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May 20, 2024

What is in a title?

By Monique Jetton

It seems we define our status as a person by a title. We describe ourselves as either Mr., Mrs., Dr., Lawyer and so on, which are positive. Then there are jock, jerk, psycho, and so on. We are content to fit into the stereotype that fits with each title. Why are we allowing ourselves to fall into that category and let ourselves be defined by a title? People are complex and have various sides to their personality. Most of the time our name describes the person more then our title.

Titles are only social status symbols. Have you ever noticed at a party, people with like titles stay in their own group? Heaven forbid if they mingle with others not held in the same esteem.

It is as if to say education is everything. Yet the wisest person is one who is educated in both books and life. Books are interesting and entertain us but if that is your whole life, then you are sorely missing out. Those who get so wrapped up in a title let it define their life. The bigger person would let the title accent who they are.

Society is plagued with looking at a title to measure a persons worth. Think about when you last went to your High School Reunion, the game "What have you done with your life?" Basically asking who has the most prestige in their title/education.

There are new commercials on TV enticing children to be active by choosing a verb. Verb is an active part of our lives. Same with a title, it is part of our lives that describes who we are. But as we are complex. A title can define and describe only parts of our lives.

Titles are many, yet few can carry them well. Some prestigious titles are given freely to people with no merit -- just honorably. Some colleges give honorary certificates so many years later to a student or anointed as Lord _______ of (town). One who has honor and wears it well can humble themselves to encourage others to be come better individuals.

Let your name describe you as a person and use it wisely. Let your title and verb accent you to show others the type of person you are. Step out of the realm of stereotypes and people who use them. Be wise in your actions and all will fall into place. Don't be swayed by others small mindedness -- it will only narrow your possibilities. If you are not happy, choose another verb and do something you like.

We get so wrapped up in the title and the persons we lose are ourselves, our sense of adventure, fun, love, and so on. The world all of a sudden expects you to conform to a certain type of behavior; you are now a ______________________ (fill in title here). To break out of the stereotype and show part of your self is frowned upon.

When people adapt themselves to the same mold we become boring. Besides, why should you lose yourself to conform to a title and to fit in with everyone else? How do you define yourself? Adopt characteristics from others, people you admire and incorporate them into your life. Find the medium that fits you best, don't allow yourself to be labeled. Be the most unique person you can.

Article © Monique Jetton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2004-01-10
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