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June 17, 2024

Articles by Carrie A. Golden

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Shadow of Death (2007-12-10) cover story short fiction horror

Was that whispering she heard? Or just some annoying random feedback from the hearing aids she wore? Could it be that Kara was simply an adolescent girl whose grief was overwhelming her imagination, or were there really shadows there cast by unseen shapes?

Shadow of Death, Part 2 (2007-12-17) short fiction horror

Conclusion. Kara discovers the gruesome history of the house she lives in, and events finally convince her father that Kara was, after all, telling the truth.

The Hunt (2009-08-24) short fiction science fiction

It came from space in a fiery cluster of molten steel, shattering the solitude that covered the blue water below as it plunged deep into the cold darkness. There it would lie dormant, to be stirred by life that flourished both in the water and above.

Jewel (2014-12-15) fiction war women

Sometimes the best thing you can receive is what you've come least to expect...

The Suitcase (2019-02-25) fiction horror

Was he ever really gone?

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Life (2008-03-10) poem unrhymed

There is a rhythm to living, and an unknown. Both should be cherished.

Once (2008-09-15) poem unrhymed

When we see others around us, why can't we remember that we can't always count on a second chance?

Shadows (2009-04-13) poem, unrhymed

What was seen -- was it real?

Darkness (2010-05-17) poem unrhymed

The future is as unlit as a windowless hall at night.

The End? (2010-05-24) poem unrhymed

Ultimately, this is all we can do ...

Haiku for November (2010-11-29) poem haiku

A fitting poem to end out Mes de los Muertos.

Diremption (2011-11-28) poem unrhymed

The silver orb of the night -lights the way for the shade walker ...

The Dawning (2012-04-02) poem rhymed

"In a single burst the icy soil opens and shoots high ..."

The Ancient Guardian (2012-06-18) poem unrhymed

"An eagle's wail echoes through the dark brown valley as the rocks weep black and red tears ..."

Teddy Bear (2017-10-30) poem unrhymed

"...under the folds of the quilted cover..."

Cradle (2020-06-15) poem unrhymed

"The gravel road led to an abandoned skeletal shed..."

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The Essence of Me (2009-04-20) essay writing self

Carrie Golden tells us about how writing has been integral in her life.

A Writer & Her Adolescent Muse: Featured Blog (2013-11-18) essay featured blog

This week's featured blog asks an important question of all writers.

The Door (2014-11-24) essay life death

No procrastination, no fight, no sprint will keep it from opening...

We Are All Cowards (2016-02-01) essay humanity

"In the end, there will be no heroes..."

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DIY MFA: Book Review (2016-06-20) book review DIY MFA

You love writing, but can you afford the time, the stress, and the money to go to school to pursue it? Gabriela Pereira tackles this question and strategies for writers in "DIY MFA."

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Tomorrow Falls (2016-08-22) cover story serial fiction horror

Any time you open your eyes in the morning, you wonder if the world is the same as it was when you fell asleep...

Tomorrow Falls 02 (2016-08-29) serial fiction horror

Her parents are dead. Faced with that horrible mystery, Tess struggles to recall how it could have happened...

Tomorrow Falls 03 (2016-09-05) serial fiction horror

Tess remembers falling ill, but then what?

Tomorrow Falls 04 (2016-09-12) serial fiction horror

Tess remembered her parents' voices, but she's all alone now. Wait, what if she's not completely alone? Can she find someone to help her?

Tomorrow Falls 05 (2016-09-19) serial fiction horror

Sickened by the sight of the monstrously changed people in the supermarket, Tess flees through the winter snow...

Tomorrow Falls 06 (2016-09-26) serial fiction horror

Tess has learned the fate of the townspeople from a dying man, and it is hideous beyond belief...

Tomorrow Falls 07 (2016-10-03) serial fiction horror

Should she have heeded the dead man's warning to run for the mountains? Too late, a hideous creature has followed Tess home...

Tomorrow Falls 08 (2016-10-10) serial fiction horror

Trapped by the water's edge, Tess must call upon her memories of her family to escape death...

Tomorrow Falls 09 (2016-10-17) serial fiction horror

Her escape across the lake, a long hike, and an injury to her knee have driven Tess to exhaustion. But she has to keep on going...

Tomorrow Falls 10 (2016-10-24) serial fiction horror

Tess has been trapped underground, and the monsters have found her trail...

Tomorrow Falls 11 (2016-10-31) serial fiction horror

The last thing Tess remembers was falling...

Tomorrow Falls 12 (2016-11-07) serial fiction horror

Saved from certain death by the mysterious man called Beck, Tess must keep going, find a way to stay alive...

Tomorrow Falls 13 (2016-11-14) serial fiction horror

Fleeing through the woods, Tess has already taken a beating from the rough terrain. But it's better than being killed by monsters...

Tomorrow Falls 14 (2016-11-21) serial fiction horror

Nearly drowned, nearly attacked, now Tess must somehow continue to flee...

Tomorrow Falls 15 (2016-11-28) serial fiction horror

A fog has come over Tess, and something waits within it...

Tomorrow Falls 16 (2016-12-05) serial fiction horror

Tess has been called out of the darkness of her injuries. But whose voice was it, really?

Tomorrow Falls 17 (2016-12-12) serial fiction horror

The place where Tess wakes is supposedly safe -- but it's a safety hard to understand...

Tomorrow Falls 18 (2016-12-19) serial fiction horror

Who are Mirial's people? What is this place, so untainted by horror?

Tomorrow Falls 19 (2016-12-26) serial fiction horror

Conclusion. Tess has found safety in the sanctuary, but the world she knew is lost forever. One last question, though...

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Terry Petersen: Author Interview (2016-09-19) interview

Let's learn about our authors! Carrie Golden interviews Terry Petersen from Ohio.

Jerry Guarino: Author Interview (2016-10-03) interview

Carrie Golden interviews short story author Jerry Guarino.

Ralph Bland: Author Interview (2016-10-24) interview

Carrie Golden interviews author Ralph Bland.

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