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September 25, 2023

Articles by Harvey Silverman

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Rock and Roll (2013-07-01) essay life friendship

Harvey Silverman is a retired physician living in Manchester, NH. He writes primarily for his own enjoyment.

He Took Me Fishing (2013-11-18) cover story nonfiction life death

Harvey explains the photo:"...my dad, me and my older son, Andy -- my dad's first grandchild -- as we leave to take Andy fishing for the first time."

Kanga (2015-02-09) essay friendship

If you're lucky in life, you find that one friend who seems to be linked to you forever...

Two Stooges (2015-07-20) essay memoir

A lot of memories fade with time, but a few of them are far too choice to let their colors fade...

Picking Corn (2015-08-24) essay humor memoir

The richest fare of summer...

Pay Back (2016-09-26) cover story essay memoir

They gave him everything they could give him that was good. What could he possibly do for them?

Jack (2016-12-26) cover story essay memoir

He was a constant -- and a mystery...

Over the Rainbow (2018-03-19) cover story essay friends

A parting gift...

Rock Garden (2018-08-20) essay memoir

It's the garden that makes a place "Home."

Brierly (2018-10-15) cover story essay memoir

Ah, that strange moment when the pathway you took in your youth is still there, but your footprints...

Eulogy (2018-11-05) cover story essay death love

No life is generic ...

China Trade (2018-12-24) essay memoir

Not all gifts fit under a Christmas tree...

Cellar Dweller (2019-02-25) cover story essay memoir

You pick it up, hold it in your hand, and just the touch is enough to take you back in time...

The Sporting Life (2019-04-22) essay memoir

When your dad is proud of you, it's always a winning season...

Yin and Yang (2020-01-13) cover story essay memoir

What will the credits at the end of the movie say?

L'Affaire (2020-04-20) essay memoir

In front of Mom's very eyes...

Rendering Chicken Skin (2020-05-04) essay memoir

You might ask, "Why on earth would anyone do that? Here's the answer...

I Don't Know When I Lost (2020-07-06) essay memoir

And it is so hard to look past that time without sadness...

Little Runaway (2020-09-07) essay memoir

When things get rough, you gotta just get out of Dodge...

Fun Sum (2020-11-02) essay memoir

Is there a mathematical way to express enjoyment?

Two Amigos (2020-11-30) essay memoir

"...happy in the moment and determined to go forward..."

Economics by the Shovelful (2020-12-28) essay memoir

It was a snow day! Time for all the fun in the world in the best weather of all...

Oh, Fudge (2021-02-08) essay memoir

What are the odds?...

Magic Soup (2021-04-19) essay memoir

Makes you feel better on rainy days, too!

Letters from Home (2021-05-03) essay memoir

The boy, far from home in unfamiliar surroundings, and the man some fifty years later, like bookends around a life with love...

LaDora and Dennis (2021-05-24) essay memoir

Memories of love and laughter keep friends carried with us in our hearts...

The Field (2021-08-02) essay memoir

The movie "Field of Dreams" had Kevin Costner as an actor, but the star of the show is still the field itself...

Burnt Offerings (2021-10-04) essay memoir

It's true -- a certain scent will make a memory more clear, more alive...

The Miracle of the Dark Suit (2021-11-01) essay memoir

"...Tomorrow, next week, perhaps in a month? Date uncertain made no difference..."

Harvey, Shut Up! (2022-01-17) essay memoir

Really, what more was there to say?

Emergency (2022-06-13) cover story essay memoir

Willful (2022-07-04) essay memoir

Bar None (2022-08-08) cover story essay memoir

Built sturdy enough to carry a lot of memories...

The Last Éclair (2022-10-10) cover story essay memoir

What’s in a Name (2022-11-07) essay memoir

"...It could have been worse, I suppose..."

Fifty (2023-01-30) essay memoir

Fifty is not simply a number...

I Do Not Like Going There (2023-03-27) essay memoir

The gulf stretches wider all the time, but we keep hoping for another glimpse of what was once there...

Special Place (2023-04-17) essay memoir

Harvey Silverman is a retired physician living in Manchester, NH. He likes to think he tells stories in a way that he enjoys and that some others sometimes enjoy as well.

Heroine (2023-07-03) essay memoir

Love, loyalty, and commitment...

Entering Brimfield (2023-08-07) essay memoir

Oh, the things we shouldn't have done...

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Fish Stories (2016-06-13) cover story essay memoir

It was horrible for a child, something a boy would never understand why his family did it. And yet, now that no one does it any more...

Camp Songs (2019-08-05) cover story essay memoir

Oh, for those days of derring-do...

Horseradish Follies (2019-09-16) cover story essay memoir

So, home-grown is always better?

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