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September 25, 2023

Second Amendment Heroes

By Frederick Foote

Second Amendment Heroes

Twenty-six-year-old female police
officer slain by a rifle welding suspect
A community mourns a hero

Snipers are celebrated in
Military & law enforcement
A nation rewards its heroes

In 2018 one-hundred-forty-four
police officers were shot to death
A profession honors its heroes

In 2018 police killed
nine-hundred-ninety-nine people
The legal system exonerates heroes

There were 39,773
gun deaths in 2017
Heroic politicians
offer prayers
and condolences

The right to
bear arms

Article © Frederick Foote. All rights reserved.
Published on 2020-01-06
Image(s) are public domain.
5 Reader Comments
01:43:45 PM
Violence is sacred in our culture. It seems to be the one sure thing we pass on generation to generation. Your art (not only this poem but all the other other of your works that I've read) reminds us of the consequences of our actions and attitudes. Thanks.
Fred Foote
02:06:53 PM
Bernie, thank you for your support and kind words.

Fred Foote
10:29:22 AM
Indeed, the message is clear. The title is apt.
Elaine Zentner
02:05:47 PM
I read Mr. Foote's writing regularly. They are almost always thought provoking and a little (or a lot) disturbing. It is one of the things I most appreciate about them. This one hit its target. Thank you, Mr. Foote. I look forward to more.
04:11:25 PM
Yes Indeed - Fred's messages are always on point and this one is a direct hit... pun intended
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