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April 15, 2024

What Other People Got

By Monique Jetton

Through the many months I have been away from writing for the press I have come to some conclusions and a new attitude. We see people everyday and some part of what they have, how they look, or a glimpse of their life. Each of us seem to be wanting more and it's usually what the other person has.

In school as a kid, I remember that eveyone was wearing "Guess" jeans. You weren't cool if you did not have a pair. But as we get older, do these feelings change? We find we are "envious" about other aspects of life.

You find out that maybe what someone else has would be right for you. You start changing to get what that other person has, or what you perceive them to have, that seems so special to you. Sometimes what you see to be good in their life may be the one thing they wish they can change.

We give cute nick names to the problem such as, "mid-life crisis" and "seven year itch". I am sure there are many other terms for it. Once we label something, it seems to be accepted by society as being okay. We are never content with what we have, we always want more.

So the question becomes how much are you willing to pay to get what you want? For some that can amount to thousands of dollars. For others, it's their soul (or loss of themselves). If you lose your self or sense of self when battling to get what you want, have you gained anything? Or lost because you ended up becoming something you never meant to be to begin with.

The problem most of us face is that we get a little and then we want more. The cycle starts spinning out of control and we don't stop. I guess the hardest lesson to learn is to be content with what you have, but to never stop reaching for the stars and realizing your dreams. Because one day it maybe possible for you to have it all if you don't lose sense of yourself.
Article © Monique Jetton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2003-06-02
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