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November 27, 2023
"Mes de los Muertos"

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By Sand Pilarski

Hello, Readers!

This week, Matthew Chabin gives us an interesting perspective on magic, in particular, Shakespeare's mention of magic in Othello, and on a broader scale, how magic fits into the lives of humanity. How does it fit in yours?

Michael Price takes us down a primrose path that leads to ... mayhem? Romance? Confusion? "We'll Start Tomorrow" is a cautionary tale: what happens when the fun gets out of hand?

In an unexpectedly timely manner, Bernie Pilarski gives us a review of Race Matters by Cornel West, who has much to say about American culture and how it relates to racial issues.

Continuing her romp with Delilah Monroe and Ruby Galloway, Lydia Manx shows us what can happen when a spell-caster gets a little too drunk for her own good, in the serial "When Fairy Tales Come Alive."

Tad Odd has apparently been watching too much Food Network in his spare time, but I suspect he'll even take this guy's concoction over his wife's cooking in the comic "The ODDS."


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Published on 2015-01-19
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