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March 20, 2023

Trump's Legal Actions to Make America White Again

By Frederick Foote

The Trump presidency has, in its first thirty days, demonstrated a perverse disregard for truth, temperance, courtesy, and competence that sets new low standards for the Office of President. This is a presidency that appears to be its own worst enemy. It is difficult to see how it could succeed or continue for a full term.

However, one does not have to be Donald Trump to use the presidency to abuse the power of the Office and to perpetuate the racism, sexism, greed and violence that is part of the essence of the United States of America.

The following are examples of how Trump might turn to our history for models of repression.

* * *

The criminalization of drugs is, in part, reaction to the alleged use of drugs by people of color. Marijuana was outlawed because it was seen, in part, as a Mexican vice that the white nation had to be protected from. Opium regulation was directed at the Chinese immigrants.

Drug criminalization is powerful tool for persecuting, prosecuting, and destroying groups and organizations. Here's how Trump might use drug criminalization to his advantage.

An Executive Order Protecting The Nation From Domestic Terrorist Entry Into The Heartland Of The United States*


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the section 301 of title 3, United States Code, and to protect the Nation from terrorist activities by domestic enemies of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy and Purpose.

  1. It is the policy of the United States to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks, including those committed by domestic terrorist. The states of Washington, Oregon, California, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, and the District of Columbia (District) pose a significant, pervasive, and rapidly growing threat to the domestic tranquility, civility, morality, values, and unity of these United States. These states and the District have enacted laws legalizing marijuana for recreational and/or medical use in violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA) (21 U.S.C. § 811). These states are in rebellion against the United States and openly defy the laws of the United States, and vow to challenge the federal enforcement of such laws designed to safeguard the health and welfare of the citizens of these United States.

  2. To protect neighboring states, and to prevent, the exporting, of subversive ideology, the transportation of controlled substances, the spread of mental and physical diseases associated with the use of controlled substances, such as marijuana, we have directed the FBI, the Justice Department and the Department of Defense to impose an immediate quarantine on these rebellious jurisdictions and impose stringent vetting processes on those wishing to leave these states to enter the heartland states that are in harmony, with the federal law, traditional values, and the spiritual inspiration for this nation.

    1. Those migrants professing allegiance to and swearing to support the United States against these terrorist powers shall receive such resettlement support as necessary to ensure their financial wellbeing.

  3. As in past rebellions the voting rights of those in rebellion are herein suspended until such time this insurrection is crushed and its leaders brought to swift and certain justice.
    1. Except those taking a pledge of allegiance to these United States and who openly reject and repudiate terrorist organizations, such as the ACLU, Amnesty International, the United Nations, The New York Times, and the Democratic and Peace and Freedom Parties, etc. shall be allowed to vote.
  4. Let this Executive Order serve as notice to these sick terrorists who seek to contaminate, mongrelize, or infect the values of this great nation that your days are numbered and your destruction assured.

Donald J. Trump

Executive Order 13770

*Based on President Trump's Immigration Executive Orders

* * *

In February of 1942 Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 to inter Japanese living in parts of the United States for the duration of WWII. There was and still is no evidence of disloyalty by any of those imprisoned. The timid and/or patriotic courts including the U.S. Supreme condoned this racist action. Trump might use this precedent in the following manner:

Executive Order No. 9066*


The President

Executive Order

Authorizing the Secretary of Defense to Prescribe Military Areas for the Interment of Deviant Populations Presenting Dangers to the Public at Large and the Nation as a Whole

Whereas the successful prosecution of the war against domestic terrorist requires every possible protection against biological weapons, disease, and moral degradation I issue the following Executive Order under authority of, 18 USC §2712, 31 USC §5318A, 15 USC §1681v, 8 USC §1226A, 18 USC §1993, 18 USC §2339, 18 USC §175b, 50 USC §403-5b, 51 USC §5103a.

Now, therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the United States, and Commander in Chief, I hereby authorize and direct the Secretary of Defense to prescribe military areas in such places and of such extent as he deems necessary from which any or all persons of deviant sexual orientation may be excluded, and with respect to which, the right of any person to enter, remain in, or leave shall be subject to whatever restrictions the Secretary of Defense may impose in his discretion.

The Secretary of Defense is hereby authorized to provide for residents of any such area who are excluded therefrom, such transportation, food, shelter, and other accommodations as may be necessary, in the judgment of the Secretary of Defense, and until other arrangements are made, to accomplish the purpose of this order.

