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May 20, 2024

The Many Faces of George 10

By Sand Pilarski

Long ago, I worked in the vault room of a large retail store. A secure, windowless room, the vault's daily sameness was driving me nuts. In a feeble bid for some entertainment, I began collecting defaced one-dollar bills.

Artist: "Leo! Wanna sit with me?"

George: "He is ignoring you completely."

Artist: "Psst! Leo! Did you get all those math problems done?

George: "The young man does not hear you."

Artist: "He's only three people ahead of me in line, I know he can hear me. Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo!"

George: "You've got his attention now. Speak politely to him and he may answer politely."

Artist: "Leo! Let me hop up in line behind you! Oh, did you see that? He stuck his fingers up his nose at me!"

George: "Perhaps this is his way of telling you that he admires you but is too shy to say so."

Artist: "I think it's his way of being a creep. I'll show him!"

George: "This is not the way to make friends!"

Artist: "Wait till the cafeteria lady sees this!"

George: "She will not be amused, either."

Artist: "Hey Leo! Wait! Look here! This is YOU!!"

George: "Good bye, and good luck, young woman. You are certainly going to need it."

Article © Sand Pilarski. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-08-07
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