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July 08, 2024

Articles by Frederick Foote

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The Mechanic (2014-09-08) cover story science fiction extinction war

Frederick Foote is a retired State of California worker and community college instructor. He lives in Sacramento, California and writes plays and short stories.

The Mechanic, Part 2 (2014-09-15) science fiction extinction war

The great ship Nina is before Estrada's eyes at last, but her darkness has targeted his heart...

The Mechanic, Part 3 (2014-09-22) science fiction extinction war

Unwillingly separated from the Nina, Estrada must find meaning in his life -- but can he live with what he finds?

The Mechanic, Part 4 (2014-09-29) science fiction extinction war

Estrada has found a happiness he never expected, one he will never leave -- unless...

The Mechanic, Part 5 (2014-10-06) science fiction extinction war

Conclusion. Estrada has been recalled to enlistment, back to the monstrous weapon-ship Nina. What will he find there?

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Alley Ways (2014-10-27) cover story fiction horror

Clothe yourself in darkness...and then don't be surprised what you find in your pockets...

Nina (2014-11-17) science fiction extinction war

Return again to the universe of "The Mechanic" and Estrada's last hope and happiness...

Usama (2015-01-12) cover story fiction future fight

How do you stand and how do you approach when you know that you cannot run?

Trinity (2015-04-27) science fiction conflict

Death is inevitable; what comes next is something more...

Resurrection (2015-08-17) cover story fiction family death horror

Time and space are finite. But love, and spirit are not...

Changeling (2015-09-14) cover story science fiction future

Searching for novelty, searching for beauty, searching for excitement...why is it such a an biological imperative when so often it leads to destruction?

The Slith (2015-11-16) cover story science fiction horror

And this world, and all things in it...?

Fish Story (2016-01-04) cover story fiction horror

There! By the pilings, the water moves in that certain way -- that's where you cast your line...

Vector (2016-09-12) cover story science fiction aliens

Who was the first one? And who -- or what -- will be the last?

Instances (2016-10-10) fiction

A rare look from within a lost mind...

Them Blues (2016-10-31) cover story fiction blues

They get into your head, into your blood, and nothing can take them away...

Elysian Options (2016-11-21) cover story fiction future

It's always good to plan ahead...

Winter Interlude (2017-01-09) cover story fiction life death

In the end, you're never really alone...

Twins (2017-02-06) cover story fiction horror

So different, so far apart, and yet so much the same...

Eight Ball (2017-03-06) cover story fiction horror soul

Pride and greed and arrogance -- yeah, he can work with that...

JC and the Projects Kids (2017-04-24) cover story fiction life

Some say one thing, and some say another, but fact is, if you're doin' what you're supposed to be doin,' you'll be happy...

The Bullfight (2017-05-29) cover story fiction horror

What did you come here to see? What has come to see you?...

Nappy Hair (2017-06-26) cover story fiction culture

Oh, for defiant hearts...

The Painting (2017-08-07) cover story short fiction horror

They say that when art is really good, the audience simply can't look away...

The Interview (2017-09-04) cover story fiction discrimination

Anything you say or don't say can and will be used against you...

Gone Fishing (2017-10-02) cover story short fiction horror

Does this one arrive when you least expect it? Or is it always nearby...

Food for Thought (2017-12-04) cover story short fiction horror

Aren't you glad Halloween is over?

Veterans' Day (2018-01-01) cover story fiction death military

Let this year be one of thought...

Etta May Shoemaker (2018-03-05) cover story fiction afterlife

Remember that old song, "In Heaven There Is No Beer?"

Etta May Shoemaker St. Peter Interview (2018-03-19) fiction afterlife

Now there was some unfinished business...

Skeeters (2018-03-26) fiction insect

"The narrator assures me that each and every word is the gospel..."

The Angel of Mercy (2018-04-23) fiction war death

And what does "mercy" mean in the wars of politicians and their generals?

The River Road Incident (2018-05-21) cover story fiction bigotry

Such a treacherous road, and so many still -- still -- take its evil trail...

Vacation (2018-07-16) cover story fiction family life

We all wear masks. It's not always painful to wear one, but what happens when you forget what you look like without one?

Siblings (2018-08-20) cover story fiction sexuality

Oh, Summer. Sometimes it's not so much the heat as the proximity...

The Beast (2018-10-22) cover story short fiction horror

More predators than one are without remorse...

Bourgeois Blues (2018-12-17) cover story fiction race identity music

Sometimes we have a lot of explaining to do for the young. And sometimes the things you have to say in the explanation are hard to say, painful to remember...

Night Terrors (2019-01-14) cover story fiction horror

They creep in, their intention to cut you off from everything and everyone you have ever loved...

Wyoming (2019-02-11) cover story fiction life love

Open. Honest. Of a good heart. Is that all we need in a friend?

True Believers (2019-04-22) speculative fiction religion

Can Death be an excuse for Death?

Walking Man (2019-07-29) cover story fiction life love

Climate change ...

Betty and Dupree (2019-11-18) cover story fiction ballad

Nothing like the bluest of blues...

