earned shedding an old relationship. Does this mean he intends to embark on a new relationship with Augusta? Despite her best efforts, this flirtation doesn't seem to want to stay casual.

Time Traveler 10 (2005-09-19) serial fiction romance contemporary

Since Ariadne fell for the mostly naked Theseus and gave up both the magic ball of string and her virginity, people have been doing foolish things for love. Augusta still recalls when "good girls" didn't call boys on the phone. Now, with a first kiss that couldn't be more romantic or tantalizing, she's left contemplating the change over her lifetime of sex -- from something that decent people simply didn't do outside of marriage to something that professors were almost certainly going to do with handsome young musicians they had only recently met.

Time Traveler 11 (2005-09-26) serial fiction romance contemporary

He'll show her his if she'll show him hers ... but this is a more adult show and tell, with unspoken issues clouding their views.

Time Traveler 12 (2005-10-03) serial fiction romance contemporary

It's all about Time. Time the vast distance, Time the villain. Augusta could travel back in Time to tell herself how good life has become, and how to avoid the mistakes that were made. But if she did, she wouldn't grow up to become Augusta. Ah, but maybe that would have been better and she would have missed Time's cruelest trick of all.

Time Traveler 13 (2005-10-10) serial fiction romance contemporary

Images of the children she babysat while in high school press against Augusta's brain. Every single one of them is older than Valentine. When she began her affair with Moersgard, Valentine would have been a boy of sixteen! What should have been romance has become a horror story.

Time Traveler 14 (2005-10-17) serial fiction romance contemporary

If Valentine promises to love her until the end of Time, will Augusta believe him? Will she lose her resolve to leave him? And will she follow through on her decision to be honest with him?

Time Traveler 15 (2005-10-24) serial fiction romance contemporary

What would you be willing to give up for the person you love most? Riches? Power? Everything, you say, but what if what you had to give up were your fears and preconceptions?

Time Traveler 16 (2005-10-31) serial fiction romance contemporary

At last, a rainy night with no conflicts or worries, and only one thought in common. The door opens, and Valentine steps across the threshold.

Time Traveler 17 (2005-11-07) serial fiction romance contemporary

Love is patient, Love is kind ... Love is selfless, Love makes life worth living. Doesn't Love overlook our faults and rejoice in our differences? Doesn't it?

Time Traveler 18 (2005-11-14) serial fiction romance contemporary

Where is the playful lover who kissed from her hand all the way up her shoulder and neck to find his way to her lips? He's not in Augusta's bed, or her arms, or her kitchen, and she no longer knows where to look for him.

Time Traveler 19 (2005-11-21) serial fiction romance contemporary

Heartbroken, Augusta turns once more to her best friend Kimsky. But Moersgard, her former lover, shows up on Augusta's doorstep for a visit. Is it enough to take her mind off of Valentine?

Time Traveler 20 (2005-11-28) serial fiction romance contemporary

The phone rings. But the voice is not the one Augusta most wants to hear, and she limps back to Ohio, to Kim and Burlie's home remedies for heartbreak. Hope there are plenty of munchies!

Time Traveler 21 (2005-12-05) serial fiction romance contemporary

"I read books about older women and younger men; I talked about what it was like being in love with a younger man; and I thought about the younger man almost all the time, except when I was cooking or stoned," says Augusta. "Kimsky said I should get a prescription for medical marijuana and become a chef."

Time Traveler 22 (2005-12-12) serial fiction romance contemporary

Neil Radigan is new and improved, and a date with him actually starts out with fun and laughter, but then Fate steps in to rub Augusta's face in her heartbreak.

Time Traveler 23 (2005-12-19) serial fiction romance contemporary

Why does knowing that it's better this way hurt so damn bad?

Time Traveler 24 (2005-12-26) serial fiction romance contemporary

The lusty Moersgard has some revelations for Augusta, and a tentative job offer.

Time Traveler 25 (2006-01-02) serial fiction romance contemporary

It's showdown time, and Valentine and Augusta are both furious -- but they're angry about things that don't even exist.

Time Traveler 26 (2006-01-09) serial fiction romance contemporary

Augusta makes her plans for escape, but Jacob Moersgard has plans of his own, and is a manipulative mastermind who knows just what buttons to push.

Time Traveler 27 (2006-01-16) serial fiction romance contemporary

The bittersweet conclusion of Time Traveler. Augusta speaks to her class of karma, not as retribution, but acceptance of self, acceptance of consequence and release. A return to true love's arms doesn't mean happily ever after, but sometimes to break the cycle, you have to accept the reality of self.

Transitions (2009-02-16) cover story serial fiction

This week in the Piker Press, we begin a new serial fiction feature: "Transitions." Told from Owen Reich-Ambris' point of view, the story recounts a season of changes that occurred in his family's household, and how one weekend of the past summer affected them all ...

Transitions 02 (2009-02-23) serial fiction family relationships

The Five have collected information from their most recent sortie -- but now they have to figure out what it all means.

Transitions 03 (2009-03-02) fiction family relationships

There's a room in the mansion that belongs to Owen alone ... and it holds a precious secret.

Transitions 04 (2009-03-09) serial fiction family relationships

Blended families tend to have an overabundance of uncles and aunts unrelated to one by blood. Owen's family is like that, too. It's just about like having your own personal standing army hanging around ...

Transitions 05 (2009-03-16) serial fiction family relationships

Who understands each other best? Twins, and people who are truly in love. Who is there to understand you when you're neither a twin, nor in love?

