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April 15, 2024

Africa's Curse

By KK Brown

The final curse that Mwari gave
With broken heart, in granite cave
As blood seeped from his tortured soul
- Though not a wound showed whence it came -
Was 'gainst His people whom He loved
But could no longer save

As sunlight dimmed 'hind red-rimmed eye
And strange green shadows through the vines
Cast ghostly images on the sand
Of that great Cave in Mwari's land
His massive head began to droop

Then bats and rats crept forth to see
Why Mwari had released control
And allowed them all to run and roam
And fight and spoil the sacred space
That once had been God's hallowed home

Then one last time He raised His head
And took them all within His eye
And slowly, softly, sternly, spoke - as Afrika -
So all would know His words
And none could, later, lie

"Children, this is now your land
- He gently spoke -
But hear my dying curse"
- And pausing, then with booming voice -
"If you can't love YOURSELVES
In Afrika
She will always treat you worse"

Then Mwari lay and died

Article © KK Brown. All rights reserved.
Published on 2016-02-15
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