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November 27, 2023
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Super Sport: Book Review

By Sand Pilarski

Super Sport, by Ralph Bland.

"It doesn't seem to him that his mother likes Jack all that much. It is more like she has to force herself to smile at him when he is around and cook a meal for him and take him into her house for appearances, just so the neighbors and the people she goes to church with won't think it is strange she doesn't want to have much to do with the last remaining member from her family. Ray can sense this attitude from his mother and can almost empathize with his Uncle Jack for it, for he generally feels the same sort of vibration coming from his mother toward him too." - from Super Sport, page 8

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Ray Roberts obtains the car of his dreams, a car for a lifestyle completely apart from his parents' ideals of keeping every day alike, every move safe. The red Chevy speaks to Ray's heart, whispering wild speeds and the deeds of manhood, carrying him from the cusp of boyhood into a world that only Ray can create ... with the help of his Uncle Jack, the black sheep of his mother's family.

Ralph Bland's talent for words will draw the reader into the passenger seat for a ride-along through the roads of Tennessee, down boulevards of wistful dreams, crazed streets of mischance, and along precipices of bad judgment. And the road home will leave you thinking about every single thing you see or experience in a new way, like a landscape scrubbed clean right after a rainstorm.

Super Sport takes you to the heart of its characters and lets you listen in on what life brings to them, with all their regrets and all their hopes, and you will miss those characters when you turn the last page of the book.

Highly recommended.

Article © Sand Pilarski. All rights reserved.
Published on 2017-05-22
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