Transitions 06 (2009-03-23) fiction family relationships

The reasons for Aunt Andersol's odd behavior are unknown, but certain things don't look too good ...

Transitions 07 (2009-03-30) fiction family relationships

Marca makes a dangerous decision to try to solve the riddle of her aunt's strange behavior. It's one step closer to understanding, but not enough ...

Transitions 08 (2009-04-06) fiction family relationships

Drama at school, drama at home ... the only thing left is to go outside and take a walk. But good luck with that, with a monster storm raging.

Transitions 09 (2009-04-13) fiction family relationships

Both Aunts arrive at the mansion, but they act very differently from one another. Owen has been stationed to greet them and get as much information as possible.

Transitions 10 (2009-04-20) fiction family relationships

Mysteries are no longer important when the family has to hear the bad news ...

Transitions 11 (2009-04-27) fiction family relationships

Things are settling down a little in the house, enough so that Owen's mind is free to find things to get into ...

Transitions 12 (2009-05-04) fiction family relationships

Aunt Sully finds out that there's much, much more to the mansion than she ever knew before. Owen has plans for this unexplored territory ...

Transitions 13 (2009-05-11) fiction family relationships

He sweet-talks the aunt, he sweet-talks his mother -- is any wonder Owen's oldest sister feels she must thrash him now and then?

Transitions 14 (2009-05-18) fiction family relationships

The rest of the weekend is at peace. Monday, however is going to knock someone's socks off!

Transitions 15 (2009-05-25) fiction family relationships

The mysteriously-behaving aunt returns, but the situation is anything but improved ...

Transitions 16 (2009-06-01) serial fiction family relationships

There are concerns, and there is family drama, but what really matters is whether the pretty girl is going to smile at him ...

Transitions 17 (2009-06-08) serial fiction family relationships

The week is much like any other week for the older Reich-Ambris kids: school, activities, formal dinner ... yet their age is starting to catch up with them, and they are no longer the cute little kids in adult style clothing...

Transitions 18 (2009-06-15) serial fiction family relationships

While Aunt Andersol throws a fit, bad news is just waiting to be found out...

Transitions 19 (2009-06-29) serial fiction family relationships

What a way to begin Fall Break -- the dog is gone, and Owen's secret identity is revealed ...

Transitions 20 (2009-07-06) serial fiction family relationships

How do you get through the day when the girl you always imagined dumps you before she's even your girl?

Transitions 21 (2009-07-13) serial fiction family relationships

Years have gone by, the estate always being the same for the children. As they've grown older, the gap between 'outside' and 'inside' has grown wider.

Transitions 22 (2009-07-20) serial fiction family relationships

Fall Break has begun, the family has gathered, the feast is served -- yes, what everyone needs is a surprise and a shock to kick things into high gear.

Transitions 23 (2009-07-27) serial fiction family relationships

The big secret is out -- but once again, eavesdropping is the only way for the kids to find out the whole story ...

Transitions 24 (2009-08-03) serial fiction family relationships

They got away with the goods -- now, what to think about the knowledge they've accrued?

Transitions 25 (2009-08-10) serial fiction family relationships

The eavesdropping has been moderately successful ... but there's a cop in the house and the Five could be busted for their crime ...

Transitions 26 (2009-08-17) serial fiction family relationships

Suddenly all those riding lessons make a whole lot of sense ...

Transitions 27 (2009-08-31) serial fiction family relationships

Rachel manages to hold her own with the ebullient Reich-Ambris clan, with the help of John LeMay, Sully, and the legendary scrapple.

Transitions 28 (2009-09-07) serial fiction family relationships

Sometimes what is supposed to seem like an important experience is just everyday stuff. But then, everyday stuff is kind of comforting, isn't it?

Transitions 29 (2009-09-14) serial fiction family relationships

Even for a rich kid, can't a friend just be a friend?

Transitions 30 (2009-09-28) serial fiction family relationships

Riding again with his aunt, Owen gets a lesson in land management.

Transitions 31 (2009-10-12) serial fiction family relationships

A hinge is beginning to turn, creaking a door open. Things are changing more rapidly now, and who knows what will lie beyond this door?

Transitions 32 (2009-10-19) serial fiction family relationships

A growth spurt and the unexpected invitation of Andersol to Claire's rooms give Owen the opportunity to learn something new ... something that has his grandmother interested.

Transitions 33 (2009-10-26) serial fiction family relationships

Owen breaks open his journal to clear his thoughts, and finds more questions than answers.

Transitions 34 (2009-11-02) serial fiction family relationships

A roaring fire, a powerful storm, hallways darkened but for flashlights -- excitement! Adventure!

Transitions 35 (2009-11-09) serial fiction family relationships

If the touchiest hothead in the house is hungry and pregnant, maybe it would be a good idea not to make her angry ..

Transitions 36 (2009-11-16) serial fiction family relationships

Having lived a life of relative luxury, the family is becoming aware of the many benefits of electric power when they have none. But at first, the darkness and simplicity and ways of coping seem like an adventure ...

Transitions 37 (2009-11-23) serial fiction family relationships

Without heat, the house is damp. With damp comes mildew. What the hell is up with being rich and having to put up with that?

Transitions 38 (2009-11-30) serial fiction family relationships

It's time for heroic efforts! They'll clear the road! They'll ride over the mountain for supplies! High adventure for the whole family!

Transitions 39 (2009-12-07) serial fiction family relationships

Oh, so this is what real work actually is?

