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February 19, 2024


By Pete Armetta

You think he woulda learned his lesson by now. But no. It was 2AM and he heard his cell phone ringing and started to feel around under the covers and his pillow to find it. Who calls at 2AM? Bleary eyed, he found the phone and looked at the Caller ID. Oh, I shoulda known.


Should I answer it? He pressed the green button and held the phone to his ear.

"Um, hello?"


"Yes?" David closed his eyes and clutched his blanket.

"David, it's me."

"Yeh, I know it's you. Why are you calling now, and from where? I mean in the middle of the night?"

"I just wanted to make sure you're okay and see how the reunion went."

"Of course I'm okay. Why wouldn't I be okay?"

David felt the pounding in his head and the paste in his mouth and started to remember. They'd been at the bar all night. And oh, man, he must have spent over a hundred bucks on vodka gimlets. He sure the hell couldn't throw 'em back like he used to, that's for sure. Oh, and his friends. What a bunch of losers! They hadn't changed much since high school, what with the binge drinking and all the gossip and carrying on and big talk that comes along with that.

"So you okay?

"Yeh, Desiree, I'm fine. I'm sleeping."

"Passed out is more like it. Trisha called me and told me you and Hank got into it pretty bad and there was a bunch of pandemonium and then you ran outta there like a lemming. Where are you?"

"What do you mean, where am I? I'm in bed, right here."

"David, if you were here in bed with me, why would I be calling you?"

David sat up in the bed in the dark. He tried focusing his eyes but the dark of night wouldn't let him see anything. It was perfectly quiet, and then he heard it; the breathing. Getting panicky, he reached over on the nightstand and switched on the light.

"David, are you there?"

David looked around the bedroom. Nope. Unfamiliar. He looked next to him and saw the back of the person lying there fast asleep. Breathing in, breathing out. He leaned over to try and see the face. Oh crap.

"I gotta go."

He hung up the phone and switched off the light and snuggled back up under his blanket, pulling it up to his face. Hank rolled over and wrapped his big arms around him, squeezing him tight.

I'm gonna have to tell her about this, he thought.

Article © Pete Armetta. All rights reserved.
Published on 2013-09-02
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