May 23, 2022

Harvey Silverman

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Rock and Roll (2013-07-01) essay life friendship

Harvey Silverman is a retired physician living in Manchester, NH. He writes primarily for his own enjoyment.

He Took Me Fishing (2013-11-18) cover story nonfiction life death

Harvey explains the photo:" dad, me and my older son, Andy -- my dad's first grandchild -- as we leave to take Andy fishing for the first time."

Kanga (2015-02-09) essay friendship

If you're lucky in life, you find that one friend who seems to be linked to you forever...

Two Stooges (2015-07-20) essay memoir

A lot of memories fade with time, but a few of them are far too choice to let their colors fade...

Picking Corn (2015-08-24) essay humor memoir

The richest fare of summer...

Pay Back (2016-09-26) cover story essay memoir

They gave him everything they could give him that was good. What could he possibly do for them?

Jack (2016-12-26) cover story essay memoir

He was a constant -- and a mystery...

Over the Rainbow (2018-03-19) cover story essay friends

A parting gift...

Rock Garden (2018-08-20) essay memoir

It's the garden that makes a place "Home."

Brierly (2018-10-15) cover story essay memoir

Ah, that strange moment when the pathway you took in your youth is still there, but your footprints...

Eulogy (2018-11-05) cover story essay death love

No life is generic ...

China Trade (2018-12-24) essay memoir

Not all gifts fit under a Christmas tree...

Cellar Dweller (2019-02-25) cover story essay memoir

You pick it up, hold it in your hand, and just the touch is enough to take you back in time...

The Sporting Life (2019-04-22) essay memoir

When your dad is proud of you, it's always a winning season...

Yin and Yang (2020-01-13) cover story essay memoir

What will the credits at the end of the movie say?

L'Affaire (2020-04-20) essay memoir

In front of Mom's very eyes...

Rendering Chicken Skin (2020-05-04) essay memoir

You might ask, "Why on earth would anyone do that? Here's the answer...

I Don't Know When I Lost (2020-07-06) essay memoir

And it is so hard to look past that time without sadness...

Little Runaway (2020-09-07) essay memoir

When things get rough, you gotta just get out of Dodge...

Fun Sum (2020-11-02) essay memoir

Is there a mathematical way to express enjoyment?

Two Amigos (2020-11-30) essay memoir

"...happy in the moment and determined to go forward..."

Economics by the Shovelful (2020-12-28) essay memoir

It was a snow day! Time for all the fun in the world in the best weather of all...

Oh, Fudge (2021-02-08) essay memoir

What are the odds?...

Magic Soup (2021-04-19) essay memoir

Makes you feel better on rainy days, too!

Letters from Home (2021-05-03) essay memoir

The boy, far from home in unfamiliar surroundings, and the man some fifty years later, like bookends around a life with love...

LaDora and Dennis (2021-05-24) essay memoir

Memories of love and laughter keep friends carried with us in our hearts...

The Field (2021-08-02) essay memoir

The movie "Field of Dreams" had Kevin Costner as an actor, but the star of the show is still the field itself...

Burnt Offerings (2021-10-04) essay memoir

It's true -- a certain scent will make a memory more clear, more alive...

The Miracle of the Dark Suit (2021-11-01) essay memoir

"...Tomorrow, next week, perhaps in a month? Date uncertain made no difference..."

Harvey, Shut Up! (2022-01-17) essay memoir

Really, what more was there to say?

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Fish Stories (2016-06-13) cover story essay memoir

It was horrible for a child, something a boy would never understand why his family did it. And yet, now that no one does it any more...

Camp Songs (2019-08-05) cover story essay memoir

Oh, for those days of derring-do...

Horseradish Follies (2019-09-16) cover story essay memoir

So, home-grown is always better?

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Harvey Silverman
Harvey Silverman

Harvey Silverman never thought of writing. No aptitude, no interest. One day he sent his best friend a longish email about an experience he'd had. His friend replied that it was quite a story and that, with a bit of editing, could be worthy of publication. Harvey did nothing. A couple of years later with his friend's comment in mind he submitted a brief account of a different experience and was rather surprised when it was accepted and that he was even paid. The writing of it was so much fun he chose to continue.

He does not think of himself as a writer. He likes to think he tells stories in a way that he enjoys and that some others sometimes enjoy as well. Since he is not a writer he is never upset with rejection of anything he submits. It is still fun.