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February 26, 2024


By Frederick Foote


I met her at a bar

I said, my name is Robb
She said you look more like a Marvin
Really, so, what's your name
My family name is Theogony
Are you Greek
Sometimes. I'm gifted
That's plain to see, Theogony
I'm not just gifted, I'm also a gifter
Did you say gifter or grifter
Does it matter
I think so
Choose one
Scammed I am every day. Petty theft I can understand
Solomon. I rename you, Solomon
I'm flattered. Do you have a first name
I do. I'm the first of my kind
Eve. Is your name Eve
My daughter
Mother to Eve? How
The answer lies between my thighs
Is this the scam
Come and see
As we leave the bartender says
"Goodnight, Robb
Goodnight, Pandora"
So, you're named after the myth
Of course, you are
Of course
You are not the Pandora
How could I be
She's just a legend
She let evil into the world
Untrue male gender shaming
A scam? A frame-up
The biggest male slander in history
So, you are not evil
A little evil like everyone
But not the source of evil
Plague and Famine are my friends
You run with a bad crowd
Misunderstood, I think
I'm going to pass on your invitation
What? I was going to introduce you to War and Pestilence
It was interesting meeting you
Solomon, wise one, I think you have been scammed
Maybe. Goodnight
Goodnight. Maybe
What does that mean
The answer is in your dreams

I desperately tried to stay awake as long as possible

Article © Frederick Foote. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-03-28
Image(s) are public domain.
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08:07:19 PM
Frederick, I really enjoyed reading this conversation with Pandora! Must have been fun to write. The wide-open ending leaves me wondering about the answer, the dream, and wanting more.
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