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May 27, 2024

Government Terrorism

By Frederick Foote

We spend over 15 billion dollars a year
on California law enforcement
that took over six-hundred-ten lives
in six years

All of these street executions were justified
except for two that were caught on film

These government licensed terrorists
are perjury proof. They lie with impunity
on the stand and in their reports

These mass murders have a Code of Silence,
and are willing to silence any
who break that code

These terrorists' standard justification
for murder is simple and subjective

I was scared for my life.
I was scared because he was black,
she was big, he was crazy,
she had something in her hand,
he looked high, she was on PCP,
he spoke too fast, she spoke too slow
he didn't obey orders, she obeyed too quickly,

These authorized purveyors of gun violence
these trained to shoot-to-kill murderers
these well-paid public assassins
are paid with our tax dollars
to terrorize you and me

Our elected representatives are their paid cheerleaders
our courts are their enablers
with pseudoscience and coerced confessions
our District Attorneys and Attorneys General
are their protectors and collaborators

We cannot look to our un-representatives,
our police state government,
or our courts of injustice
for protection

We will overcome them, overthrow them
it will not be easy, peaceful
or pretty but it will be done
we will be creatively subversive

Our weapons will be massive civil disobedience
boycotts and strikes and faith and trust in each other

Our nonviolent protest will be met
with police state intimidation, infiltration,
defamation, repression and pervasive violence

We will not match their violence
or malevolence or indifference
we will not become them

We will place our futures, careers, and bodies on the line
we will pay the full price of our liberation in blood, sweat, and tears

This revolt is our tribute to the human beings
they murdered, falsely accused,
arrested, indicted, and convicted

The era of coerced confessions will end
the falsely incarcerated will be freed

Our rebellion will be a memorial to the millions
of lives they have ruined with the
racially motivated persecutions and prosecution
in the heinous War on Drugs

We are the revolution that will be televised,
live streamed, and YouTubed in perpetuity

We shall overcome

Article © Frederick Foote. All rights reserved.
Published on 2018-04-16
Image(s) © Sand Pilarski. All rights reserved.
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