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June 17, 2024

Articles by Pete Armetta



Nowhere Fast (2012-10-08) cover story short fiction life

Pete Armetta is a writer of Flash Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Essays. With a style that's been called accessible and broad, unpredictable and matter-of-fact, Pete is a genuine, self-taught outsider. His stories and poetry fend off conventionality and he's never easy to pigeonhole.

He doesn't wanna be.

Herbert (2012-11-12) cover story short fiction life

Even though you know it's coming, nothing can prepare you for that sudden great loss ...

Scrapper (2012-12-10) short fiction life relationships

No matter how many hours you've spent chatting, emailing, posting ... there is one point that looms terrifyingly in the future ...

Overland (2013-01-07) cover story short fiction

There is a life, and a way of life, that few understand -- but for those few, the horizon is endless, and the present full of riches ...

What Love Is (2013-02-18) fiction love

Yes, that is.

New Normal (2013-03-11) cover story short fiction life

Living can be hard work even at the best of times, but a time comes when the effort of staying alive makes one long for retirement ...

Pecorino (2013-04-15) cover story fiction life love

The best flavors are the ones you can taste from your heart out...

Life As An Aesthete (2013-05-27) fiction life death

To savor each day, to soak in all the beauty that surrounds us, from the minute to the mountainous...is there any higher calling?

The Landing (2013-07-08) fiction life

Our lives flow along like the waters of a river, and where we find ourselves is at least partly due to how we use the current...

Lemming (2013-09-02) fiction life

Nothing like a high school class reunion to find out how different you've become...

Indigo (2013-10-14) fiction life people

He always knew where to find her...

Out to Slab City (2013-11-11) cover story fiction life relationship money

When the economy tanked, peoples' lives were infected as with disease; careers died, lifestyles perished -- even relationships sickened. For some, the only remnant of hope left was to cut away the infection and get beyond the reach of the contagion...

I Remember Your Smile (2013-12-09) fiction love

A second chance would be the perfect gift to share...

Gypsy Hill (2014-01-20) fiction life

Sometimes a man has to take a stand, even when it's a seat.

The Locket (2014-02-03) cover story fiction life

Time passes, and well-wishers always try to tell you it's good to move on. But what if you don't know how to move on? What if you're not sure you want to?

Where I'm Going I'll Stay (2014-03-03) fiction life

"I'll think of you, imagining you everywhere..."

There Is No Cure (2014-04-07) cover story fiction life humor

There they are, the most hopeless words ever to be heard from your physician. What will this mean for the rest of your life? Who could love, who could stand someone so afflicted?

Gotta Have a Twist (2014-04-28) fiction life writing

When does art turn into just another damn job?

Meet John Taylor (2014-06-16) fiction life

You met this guy at the bus stop, didn't you? I think I met him, too...

Lesbian Pass (2014-08-04) fiction life

And sometimes what it's all about isn't what it's all about.

That's How Much (2014-08-25) fiction life

15%? 20%? You know what you need to pull out of that wallet...

Heart Line (2014-09-22) fiction life

What if there really is nothing to it?

You Know It (2014-10-13) cover story fiction life

Well, yes, but did you really have to say it?

The Del Mundo (2014-11-17) fiction love death

Light a candle for remembrance, let it burn...for the passion once felt...

All the Way to Albuquerque (2014-12-08) fiction life

A long way, and the roads were fast and dry with a mirage at the end of them all...

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