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July 22, 2024

The Essence of Me

By Carrie A. Golden

As a young girl I was known to have a very active imagination. I'd have imaginary friends from other worlds. Or, I would imagine I was someone else living in another town. Other times I would play this game where I'd suddenly developed amnesia and would have to go through an entire day pretending I didn't know who my parents or friends were, and had to rediscover myself and the life I presently lived in.

In sixth grade my best friend, Melanie Coolidge, put out a challenge on who could write the best story. Through this challenge I discovered writing as a wonderful way to bring my imagination to life without endangering myself or anyone else's limbs in the meantime. I was hooked on writing and have been ever since.

Writing has played various roles throughout my life. During the time when my parents were constantly fighting, through writing I created imaginary worlds to escape to. While in college I went through a period when I had no clue on which career paths I wanted to pursue, I wrote about various characters that did various jobs and tasks.

Writing has also taken on therapeutic roles during some of my darkest and trying moments. I wrote poems and dark fiction when I lost my first husband to a car accident. I wrote poems to try and sooth my soul after my miscarriage a few years ago.

Writing has helped me to keep what sanity I have left, and it also has given me an avenue to explore my innermost fears and dreams that I'm unable to vocally express. Writing has given me the strength and the courage to weather through the tumultuous times, giving me hope that life does continue. Writing has been one of my greatest teachers.

Through writing, I have discovered who I really am. I am a mother. I am a wife. And I am a writer. I have various roles that I play in this life. And I have embraced each of these roles whole-heartedly for they are the essence of who I am.

-- Carrie A. Golden

Article © Carrie A. Golden. All rights reserved.
Published on 2009-04-20
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