The designation of military areas in any region or locality are also for the protection of deviant populations from the understandable fury of those seeking to protect loved ones and cherished ideals.

I hereby further authorize and direct the Secretary of Defense, and other law enforcement units to take such other steps as they may deem advisable to enforce compliance with the restrictions applicable to each Military detention area hereinabove authorized, including the use of Federal troops and other Federal Agencies, with authority to accept assistance of state and local agencies.

I hereby further authorize and direct all Executive Departments, independent establishments and other Federal Agencies, to assist the Secretary of Defense in carrying out this Executive Order, including the furnishing of medical aid, hospitalization, food, clothing, transportation, use of land, shelter, and other supplies, equipment, utilities, facilities, religious education, and sexual reorientation services.

These detained in such areas are under martial law and all civil rights including the right to vote and the writ of habeas corpus are suspended for the term of their detention.

Donald J, Trump

*Based on Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order 9066 of February 19, 1942

* * *

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 was signed into law on May 28, 1830, by President Andrew Jackson. The law allowed Jackson to force Indians living east of the Mississippi River to give up their lands and much of their property and commence the Trail of Tears where thousands died in route to the Indian Territory west of the Mississippi.

Jackson ignored a U.S. Supreme Court decision (Worchester v. Georgia, 1832) favorable to the Cherokee and used state and federal troops to force the Indians off their land.

Trump might use this atrocity for his own similar purposes.

The African American/Negro Removal Act of 2017*


U. S. Government, 115th Congress, 2nd Session

Chapter CXLVIII - An Act to provide for an exchange of lands with the African Americans or Negroes residing in any of the central cities for removal to rural protected areas.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That it shall and may be lawful for the President of the United States to acquire so much of any African-American or Negro owned central city territory in the United States,

Section 2 - And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the President to exchange any or all of such African-American or Negro owned central city property,

Section 3 - And be it further enacted, That in the making of any such exchange or exchanges, it shall and may be lawful for the President solemnly to assure the African-American or Negro with which the exchange is made, that the United States will forever secure and guaranty to them, and their heirs or successors, the land so exchanged with them; and if they prefer it, that the United States will cause a patent or grant to be made and executed to them for the same: Provided always, that such lands shall revert to the United States,

Section 4 - And be it further enacted, That if, upon any of the lands now occupied by African-Americans or Negroes, it shall and may be lawful for the President to cause such value to be ascertained by appraisement or otherwise, and to cause such ascertained value to be paid to the person or persons rightfully claiming such improvements. And upon the payment of such valuation, the improvements so valued and paid for, shall pass to the United States, and possession shall not afterwards be permitted to any African-American or Negro claimant.

Section 5 - And be it further enacted, That upon the making of any such exchange as is contemplated by this act, it shall and may be lawful for the President to cause such aid and assistance to be furnished to the emigrants as may be necessary and proper to enable them to remove to, and settle in, the country for which they may have exchanged; and also, to give them such aid and assistance as may be necessary for their support and subsistence for the first year after their removal.

Section 6 - And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the President to cause such African-Americans or Negroes to be protected, at their new residence, against all interruption or disturbance from any others,

Section 7 - And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the President to have the same superintendence, custody and care over any African-American or Negro in the land to which they may remove, as contemplated by this act, that he is now authorized to have over them at their present places of residence.

*Based on the Indian Removal Act of 1830

* * *

Unfortunately, our legislative law making and executive rulemaking procedures give Trump a plethora of precedents and examples of repressive, exploitative, and discriminatory behaviors.

While the examples given above may seem far-fetched, that is exactly what the majority and the pundits thought of the possibility of Trump's election.

Our saving graces may be the sheer incompetence of his administration and the fierce opposition forces challenging his laws and rules.

It is an open question as to how far Trump can push the envelope of discrimination and repression. I suspect we will have the answer to that question in the next few months.

Article © Frederick Foote. All rights reserved.
Published on 2017-04-10
Image(s) are public domain.
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Elaine Zentner
10:33:14 PM
Unfortunately, well said, Mr. Foote. I have hopes for many things. Among them, I hope that the American people contact their congress person(s) and call for an immediate assessment of the president's mental competency and/or his impeachment. However, that leaves us with Pence, no better. I don't have an answer, just questions. Thanks for this piece.
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