Transitions 40 (2009-12-14) serial fiction family relationships

Riding off to rescue on her snowy white pony sounded exciting enough, but once again, the Five are reminded of just how hard work can be ...

Transitions 41 (2009-12-21) serial fiction family relationships

From hard work and cold, the family moves into town where electricity and comfort are again available. However, along with the ease of take-out food comes the complications that arise in 'normal life'...

Transitions 42 (2009-12-28) serial fiction family relationships

Warm and dry once again, the kids nevertheless must re-enter the dull and inevitable world of school ...

Transitions 43 (2010-01-04) serial fiction family relationships

The change in the household is accelerating, and Owen is aware of the future coming towards him faster and faster ...

Transitions 44 (2010-01-11) serial fiction family relationships

The family is back on an even keel with one another, but the changes that are about to happen to the estate may shake things up ...

Transitions 45 (2010-01-18) serial fiction family relationships

Things are getting ready to change in the Reich-Ambris household, and Grandmother is the first to take action over it.

Transitions 46 (2010-02-01) serial fiction family relationships

In which a reporter snaps a picture of the family, and Andersol begins to worry about being seen in the newspaper. The family is going to have to come up with a plan.

Transitions 47 (2010-02-08) serial fiction family relationships

Once again, Owen becomes aware that he and his siblings have led anything but a normal life as children ...

Transitions 48 (2010-02-15) serial fiction family relationships

Plainly times are changing for the Reich-Ambris family. What has been a blessedly private existence is about to become a family under the magnifying glass of the public press ...

Transitions 49 (2010-02-22) serial fiction family relationships

A spy is discovered, and only increases the need for a plan of action ...

Transitions 50 (2010-03-08) serial fiction family relationships

This year has been all about change; and now Owen has to realize that change is about him, too.

Transitions 51 (2010-03-15) serial fiction family relationships

Multiple big changes have come to the Estate; the Five mostly are trying to stay out of the way, but the changes will affect all their futures...

Transitions 52 (2010-03-29) serial fiction family relationships

Owen is counting down the days until the change in the household takes place -- will he find satisfaction in his new status, or disappointment?

Transitions 53 (2010-05-03) serial fiction family relationships

The family is breaking up to separate continents, but what is on Owen's mind is ...

Transitions 54 (2010-05-17) serial fiction family relationships

With most of the family in Italy, Owen is finding communication to be changing in his life, and perhaps it's time for him to share some of the words his father handed down ...

Transitions 55 (2010-06-07) serial fiction family relationships

The mansion is very empty, but all that quiet provides a space for a lot of thought ...

Transitions 56 (2010-06-28) serial fiction family relationships

Sure, Owen and Rachel have been pretending to be engaged, but what about when real feelings start to surface?

Transitions 57 (2010-07-05) serial fiction family relationships

Owen, John, and Sully discover a secret in the mansion that has been kept since Owen's father's death years ago ...

Transitions 58 (2010-07-12) serial fiction family relationships

There's more to the Estate than just the estate. Knowledge of that could change the way the family sees the world ...

Transitions 59 (2010-08-02) serial fiction family relationships

Travel is broadening, they say, but does it also set the travelers apart from what they have known?

Transitions 60 (2010-08-09) serial fiction family relationships

As spring moves in, the changes in the family relationships are moving more and more quickly ...

Transitions 61 (2010-08-16) serial fiction family relationships

The new suite is finished, and it is time for Owen to move to the third floor. Yet doesn't that move of a few steps put him a lot farther away from the comforts of his childhood?

Transitions 62 (2010-08-23) serial fiction family relationships

News has come from Italy -- but this time it's of a rather disturbing nature for a son filled with concern about his mother.

Transitions 63 (2010-09-06) serial fiction family relationships

They're not little kids anymore, and the events of the past months have put the Five into new molds. Things will be changing even more soon ...

Transitions 64 (2010-09-20) serial fiction family relationships

Four children have been born. Half-siblings, siblings once removed --? What are the new babies supposed to be?

Transitions 65 (2010-09-27) serial fiction family relationships

Owen may be the upcoming Man of the House, but that doesn't mean he won't make mistakes ...

Transitions 66 (2010-10-04) serial fiction family relationships

Summer brings Owen yet a few more steps out of the world of his childhood...

Transitions 67 (2010-10-11) serial fiction family relationships

Summer is hot, and so are the situations one can get into ...

Transitions 68 (2010-10-18) serial fiction family relationships

Christine shows up to heat up a summer morning ...

Transitions 69 (2010-10-25) serial fiction family relationships

Owen finds anger lurking in his adolescent body, first for being too young, and then for being old enough to face some new responsibilities.

Transitions 70 (2010-11-01) serial fiction family relationships


Going Hungry (2015-05-04) serial fiction family money food

Serial fiction set in the time of the 2007 economic crash. Gloria Melton finds out the rocky truth behind her parents' life.

Going Hungry 02 (2015-05-11) serial fiction family money food

In disbelief at her late father's secret life, Gloria runs head-on into her mother's reality.

Going Hungry 03 (2015-05-18) serial fiction family money food

Gloria's mother's time to act was apparently years ago -- and she missed it.

Going Hungry 04 (2015-05-25) serial fiction family money food

Food and shelter -- those are the important things, right? Unfortunately, to get them, you have to have money...

Going Hungry 05 (2015-06-01) serial fiction family money food

There is a chance -- if they can manage to find jobs, they can keep the house. But where do you find a job when times get rough?

