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September 25, 2023


By Sandra Widner Burch

A futile blaze rages
Contrast to the vast horizon
Stretched out in the background
Hot embers warm the cool air
Burning orange then red
Sporadically drifting up
Mingling with the stars
Each one becoming a memory

It wasn't until 2003 that Sandra Widner Burch picked up a pen to write poetry. For her, writing poetry was a means to release a whirlwind of emotions, immeasurable heartache, and to shed light on the often misunderstood Battered Spouse Syndrome. In 2008, she entered her poem "No More Fears" in a poetry contest where her poem won an Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry and was published in Collected Whispers. Her poem "Sixteen Candles" advanced to the semi-final round of the National Amateur Poetry Competition and was published in Sunflowers & Seashells. In October of 2010, Sandra was the featured writer for River Writers Group. Other poems have been published in several print and online publications, including The Torrid Journal, The Firehouse Journal, Best New Poems and Patience & Grace, to name a few.

Article © Sandra Widner Burch. All rights reserved.
Published on 2014-09-01
7 Reader Comments
Barbara Dalton
05:54:21 PM
Well written, Sandi! Congratulations on your publication here on Piker Press!
Jeff Caplinger
11:34:54 PM
Perfect poem for the upcoming fall season; firepits, smores, & poetry! Continue to write Sandi and I will keep reading!
Beverly Cox
07:18:34 PM
Delighted to come across your poem here on Piker Press! I wish you much success with your future endeavors. - Beverly
LaSandra Burke
09:37:27 PM
Ms. Burch, keep writing and keep inspiring others with your words and creativity!
Chris Caldwell
09:44:14 PM
Simply lovely. I never new my cousin was a poet!!!
Joya Fields
05:23:34 PM
I'm so proud of your accomplishments & hope that you will have continued success in your writing endeavors!
~ Joya Fields, Author
Mary Ann
09:43:29 PM
Great poem!
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