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July 15, 2024

The Castle Dream I

By Monique Jetton

Part One of Two

Monique Jetton

As I arrived to the small village, I notice that there were not many people walking about. Most of them had closed up shop for the night and were taking care of their families, as it was getting close to evening. I located the local inn walked in and asked the clerk for a room and a meal. The clerk sent a boy to take the horse to the stable as the custom. The town was locked away as if held back in time and space. As I was getting ready for bed a young girl brought me a tray with food and said that breakfast would be served around 7 am. When I unpacked my cloak she stepped back and left the room quickly. The food was delicious - I did not realize I was that hungry from the trip, I was just excited to be there and was not sure where I was going. Half way through my journey, I realized I was being driven to a place that I had never been.

The luscious smells and aromas filled the air and sights unseen. Yet, I had a feeling of being there once before or traveling the same high-way long ago. As I drifted off to sleep I remember feeling safe and warm. A loud, screeching, ear-piercing scream awakened me. I ran to the window and saw a woman walking down the center of town. I could not believe that I had witnessed my first Banshee and was excited as I opened the window. As she passed my window she looked up. It was like she saw right through me, we just stared at each other for what seemed like hours then she finally moved on quietly not making another sound until she reached the silver smith's shop and went inside screaming again. In a trance, I closed the window and went back to bed. Once my head hit the pillow and my eyes closed, I was no longer in my room. I looked at the bed and saw the silversmith and his wife lying there. In the next room was his eldest son and his youngest. I saw myself pointing at the oldest son. As I looked closely at the finger I realized it was not mine and felt the chill run down my spine. I was looking through the eyes of the Banshee. That can't be possible, I said to myself. What is happening to me?

Next thing I knew it was morning and there was a knock at the door. The young woman who brought me a tray last night brought in water for a bath. Finished with the bath I went down for breakfast and I noticed there were not as many people there as there was last night. I asked the girl and she said that the Banshee has visited again last night and everyone was helping the silversmith prepare for the wake. I felt sick and was not sure what to do. I finished my breakfast quickly and went back up stairs. As I changed back in to my riding clothes I grabbed my cloak. When I brought it with me it was not finished, as I looked at it someone had finished it for me. The black lace trim and the other eyehook and even the hood was finished. I could not believe my eyes. I rushed downstairs and asked the young woman about it, but she just shrugged her shoulders. I asked her for directions to the stable and then realized that I already know where it was. I asked the stable boy to saddle my horse as I was going for a ride.

I kept to a slow pace. Everyone was staring at me, while others were calling their children to come inside and locking the doors. Did I look like the Banshee from last night or did I look too much like the woman from my dream? I picked up the pace a bit and noticed the rock formation in front of the silversmith's home, which was the same formation as I had seen coming into the city. I left the city and followed a path, I was not sure where it would lead but yet I felt drawn again. It was as if I was not in control and I was looking through someone else's' eyes. Through the forest clearing, past the brook, and finally up the cobble stone drive way was the castle. I tied the horse and went inside. I was amazed at how well it was kept up. As I entered, an old woman came in from the kitchen. "Hello, my lady it's good to have you home again. I have tried to keep the place up for you, for I knew you would return when the time was right. Don't worry about your things my husband will bring them later in the day. Come and have a bit to eat and you can explore." I was unable to move as she helped me to the kitchen and I ate.

It was the weirdest de ja vu feeling ever. I explained to the cook that I just wanted to rest for a while and she took me up the stairs to my room. Once asleep, it seemed the house had come to life. Everything that I thought I knew was turned upside down. Memories flooded my brain, with family, friends, getting married, my baby boy, and then the fire and looking into the eyes of my executor. I woke up in a sweat, looking around and not realizing where I was. Then I saw her. I knew she had a picture hanging on the wall in the hall way but I did not look there purposely. She just rocked in the chair, looked at me and spoke, but it was not so much in words one could hear, but directly to me. She was happy that I was here and hoped that the family would be able to rest again and that everything would be put back into place, as it should be. Since her untimely death the town and state had never been the same. We sat and talked about everything for a few minutes then I realized that cook was calling for me and I walked down stairs. This time I took everything in, looking at each picture of my ancestors and their families. Then I saw the picture of the woman in my room and realized it was of my grandmother. "We have the same eyes and hair you and I. I am so happy you found your way back home."

Article © Monique Jetton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2002-11-18
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