Going Hungry 06 (2015-06-08) serial fiction family money food

Gloria thinks she can keep the family together in their own house because she's got common sense and a work ethic...but her education in the real world is just beginning.

Going Hungry 07 (2015-06-15) serial fiction family money food

There's a good reason your mother taught you to be nice to the people you meet...

Going Hungry 08 (2015-06-22) serial fiction family money food

Will has made it through his first day in the orchards, Philli found full time work -- but will it be enough?

Going Hungry 09 (2015-06-29) serial fiction family money food

This is it -- the pivotal moment, can they keep the house or are they on the street? Or is it?

Going Hungry 10 (2015-07-06) serial fiction family money food

The gardening service, the newspaper subscription, the cleaning lady have all been eliminated from the budget. Even the boyfriend is gone. What else can they do without?

Going Hungry 11 (2015-07-13) serial fiction family money food

It's easy enough to open a bank account...but do you have any money to put into it?

Going Hungry 12 (2015-07-20) serial fiction family money food

Gloria knows she can do whatever job she has to in order to keep her family in their house...and now is the time to prove it.

Going Hungry 13 (2015-07-27) serial fiction family money food

The recession of 2007 is all too real for Gloria. No money, no jobs, no security...

Going Hungry 14 (2015-08-03) serial fiction family money food

You've learned that you're in dire straits financially. You've learned that there are no jobs out there to bail you out. The next lesson is finding how to survive on what little you still have...

Going Hungry 15 (2015-08-10) serial fiction family money food

Gloria and her mother are back on the same side again, but there's only one thing that will keep them side by side in their own home...

Going Hungry 16 (2015-08-17) serial fiction family money food

Just when Gloria thought her prospects had darkened, a second chance at the job of cook's assistant arrived. It's a chance she mustn't screw up...

Going Hungry 17 (2015-08-24) serial fiction family money food

Well, it's a job...

Going Hungry 18 (2015-08-31) serial fiction family money food

In a gleaming commercial kitchen, Gloria expects magic and culinary wonders. But maybe even the rich just put their pants on one leg at a time...

Going Hungry 19 (2015-09-07) serial fiction family money food

After the shock of the first day of work, Gloria can't help wishing for the life she used to have...

Going Hungry 20 (2015-09-14) serial fiction family money food

Starting a new job, cooking for the family, managing the bills...Gloria thinks that should be enough to earn her some breathing space. Wait, it's not?

Going Hungry 21 (2015-09-21) serial fiction family money food

Gloria is beginning to understand the real value of money -- that's how you pay for food. And if you don't work, you're not going to be able to eat...

Going Hungry 22 (2015-09-28) serial fiction family money food

Observing Maria the cook in the kitchen is something of an eye-opener to Gloria. She keeps learning things that she'd never want to do...and doing things at home she never thought she'd have to.

Going Hungry 23 (2015-10-05) serial fiction family money food

Two days off? Two days to prepare for the whole next week, but at least the Meltons will have some family time. Really?

Going Hungry 24 (2015-10-12) serial fiction family money food

Gloria has learned how to take charge of the family finances, how to deal with teen drama, and how to effectively shop for food. The next rite of passage awaits her...

Going Hungry 25 (2015-10-19) serial fiction family money food

You cook, you clean, you get through another day...

Going Hungry 26 (2015-10-26) serial fiction family money food

A month ago, they were just three bereaved kids. Now they've become something more...

Going Hungry 27 (2015-11-02) serial fiction family money food

The Meltons have found a new meaning in life -- keeping a roof over their heads. And for Gloria, it's actually becoming less about the paycheck...

Going Hungry 28 (2015-11-09) serial fiction family money food

No more trips to the mall; no more dinners at the chain restaurants. Gloria must not only re-think spending money, she must also learn to think about food in a different way...

Going Hungry 29 (2015-11-16) serial fiction family money food

"An easy day," Maria had told her assistant. "Just one meal." Gloria finds out what one meal can contain...

Going Hungry 30 (2015-11-23) serial fiction family money food

Interesting perspective, working for people who have everything they need, as much as they want, and a future that's certain. Wait, didn't Gloria used to live like that? How quickly we forget...

Going Hungry 31 (2015-11-30) serial fiction family money food

The Melton household is in flux; her lifestyle is suddenly solitary; but there is one place that Gloria is starting to feel comfortable...

Going Hungry 32 (2015-12-07) serial fiction family money food

The Melton kids have taken over their household, but don't they still have a mother to watch over them?

Going Hungry 33 (2015-12-14) serial fiction family money food

Taking a job as a cook's assistant wasn't the career that Gloria had anticipated, but there's a lot to be learned in a kitchen, and not all of it is about the food...

Going Hungry 34 (2015-12-21) serial fiction family money food

Gloria has accepted her role, and Will's, as wage earners. Can their mother?

Going Hungry 35 (2015-12-28) serial fiction family money food

As much fun as Gloria is having with her job, the backdrop is still a hungry, hurting economy...

Going Hungry 36 (2016-01-04) serial fiction family money food

The Melton kids have rolled with the punches and taken on things they never thought they'd have to do. And yet, their old lives still have a lot to contribute...

Going Hungry 37 (2016-01-11) serial fiction family money food

Just when Gloria thought her job was getting easy...

Going Hungry 38 (2016-01-18) serial fiction family money food

Another week gone by, another day off. With the mortgage paid again for another month, Gloria can just let her mind relax...

