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June 17, 2024

Tomorrow Falls 14

By Carrie A. Golden


Beck's hand clasped over hers as he pulled her along while she stumbled with him. "Stay with me!" He breathed heavily as they dodged trees and rotted logs.

Tess tried to glance ahead to see where he was leading them; but everything looked distorted. The roaring in her head wouldn't stop, and the pain pulsated behind her eyes. Bile burned in her stomach.

The high-pitched howls echoed through the dark forest. Sun now hidden behind gray clouds. It held the appearance of impending nightfall.

Or, one's doom.

"Careful! We're heading down a steep hill!" Beck said as he continued to pull her along at a quick pace.

Tess attempted to step over a rotten fallen tree, but tripped and fell head first, breaking her grasp from his.


Everything spun as her body rolled down the steep incline. When she finally stopped, she lay on her back, and stared up to the murky sky.

White flecks filled it as she felt cold kisses on her face. Sounds of trickling water rose to her ears.

"Tess?" Beck's voice sounded so far away.

Where did he go? Was he leaving her?

Then she felt something warm touched her face, and he appeared over her. His hazel eyes. His dirty brown hair. His face, bloodied.

"Tess, we need to get up." His voice sounded almost ... frightened?

She tried to lift her head, but her body felt heavy. "I-I can't," she moaned.


She felt her body being lifted off the ground as Beck cradled her in his arms.

"Where are we going?" Her words slurred.

"Across ... this river." He stepped into the freezing water. "God, you're so light."

She felt like she was floating towards the darkness as her eyelids fluttered. Something was there, waiting for her.

"Stay awake!" Beck's deep voice startled her as she looked up to his face, and then turned her head to one side. He was taking her across a river? The shore on the other side was partially concealed by the fog.

"Hang in there just a bit longer!"

Something was in the fog, just like the darkness in her head.


She couldn't see what it was, but knew that it was there. It no longer frightened her.

Her lids grew heavy like her body. Darkness threatened once more as she leaned her head against his chest. All she want to do is sleep.

"No, Tess! Keep your eyes open!"

His voice drifted further and further away until she no longer heard him.

Article © Carrie A. Golden. All rights reserved.
Published on 2016-11-21
Image(s) are public domain.
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