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June 17, 2024

The Castle Dream II

By Monique Jetton

Part Two of Two

Monique Jetton

Cook came up the stairs. "Oh, there you are my lady come you must eat and then I have some things to show you." I ate as quickly as possible, because I wanted so much to explore the wondrous castle of my heritage. Cook led me to the attic and we went through the trunks of clothes that were my grandmother's. Grandmother herself was right there next to me, giving me ghostly critiques as to where and why she wore each gown. I had to explain to cook the reasons for my laughter, which she agreed and then she said, "I always knew you would come back. We have been waiting for you."

"We?" I asked. Cook explained that she could feel my grandmother's presence and knew she could not rest until her death had been explained and her killer put away. As we were going through the last trunk of clothes and belongings, there was a loud knock at the door.

"Oh, that must be the knight," she stated. The names were still fuzzy to me at this point.

The young woman from the inn helped me dress in one of Grandmother's old gowns and did my hair, which was the custom back then. As I went down stairs everyone was looking at me. I heard them whisper, "She looks exactly like her." We all ate and then were seated in the den, where the talk turned into assembling the other knights of the clans. I agreed it was time they meet me and I them to discuss the matter of my grandmother's and grandfather's untimely demise, which was hushed rather unexpectedly. Then I heard the screaming again, which seemed to be coming form the woods next to the house. I ran from the den, into the living area and opened the front door. Cook and the knight were yelling at me to get back in the house and shut the door.

I saw her again in the driveway. It looked as though she was walking toward town. Then suddenly she turned and looked straight at me. The next thing I knew, she was only a few yards away. I did not understand everything, but it was like we were having a conversation. I knew that nothing would be solved and that she had to do her job. She was just mourning the loss of her loved one that died cruelly in the invasion that killed my grandparents. We came to an understanding: she was going to wait and let me talk with the knights and deliver a black spot to the ones responsible for their deaths and then the rest would be in her hands. And then she was gone.

The knight came running out to me and carried me back into the house. I did not know this was taking a lot out of me until I found myself back in my bed. The next few days' preparations were made for the meeting of the knights of the clans and a dance with their families. The townspeople came out to help. The stables were cleaned, the house was polished and the linens were washed. I also got a new dress that highlighted all my features.

In between times cook would not let me work, or if she caught me I got a long lecture that it was not my job regardless of my upbringing, she said. So, I began to wander. I noticed the knight watching me as if he was following me. I found my grandparents' grave, the cliffs, and then the moors, which were so beautiful this time of year. The garden and yards around the castle were straightened up and I added lights to the trees to give it a romantic setting.

Everything was ready; I was upstairs getting ready when the guest started coming in. They all met in the foyer waiting in anticipation as I was announced, and started my decent down the stairs. The whispers started and then stopped all of a sudden. I greeted each one as they entered the dining hall. With the knight at my side the whole time it was a nice enough evening, the food well prepared. Cook out-did herself; it was delicious. Then we all excused our selves to the ballroom and danced the night away. It was like I was in some kind of fairy tale, and I kept pinching myself to make sure I was awake.

Then I noticed my grandparents' spirits there, enjoying themselves dancing and playing with the guests and critiquing their outfits or telling me about the ancestors of the clans. It was difficult to keep a straight face and look these people in the eye. Finally everyone was off to bed and Cook reassured me that they had it all under control and that I should get to bed also because I had a big day ahead of me when I met with the clans. The knight escorted me to my room and bid me a good night. I wished he would come in with me but I know it was not time yet.

After breakfast the next morning we all met in the meeting room and I asked them all to take their seats. When I looked around I realized that it felt like they were testing me to see if I knew who sat where, which of course I did and asked them very pointedly to move. The meeting commenced and various issues of state were discussed. The meeting was about over and I stated, "Each one of you have a piece of paper in front of you that I know you are all wondering about. Many centuries ago my family lived in this house and it was their home until they were brutally killed. Some of you knew about it but yet did nothing because it was out of your hands and at the time your clan was not strong. Now is the time to find out who killed them and I pray your punishment will be swift, because when you thought you killed the entire line you were wrong. Now, I am not sure of the proper customs on how to deal with it so I invented my own. Well, it's not mine, but stories from pirates. After this the Banshee will not visit this town any more or your clans for a very long time."

As I turned to leave the silversmith came in the room. "What are you doing? You killed my son and then I found this on my door," he slammed down the piece of paper with the back spot on it to the table.

They all gasped in terror and began looking at there pieces of paper. The ones with nothing on it let out a sigh of relief, the others stood up. "You have not right to pronounce judgment on us! Besides you have no proof." They were suprised when I read a passage from my grandmother's journal and showed them the evidence that was left behind in haste as the two clans realized what they had done. As for the silversmith, he had been the key player in the plan and allowed the clans access to the castle and helped them get rid of the guards. Everyone left and those with the black spots had heavy hearts for doom would be knocking at their door soon.

A few weeks later life returned back to normal, or as much as it could be, and there was a peace that surrounds the castle and town. The knight and I became good friends and it was decided that he should stay there while I was away. I had only come for a vacation, but know I knew that I had a home that from time to time would need me and I it. I still need to finish reading my grandmother's journals and learn more about my family. But the coolest thing about the whole trip was the dungeon. I plan on exploring that next time I go back.

Next thing I knew, music was playing and I looked at the clock. It was time for me to get ready for work. As I woke up I just could not shake the feeling that there was something that I needed to do. As I hit snooze and went back to sleep, I realized that it was only a dream but it was so vivid. The people had to be real because I kept seeing their faces, especially my grandmother's. This was not the first time I had seen her face. I first saw her face when I made the cloak and tried it on for the first time and looked in the mirror. I knew the face looking back at me was not mine. What did this all mean????? I don't know but I will find out some day.

Article © Monique Jetton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2002-11-25
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