Going Hungry 39 (2016-01-25) serial fiction family money food

The mother-daughter relationship is wearing thin between Philli and Gloria, but they still need to respect each other to get through their economic crisis...

Going Hungry 40 (2016-02-01) serial fiction family money food

In spite of the economic down-turn, Gloria is grateful for the new way of life that is keeping food on the table. Life can be good even if money is tight...

Going Hungry 41 (2016-02-08) serial fiction family money food

Maria is gruff and grumpy to most people, but she does know when to kick the chicks out of the nest...

Going Hungry 42 (2016-02-15) serial fiction family money food

Three days to prepare for Maria's departure. And then Gloria will have to take a big leap of faith in herself and land on her feet...

Going Hungry 43 (2016-02-22) serial fiction family money food

So her late father's mistress has come to live in the Melton household. The mistress her father supported financially is now going to be supported by his widow and kids? How wrong is that?

Going Hungry 44 (2016-02-29) serial fiction family money food

At any time, Lolo could walk into the house. The only solution? Get out of there!

Going Hungry 45 (2016-03-07) serial fiction family money food

With Lolo in her mother's house, and Maria in the hospital, Gloria has to find her footing again in her own kitchen...

Going Hungry 46 (2016-03-14) serial fiction family money food

Gloria has faced the worst she can imagine -- meeting Lolo face to face. And she made it through that horror. But she has to make her way through every day after, too, and where the on earth is Will?

Going Hungry 47 (2016-03-21) serial fiction family money food

This is it, Gloria's in charge. In charge of the kitchen, that is...

Going Hungry 48 (2016-04-04) serial fiction family money food

And when does life ever go on the same way, every day?

Going Hungry 49 (2016-04-11) serial fiction family money food

Will has moved out, made a little home for himself elsewhere. What is "home," anyway?

Going Hungry 50 (2016-04-25) serial fiction family money food

Will is gone. Gloria and Ben can take up the slack in the household chores, but are they close enough as siblings to ride out the changes coming?

Going Hungry 51 (2016-05-02) serial fiction family money food

Gloria has just found out that her mother is thinking about moving the family out of their house. Is this what a day off is supposed to be like?

Going Hungry 52 (2016-05-16) serial fiction family money food

Death and financial loss changed her family's life forever. Gloria faces another change -- this time from inside herself...

Going Hungry 53 (2016-05-23) serial fiction family money food

And now Gloria can see Lolo with different eyes, ones that aren't looking through a red haze of anger. Are people ever what you think they are?

Going Hungry 54 (2016-05-30) serial fiction family money food

Good food, fellowship, peace in the household ... until the anchor of the family begins acting strangely...

Going Hungry 55 (2016-06-06) serial fiction family money food

Since Will left home, Ben has been on his own -- all too long?

Going Hungry 56 (2016-06-13) serial fiction family money food

Philli is up to something, but she's not telling what it is. Steve is looking awfully good, but is that really the right thing for Gloria to see? And Will -- he's happy...is younger brother somehow leading the way?

Going Hungry 57 (2016-06-20) serial fiction family money food

When everyone pitches in, a party isn't an expensive affair...and when the party's over, it doesn't have to be an ending.

Going Hungry 58 (2016-06-27) serial fiction family money food

In an autumn full of changes for the Meltons, change itself has become the new normal...

Going Hungry 59 (2016-07-04) serial fiction family money food

Ben and Gloria have been trying to figure out what their mother is up to with her secretive behavior. Sometimes secrets reveal themselves...

Going Hungry 60 (2016-07-11) serial fiction family money food

So dear old Mom has a boyfriend. Why would she want to keep him a secret from her kids? Not like Gloria's keeping Steve a secret...

Going Hungry 61 (2016-07-18) serial fiction family money food

Gloria realizes that she has to take Steve seriously. Her brothers are working every chance they can because they're taking money seriously. Why can't Philli do that with motherhood?

Going Hungry 62 (2016-07-25) serial fiction family money food

Conclusion. The relationship with Steve is solidified, and now they just need to keep on going. But is the destination really finalized?

Out with the Trash (2017-01-23) cover story serial fiction life

Emily has been married to Mark for many years, and life has treated her well enough. But New Year's Eve is about to reveal to her some things she'd rather not see...

Out with the Trash 02 (2017-01-30) serial fiction life

After that outrageous New Year's Eve party, Emily is more than ready to just settle down and try to forget what she saw. If only she hadn't drunk so much! Oh, the if onlies...

Out with the Trash 03 (2017-02-06) serial fiction life

With the dawn of New Year's Day, Emily has destroyed thousands of dollars' worth of her husband's prized antique statuary. But there's nothing to do but keep on going...

Out with the Trash 04 (2017-02-13) serial fiction life relationships

Emily has spent New Year's Day feeling ill while cleaning up the house after the party the night before, and she's just about done with it all...

Out with the Trash 05 (2017-02-20) serial fiction life relationships

Emily has had a rough start to the new year. But surely that's all behind her now...

Out with the Trash 06 (2017-02-27) serial fiction life relationships

January 2 has turned out to be much better than New Year's Day, and Emily is ready for life to turn happy again...

Out with the Trash 07 (2017-03-06) serial fiction life relationships

The secret forest friends may provide entertainment for Emily, but they're a more dangerous secret than most. She could cover up a broken statue, but there's no covering up the smell of skunk. But maybe Emily is luckier than she thinks...

