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June 24, 2024


By Michael Price

And in those days there went out a decree
Which started it all, this thing, most importantly.
A kid in some straw with some cows looking on
In a Motel 6 parking lot 'cuz the rooms were all gone.
Three wise guys got together, all in one place
To bring a savior some cash and some smelly stuff for his face.
Shepherds, on the job in a field nearby,
Watched angels and other stuff fall out of the sky.

Very inspirational.

The old guy with the beard wasn't there; he's here now --
He of red suits, obesity, and prominent brow.
Eight over-sized rodents hauling a sled
(Or nine, counting the one whose nose was red),
Beating gravity, with Santa having a pipe-full in back.
And elves and toys and, for later, a little snack,
With a chimney fetish -- it could be worse;
A fat, aerial Robin Hood, but financially in reverse.

With mom in her kerchief and dad in the den
Watching football or hockey, depending on when.
Sis back from school; nice ta see ya, see ya, see ya later;
The frat-man's in town, from Wisconsin, an all-stater.
And Grandma in the kitchen, or resting, or in ears
Relating studied wisdom gathered through her years.
Going broke being nice; it's that time again.
Buy now, worry later. Can I borrow a pen?

No problem.

A pen today will get you a lot the next day;
For the month prior we're talkin' serious layaway.
Sports stuff for nephew, doll stuff for niece,
Or that game on the tube, in the silly commercial piece.
Light-em-up Santas and look-alike trees,
Tinsel, wild parties, and chocolate covered cherries.
And the joyous sentiments after the service that eve:
"Happy holidays to all and ... I'm sorry, but do I even know you?"


Article © Michael Price. All rights reserved.
Published on 2015-12-21
Image(s) are public domain.
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