The Deadliest Virus (2020-06-29) cover story fiction

You can wear a mask and avoid one, but the other needs to be unmasked to heal...

Seconds (2020-09-07) cover story fiction

It's 2020 now, who would be surprised by anything?

The Corona Blue Devil Blues (2020-11-30) fiction horror racism

It's quite possible you won't like what you hear, but you may need to hear it anyway...

Words from the Elders (2021-02-01) cover story fiction human nature

"...a lesson, especially one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience..."

Rejection Letter No. 106 (2021-03-29) fiction humor publishing

So that's how the publishing business works...

For the Sake of Soul - Voting (2021-04-19) fiction social issues

And what is the solution to all the hatred...?

Calliope (2021-12-20) fiction writing

Inspiration can stop you right in your tracks, or run you down with a bus, or both...

Trees (2022-02-28) cover story speculative fiction

When you stop listening to the life all around you, you forget how to live...

The Farmer (2022-04-25) fiction horror

The reason is that only two know the reason...

Skipping Time (2022-06-20) fiction horror

They say that time goes by faster as we get older...what if it isn't age at all?

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Trump's Legal Actions to Make America White Again (2017-04-10) essay laws government opinion

And don't forget the wall he wants to build -- who will that keep out?

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Giving People (2017-06-12) poem unrhymed

"...a hidden taking of your essence..."

Taking People (2017-07-10) poem unrhymed

"...Never sated..."

She Is (2017-08-07) poem unrhymed

"...Substantial in every way..."

Crow Calls (2017-10-30) poem unrhymed

"...One note black crow..."

Poetry Is (2017-12-04) poem unrhymed

"...Pretentious, modest, A mummer, a scream..."

US (2017-12-18) poem unrhymed

"...a hand at every throat a knife for every back..."

Final Exam (2018-02-19) poem unrhymed

"...And it's alright and it's okay..."

The River Rough (2018-03-12) poem unrhymed

"...Carrying away and devouring all..."

Government Terrorism (2018-04-16) cover story poem oppression

We can't hide in the dark, or behind walls, or with eyelids closed any longer...

Crosses (2018-05-14) poem unrhymed

"You suffer me, I tolerate you..."

Fall Salmon Run (2018-09-24) poem unrhymed

"...Bound by high banks..."

Terminal Romance (2018-11-19) poem unrhymed

"...The touch of your hand is more than I can bear..."

Chair Art (2018-12-10) poem unrhymed

"...Ambitious feet stand, dance on the chair seat..."

Drama Room (2019-01-21) poem unrhymed

"...A circus of daily death-defying events..."

The Winner Is (2019-03-25) poem unrhymed

"...On the battlefield they jousted..."

Abstract Ends (2019-05-27) poem unrhymed

"...Unknown is the truth that claims me..."

The Working Class (2019-07-01) poem unrhymed

"...Dons goggles and gloves for triple degree overtime..."

Pair (2019-08-26) poem unrhymed

"...Worshiped & scorned..."

A Complex Creature (2019-09-23) poem unrhymed

"...You are strange and familiar..."

Convocation (2019-11-11) poem unrhymed

"...A dreary, sodden celebration..."

Advanced Auto Safety Systems (2019-12-09) poem unrhymed

"..."Me? Are you talkin' to me?.."

Second Amendment Heroes (2020-01-06) poem unrhymed

"Twenty-six-year-old female police officer slain by a rifle welding suspect..."

For the Kids (2020-02-03) poem unrhymed

"...We each worked an extra under the table job..."

Birth Right (2020-02-10) poem unrhymed

"...He carried a knife to school for self-defense..."

Glory (2020-03-02) poem unrhymed

"...astonishing accumulations of wealth and privilege..."

Wildfires (2020-04-20) poem unrhymed

"...flames of inequity jumped rivers of reality..."

Media Wise (2020-05-18) poem unrhymed

"The trick was dancing the news..."

Essential Workers (2020-05-25) poem unrhymed

"...with families and loved ones who deserve better and safer..."

Antiquity (2020-06-08) poem unrhymed

"...essential words are just beyond recall..."

I Can't (2020-07-13) poem unrhymed

"...I avoid the TV video violence..."

A Labor of Love (2020-07-20) poem unrhymed

"...to embrace those in the palaces and government halls..."

For You (2020-08-17) poem unrhymed

"...we will echo it around the world..."

A Declaration of Mass Destruction (2020-10-19) poem unrhymed

"...I am a weapon of mass destruction and social disruption..."

Nights Adrift (2020-11-02) poem unrhymed

"...a release from summer's warm, wicked, wiles...."

Home Sweet Home (2021-03-01) poem unrhymed

"...history retells the shameful comedy of incompetence and greed..."

The White Church (2021-05-17) poem unrhymed

"...They screamed as they stomped their feet..."

Pandora (2022-03-28) poem unrhymed

"...You run with a bad crowd..."

Battlefield (2022-04-11) poem unrhymend

"...six bodies in all and 12 wounded..."

Vampire (2022-05-16) poem unrhymed

"...hiding in your shadow sipping your vintage..."

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The New Tombstone Blues (2019-01-28) satire

Yes, let's sing along...

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