Out with the Trash 08 (2017-03-13) serial fiction life relationships

About to run to her father for help, Emily remembers how she met her father's wife...

Out with the Trash 09 (2017-03-20) serial fiction life relationships

Remembering how Middi had come to be a friend, Emily heads for haven in Santa Cruz.

Out with the Trash 10 (2017-03-27) serial fiction life relationships

Safely in Santa Cruz, Emily can begin to relax a little -- but only a little...

Out with the Trash 11 (2017-04-10) serial fiction life relationships

The Shroeder dwarf wasn't what he appeared to be, and now Emily must chart a new course...

Out with the Trash 12 (2017-04-17) serial fiction life relationships

Emily returns home from her father's house to find something she would never have expected...

Out with the Trash 13 (2017-04-24) serial fiction life relationships

Something is not adding up in the Fatzer household. Secret keys and secret skunks and secret papers...maybe someone needs to be straightforward?

Out with the Trash 14 (2017-05-01) serial fiction life relationships

Mark now knows his dwarf is a phony, and he's pretty mad about it, but Emily still wants to find out what's up with the Michigan connection...

Out with the Trash 15 (2017-05-08) serial fiction life relationships

Once words are said, they are out there in the universe, echoing forever, and you can't put them back in your mouth. Maybe Mark should have remembered that and kept his trap shut...

Out with the Trash 16 (2017-05-15) serial fiction life relationships

Emily has rebelled and bought herself a computer, a new secret to match Mark's secret communications with the university in Michigan. And she's willing to give Mark enough rope to hang himself...

Out with the Trash 17 (2017-05-22) serial fiction life relationships

Emily has made things easy for her husband to continue his mysterious plans. Is she right about her speculations?

Out with the Trash 18 (2017-05-29) serial fiction life relationships

Unnerved by the prospect of an FBI investigation, Emily must still face the ongoing mysterious behavior of her husband...

Out with the Trash 19 (2017-06-05) serial fiction life relationships

The photo that Emily has found is troubling, but not completely damning. If it is another piece of the puzzle, then Emily doesn't know how it fits...

Out with the Trash 20 (2017-06-12) serial fiction life relationships

Alternating between dismay and fury, Emily begins to take stock of what her life has become...

Out with the Trash 21 (2017-06-19) serial fiction life relationships

With Mark gone halfway across the country on his mysterious errand, Emily has had some time to take stock of her life. There is no choice but to keep moving forward...

Out with the Trash (2017-06-26) serial fiction life relationships

Mark is gone, visiting his parents in Michigan. Back in California, Emily and her investigative partner Spoon are going to search for more clues...

Out with the Trash 23 (2017-07-03) serial fiction life relationships

Confronted with seeming proof of Mark's misbehavior, Emily must begin to make her way past it, or through it, or...?

Out with the Trash 24 (2017-07-10) serial fiction life relationships writing

Shaken by her discoveries, pushed to her emotional limits, Emily grabs her wooden spoon and takes a step -- is it in the right direction?

Out with the Trash 25 (2017-07-17) serial fiction life relationships

Mark is still keeping his real purpose of his trip to Michigan secret, and Emily follows suit by keeping secret all that she has found out about him. Life has changed...

Out with the Trash 26 (2017-07-24) serial fiction life relationships

Things just don't make sense. And while Emily has to admit she's been deluded, there still ought to be a way to put all the clues together...

Out with the Trash 27 (2017-07-31) serial fiction life relationships

Her latest round of espionage lands Emily and her car in an icy ditch. Can she accept a rescue?

Out with the Trash 28 (2017-08-07) serial fiction life relationships

Was a car wreck the best part of Emily's week?

Out with the Trash 29 (2017-08-14) serial fiction life relationships

Much makes sense to Emily now, but there are still connections to make...

Out with the Trash 30 (2017-08-21) serial fiction life relationships

So much is now so clear about what went on at New Year's; but the journey isn't over yet...

Out with the Trash 31 (2017-08-28) serial fiction life relationships

It doesn't matter that the skunk back-tracked Emily to her house; and who cares if the skunk sprayed the neighbor's cat? Emily has only begun to imagine the solutions she needs...

Out with the Trash 32 (2017-09-04) serial fiction life relationships

Conclusion. This author rather wishes that Emily could stick around longer, but it's time to say good-bye...

After Life (2017-10-30) cover story serial fiction death

Everything happens so fast, and you can't make it go away again...

After Life 02 (2017-11-06) serial fiction death

They were out to kill her boyfriend, but Roj got in the way. But that wasn't the end of it...

After Life 03 (2017-11-13) serial fiction death

Roj has found out for certain that she is dead. But not completely gone -- and apparently there's a few things she can still do...

After Life 04 (2017-11-20) serial fiction death

They killed Roj, they killed Danny Chuster ... but weren't they gunning for Matt?

After Life 05 (2017-11-27) serial fiction death

Roj is heartbroken that Matt can't recognize her, even though he heard her speak to him, but after all, she wasn't there to idly chat...

After Life 06 (2017-12-04) serial fiction death

Roj left Matt sleeping, and trashed Garrison's pristine office. What else does a disgruntled ghost do?

After Life 07 (2017-12-11) serial fiction death

Pleased by Garrison's reaction to the state of his office, Roj continues her investigations...

After Life 08 (2017-12-18) serial fiction death

With Garrison's credit card information safely tucked away in the Personnel Department, Roj is ready for wider investigations...

