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July 15, 2024

A Moment in Off Time

By John Patrick Robbins

A Moment in Off Time

Whispers from lovers escape from the pillow's conversation to vanish with the emotions.
As rain so shall wash the world anew.

Love dies in seconds; to hold a fragment of beauty is to treasure a ghost.
As we listen to birds embrace the sunsets of all too soon memories past.

Words vanish into a void, forgotten to linger only as embers of a once brilliant fire.
We all share that knowledge as we all too easily understand the sadness as well.

A whispered truth is the sparrow of the heart's eternal sunset.

There are truly no regrets, my love.

Article © John Patrick Robbins. All rights reserved.
Published on 2023-05-01
Image(s) are public domain.
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11:15:38 AM
Absolutely... Beautifully..Written...
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