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December 04, 2023

My Comrade

By Daniel Ajayi

My Comrade

It has been a difficult journey
having born from different homes led us to changed places
Home a place of worship for orphans,
sacred temple for many children to play in
The day we started crawling, walking and jumping was when time talked to us now and then
Moment never forgotten, even when adulthood sucks,
we love our childhood state
During the days of tears, you stood clinching to my loins to help and I knew I was not alone
I felt helpless as tornados of life came confronting me
like an offender running from justice
Becoming a soldier lifted bans, pain of memories that almost killed me
Notwithstanding threat of trainings,
I found you'll come awaken my past
Past soon forgotten, now brought the arms of present and led me to joy
Through thick sticks of trial, I never lick sand but only grip hands of effort
That morning, captain told me I got a partner that was rejected by everybody
I've been through tins and cans yet I hoped it was not just this
A reflection on me gave slap of bad name
written on the tag of my T-shirt
Little did I know that I have gotten interested today
My comrade, who came to stop the red seas of my life and pave path for my safety
My comrade, gave me a knock of what life is and it helped me look before leaping
My comrade, sat on my palm to make me calm on the ongoing war of anxiety
My comrade, claimed he had fought wars, but the best war fought so far was to be a comrade
My comrade, while death may put full stop on wet papers made me smile
My comrade what lovely life, priceless precious time, unforgotten memories like this

Originally published by Tush stories

Article © Daniel Ajayi. All rights reserved.
Published on 2019-05-27
Image(s) are public domain.
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