After Life 09 (2017-12-25) serial fiction death

It was such a satisfying lunch date with Garrison that Roj simply must learn more...

After Life 10 (2018-01-01) serial fiction death

In shooting the thug, Roj may have saved Laurella's life and family, but what will it do to Roj's soul?

After Life 11 (2018-01-08) serial fiction death

Trashing Garrison's office had been fun for Roj, shooting Thug Boy had been disturbing, but trying to figure out how to be properly dead ...

After Life 12 (2018-01-15) serial fiction death

There are voices out there in the world of the spirit, and they are bothering Roj. Surely they can't be right, can they?

After Life 13 (2018-01-22) serial fiction death

Spending Garrison's money was entertaining, but Roj has some real business at hand...

After Life 14 (2018-01-29) serial fiction death

Roj doesn't think of herself as a ghost, even though she's dead. On the other hand, who's there to teach her about being a ghost?

After Life 15 (2018-02-05) serial fiction death

Finding Matt drunk with a loaded gun by his bed is not going to make Roj any more sympathetic to the man who wants him dead...

After Life 16 (2018-02-12) serial fiction death

He's not the biggest trout in the pond, but Roj knows that Garrison is up to a lot of fishy business...

After Life 17 (2018-02-19) serial fiction death

Roj has done her best to ruin Garrison's plans, but somehow, that's not all she's here for...

After Life 18 (2018-02-26) serial fiction death

Inexplicably, Matt's gun is reloaded -- even though he's passed-out drunk. And yet, that's not the only mystery Roj has to solve...

After Life 19 (2018-03-05) serial fiction death

Gerry has been driven away by the revelation of her less-than-stellar spirit. What has Roj got left to do but spy on Duchamps?

After Life 20 (2018-03-12) serial fiction death

Roj and her hauntings have begun to make a number of people uneasy. It's time to up the ante...

After Life 21 (2018-03-19) serial fiction death

Bashing Hammer was satisfying, and haunting illegal drug production was okay, but Roj knows there's more to learn...

After Life 22 (2018-03-26) serial fiction death

Having learned painfully about the choices she made in life, Roj turns again to Matt's dilemma...

After Life 23 (2018-04-02) serial fiction death

Along with the satisfaction of getting the corrupt Hammer in trouble, Roj has managed to get Matt to safety. But is it enough?

After Life 24 (2018-04-09) serial fiction death

Matt is awake and sober for about ten minutes before someone tries to kill him. What's it going to take to save this guy?

After Life 25 (2018-04-16) serial fiction death

Roj has seen how love changes a human being into a new creation. Did she and Matt have that, or was that stolen from them by her death? What more must she understand in order to save him?

After Life 26 (2018-04-30) serial fiction death

Learning so much even after being murdered has Roj ready to play hooky from school, and Hennessey is an easy target for her to tease. And let's not forget Garrison! But sometimes play goes a little too far...

After Life 27 (2018-05-07) serial fiction death

Having irrevocably destroyed the trust between Hennessey and Garrison, Roj spies on Duchamps to see his organization crumbling, but she's gone too far...

After Life 28 (2018-05-14) serial fiction death

Roj has learned a tough lesson about teasing the wrong people, but that's not going to get her the answers she needs...

After Life 29 (2018-05-21) serial fiction death

Gerry the ghost's memories have given Roj something new to think about: a life spent in relationship with God. But Roj has no life left, so now what?

After Life 30 (2018-05-28) serial fiction death

Gerry has disappeared, and Roj has had an interesting review of memories with Desai. Something is still eluding her, though...

After Life 31 (2018-06-04) serial fiction death

Gerry the ghost found some answers of her own, and passed on her wisdom to Roj in a way Roj could finally understand ...

After Life 32 (2018-06-18) serial fiction death

Conclusion. "All things have a purpose," Desai says. What is the purposeful key Roj must find to open that one last lock?

Place Settings 02 (2020-12-07) serial fiction family

With her mother about to leave widowhood behind, Gloria Melton must reassess her own footing within the family...

Place Settings 03 (2020-12-14) serial fiction family

Time for Maria to set out the Sunday Baker feast, and ponder the changes in her life...

Place Settings 04 (2020-12-21) serial fiction family

Now let's see Sunday morning through Gloria's eyes...

Place Settings 05 (2020-12-28) serial fiction family

Is it worth worrying about? Or is it just that it's dark and damp and ugly...?

Place Settings 06 (2021-01-04) serial fiction family

Gloria is comfortable working with Maria in the Bakers' kitchen, but that doesn't mean there are no surprises...

Place Settings 07 (2021-01-11) serial fiction family

Gloria has her life under control, or thinks she does. At least it seems that way as long as no one else is around...

Place Settings 08 (2021-01-18) serial fiction family

A make-shift room in a barn...is that the secret to happiness?

Place Settings 09 (2021-01-25) serial fiction family

Being hired to work in the Bakers' kitchen was a life-changer for Gloria; with the job, she was able to keep her family off the streets. Renting a room in Maria's house...how is that going to change things even more?

Place Settings 10 (2021-02-01) serial fiction family

The Melton siblings still have their secrets...

Place Settings 11 (2021-02-08) serial fiction family

And then there's Ben...

Place Settings 12 (2021-02-15) serial fiction family

Maybe we should have a look at another side...

Place Settings 13 (2021-02-22) serial fiction family

How long did Maria live alone? With Gloria in residence, things may begin to change...

Place Settings 14 (2021-03-01) serial fiction family

In one day, Maria got rid of every bit of the upstairs furniture in her house except for Gloria's room. Why?

Place Settings 15 (2021-03-08) serial fiction family

Finally, some breathing room in their lives, finally, a reunion...

Place Settings 16 (2021-03-15) serial fiction family

Love is in the air in the Bakers' kitchen, sharp and sweet...

Place Settings 17 (2021-03-22) serial fiction family

It's nearly Christmas, and inevitable that moms expect family to be home for the holiday...

Place Settings 18 (2021-03-29) serial fiction family

Ah, the Downfall of the Americas...

Place Settings 19 (2021-04-05) serial fiction family

A week off from the Bakers' kitchen! Celebration time, indeed...

Place Settings 20 (2021-04-12) serial fiction family

Gloria is hosting her first Christmas potluck...

Place Settings 21 (2021-04-26) serial fiction family

Tom had his secrets, Philli had hers; Gloria keeps some secrets from her brothers, and Ben -- well, Ben keeps some secrets, too...

Place Settings 22 (2021-05-03) serial fiction family

Love is rarely simple...

Place Settings 23 (2021-05-10) serial fiction family

Steve's getting transferred, and maybe that gives Gloria some breathing room for other important things...

Place Settings 24 (2021-05-17) serial fiction family

Something has to be done for Lolo, to be sure, but right now the task is bringing Maria's house into the 21st Century...

Place Settings 25 (2021-05-24) serial fiction family

"Just a little something for sandwiches," she says...

Place Settings 26 (2021-05-31) serial fiction family

Finally, a chance to just sit and talk...

Place Settings 27 (2021-06-07) serial fiction family

Food can make a lasting memory. Gloria thinks she's found a bridge to get by her mother's wrath...

Place Settings 28 (2021-06-14) serial fiction family

The holiday is approaching -- why not have a party...

Place Settings 29 (2021-06-21) serial fiction family

Lolo is safe for the time being, and Maria wants to eradicate the memories of her bad marriage...the solution?

Place Settings 30 (2021-06-28) serial fiction family

Lolo is safely at work, and a rainy day makes Gloria think about food...

Place Settings 31 (2021-07-05) serial fiction family

A rare visit by Will brings the Melton siblings together again, and sparks memories...

Place Settings 32 (2021-07-12) serial fiction family

The hailstorm is past, but has left some unexpected benefits...

Place Settings 33 (2021-07-19) serial fiction family

It's the end of the year, time to take stock of what is in the kitchen, and what is important in life...

Place Settings 34 (2021-07-26) serial fiction family

A house party is perfect for a rainy holiday ...

Place Settings 35 (2021-08-02) serial fiction family

A peaceful afternoon after a tumultuous morning. The house party could use a simple, fun day...

Place Settings 36 (2021-08-09) serial fiction family

Life is so good when there's more to it than just enduring...

Place Settings 37 (2021-08-16) serial fiction family

There's a time for grief, and a time for remembering...

Place Settings 38 (2021-08-23) serial fiction family

Conclusion. You have to know where you want to be, and you sometimes can't do it unless you take a stand...

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Practice Pieces (2004-12-18)

Cover Story

Fever Dreams 105 (2006-09-25) comics

Mr. Smith never should have made his secretary arrange his vacation travel.

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10 K for Labor Day (2006-09-04) cover story nonfiction essay

What? Some of the Staff of the Piker Press have gone missing? Maybe they're sitting at their keyboards, trying to figure out how to stretch "And then a giant gopher came up out of the ground and ate them all" into say, 500 words or more? Looks like it's that time of year again ...

A Bouquet for Mother's Day (2007-05-07) cover story essay

Happy Mother's Day this week! Our cover story is dedicated to mothers everywhere, a bouquet of exotic blooms from the Modesto Tropical Plants Show held on 14th and 15th of April, 2007.

Into the New Year (2007-12-31) cover story photoessay hot air balloon

You wake up in the dark, wondering if the dog or the cat or the alarm is going to be the first to force you to get up. Everything is silent, and you don't move, not wanting to stir up the household by blundering about the room in the dark to look for a clock. And in the misty musings that tangle thoughts in the night, you remember that the date is going to be December 31st, the last day of the year. New Year's Eve. A thrill races through you: by this time tomorrow, dawn will be about to break on an entirely new year.

Notes From the Office 08: Fairy Tales (2008-05-26) cover story nonfiction essay

Once upon a time, there were a bunch of Writers who had all kinds of words trying to pour out of their heads, through their fingers, and into print. Having little opportunity to get published, the Writers felt sluggish and sad, like highways with a magical traffic jam. Then one day, a tall blonde editor with a silver sword and an imagination like a wizard par excellence appeared, struck a computer with a spell of coding, and made The Piker Press appear ...

Seven Years of Piker Press (2009-04-20) cover story essay writing "Piker Press" anniversar

April of 2009 brings the Piker Press another anniversary as a weekly ezine. To kick off our eighth year, this issue presents the thoughts of some of our writers about their writing itself. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the Piker Press in the past, and best wishes to all who will share their words and images in the Piker Press in the future.

The Half-Crazed Hedge Shaman: Featured Blog (2014-01-06) essay featured blog

If only birds could read, we'd put warning labels on the patio door...

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In This Issue (2015-01-12) overview

A quick overview of this week's Press.

In This Issue (2015-01-19) overview

A quick overview of this week's Press.

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